Gemini woman love but confused with Aquarius boyfriend

  • Hello everyone, I stumbled upon this forum and found it to be very interesting. I am hoping to get some objective point of views from anyone willing to help. I have been with my boyfriend "Aquarius" for almost 2 years. We have a pretty intense relationship and has been broken up 3 times over his commitment issues. For some reason we always seem to get back together. I am completely in love with him and he says that he loves me and care for me more than any other gf he's dated. My issue is this, in our first year together we would do things and hang out with each other's families and friends. But since the last break-up he has kept me at arms length from his family. In fact I am not sure that they know we are back together. He is very moody and blames the stress on work. There are weeks that go by and we lack physical connection. He always seems to have an excuse about everything. I have seen on his browser history that he has been on singles,swingers or sex websites. I just don't get it. I keep myself in great shape, have a great job, emotionally and financially independent, come from a great family and love him unconditionally. He says it's not me that I am beautiful but he feels guilty that I deserve better and he doesn't want me to waste my time. He loves me but might not be able to give me more. But when things are great between us he apologizes and ask me to be patient. He assures me that he loves me and do not want to lose me. I am so confused. We are best friends and have a deep emotinal connection. But sometimes I feel he has a hidden side that no one knows about. I love him and I have to admit I don't fully trust him any longer. My friend who is also my spiritual advisor told me that he completely loves me and that I should wait until the last eclispe past in July. I don't know what to think. I guess I'm just hoping someone out here knows another Aquarius and might be able to tell me what I don't already know. Thanks for reading..

  • Aquarian men are very secretive, sexual, and private. I was with one several years ago and let me tell you he tortured me. On one hand he loved me on the other hand he wasn't ready to commit. What I learned was in order to protect myself I needed to sever ties, the pain was to great to bare. Let me tell you he did not come running after me. My advise, get ot of this viscious circle and move on. I gaurantee you he will.

  • Gemini, walk away!! He may love you, but in his heart he knows ,you are not the one he is supposed to be with. I know because I am an Aquarius woman and I have been guilty of the same thing in the past. In his heart, he loves you and even likes you which is (to him) even more important, but he knows that the person he has been searching for has not come along yet. He really does not want to lose or hurt you. Just move on and be his friend if you can.

    I have loved many men, but there was always this little voice that said, not yet. Then one day, I found him. No hesitation, no doubts. I know this is painful, but it is more painful to be in this relationship wanting more and never getting it.

  • Accept the relationship for what it is; maybe it's just best friends with deep emotional ties. I had to do that to keep emotionally stable after 3 yrs. Once you accept who he is- secretive, full of excuses, loving, magnetic, and unpredictable- you need to decide if this is your partner in life, the best friend you'll always have, or the end of a relationship. I did not realize these were Aquarian characteristics til I read your post. If he is like my 'friend', you will never break through those secret and private doors. They just never open up; trying will just lead to more heartache.

  • He doesn't really sound fully committed this time round....maybe you should let go and both go your separate ways....

    I have 2 Aquarian sons....loving but unpredictable, and yes, strangely magnetic. They don't show a lot of emotional either...they bottle up their true feelings....

  • Thank you guys for all of your replies. I think I know deep in my heart I need to let go of this relationship. I just keep hoping he will come around. Did I mention there was a 12 year age difference and that we dated 13 years ago also? I know I am still young at 32 but for some reason I am afraid to move forward. I don't thnk that one could go back to being friends especially after sharing such intense feelings.I guess that is the hardest part for me losing my best friend.I know you are right, this time around he is not fully commited and I should believe I deserve better. Thank you again for all your advises.

  • Please don't be afraid to move forward. I thought my life was over when I was your age....failed marriage after 15 years, 3 young children, etc etc.....but lo and behold my life was just beginning! ! I'm now 44 and life is now really,really good. I look better, feel better and am a lot happier.Look to the future and don't look back! Best wishes

  • darling, I'm an aquarius and I too am very similar to your boyfriend when it comes to relationships. Al though i fully agree that he probably doesn't deserve you and you should move forward, i also want to point out that as strange as it might be, an aquarius could love with all of his/her heart yet push someone away as soon as they feel that person is dependent on them. I am probably right when i say that he had fell in love with you around the time when you may have pushed him away or fought him for any reason, correct? this is true for many aquarians, including myself. We are great at making people fall for us, but the only time we fall for them is when they show us their independence, and the fact that they don't need us. when we observe that someone might be dependent on us, possibly later in the game, so much so that we feel we don't respect their independence any longer, (and believe me it doesn't take a lot, it's not your fault,) we start to push that person away regardless if we are still hopelessly in love with them. dependence makes us very uncomfortable. So i think if you show him that you are positively fine while you're alone and start taking the lead in this "pushing away" process, and THINK about other men, and put your mind on yourself and other people besides your boyfriend, you are guaranteed to win. I think this because you will either begin the process of getting over him and eventually succeed in it, (and you will!) or have him come begging at your feet, and neither sound too shabby!

