LivingOnAPrayer´s Past Lives By Cwb plus

  • Hi Guurrrlfriend Living

    I chose to make a new thread pointing to ur past lives, i say plus bc i HOPE others will help me do this. Further bc i DONT want to wreck ur fine thread with stuff thats kinda personal n very ahm u u u as in me me me n i i i lol.

    Ahm As 4 past lives if u can provide a photo it will help a lot. Ill get back with u as 4 now im kinda blank lol