  • teddaabellaa you are 100% abut that my boyfriend for 3 years is an Aquarius man am Virgo woman broken up 2 times an he is my 1 love i know he is an love with me some times i feel he doesn't deserve me but i do love hem i have to show him that i don min been alone independence an i have other people an my life that went to be with me an now he want to commit to me an that was after 2years of hard work an a lot of pin an broken up.....i hope that all go well for you an for me.......

  • I am no spring chicken im in my 50's. I am the director of a multi million dollar company which i started from the ground up. I spent six years in a relationship with an aquarian. I know my situation would be an extreme one. It wasn't like that before i let this Aquqrian male into my life. It has been the worst six years of my life and it still hasn't ended. I didn't think people like that existed. I thought that i was a srong person but in the end i was second guessing myself. I thought that it was my imagination. The way that it started was so subtle that i thought that i was going insane. He convinced me that it was all my imagination. In a blink of an eye his personality changed. He could be warm and loving, the next cold, controling and nasty. If i didn't conform to what he wanted i would not be spoken to for a week and at times more. Not one single word. This always happened if i didn't agree with him on something. My work suffered, my social life became non existant. My friends couldn't understand why i was constanly upset and moved on. It was too hard to tell them what he was doing to me. Thankfully two of my girlfriends didn''t desert me. He told me what to eat, what to say, what to wear, where i could go and who i could go with. He walked out on me more times than i can remember. I struggled to string two words together at times. I was such an emotional wreck that in desperation i made an appointment and saw a councilor. My self esteem was in the gutter. My first question to her was, why is he treating me like this and why am i allowing him to treat me like that. Everything was fine in the beginning in fact too good to be true and i soon found out that it was. The councilor herself was an Aquarian and she said that was the way that they were. Its a game to them. If they can break you emotionally then they don't want to know you. If you pass the test of not Being Needy then you have a relationship with an Aquarian. In the world that i grew up in it was not like that. You treated people with respect and in turn youexpected respect back. He walked out on me too and as soon as i let him back into my life the crap started again. No relationship should be hard work. If your friends became hard work you would move on wouldn't you. So why do you have to work so hard to keep this Aquarian in your life. Step outside your square and look in on your situation. If a friend was going through what you are what would you say to them ? I think you know what your answer would be.

  • teddabella, omg.. I haven't been on here in awhile. I have since broken up with that Aquarian boyfriend. The last straw was when he fought with me on my birthday over absolutely nothing. It brought back memories of the previous year and I just couldn't handle his moodiness and controlling behavior any longer. IAfter a few days I had doubts and called him back and he turned the whole thing around on me. He was so mean and insensitive that I just told him to screw and hung up on him. He has since apologized but I've completely cut all ties with him and have not spoken to him in 2 weeks. I think you are right about him being turned off with someone being dependant on him. When I was wild and free was when he fell hard for me. Slowly he would try to change me and when he had full control he no longer found me appealing. The chase was gone for him. I have thought alot about how unfair he has been to me and realized that no one can say they love you would treat you bad. That alone is keeping me strong. I still care for him because we were best friends but I promise myself until he comes begging back with a ring. It is over. I have never given 150 percent to any relationship except this one and I got burned. But I am a true optimist and believe in karma. The next guy that comes around WILL treat me wonderful. Thank you all again for commenting. Wishing you all health, wealth and true happiness..

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  • Bonnie is spot on. I am a gemini and had a 2 year relationship with an aquarian male. i'm sorry to say they dont get any better with age. He initially came over as an independent male with solid humanitarian values, however he liked his own way too much. I would be frozen out for days or weeks, it was always me who repaired the bridge. He tried to control, what I did, ate, wore, went. and boy he could lie, I knew our connection was slipping and asked him if there was anything we needed to discuss, no was the reply, I then noticed a dating website on his comp, checked the site and hey ho, there he was. I called and asked again if there was anything we needed to discuss, again he said no. then I read out his profile, after lots of spluttering and trying to think on his feet, he admitted he was a love rat cheat. Did me the world of good because I had held this aquarian in high esteem, however his actions were not congruent with his words. never spoke again and have never looked back. Let go and move on, The right person will come along when you least expect it.

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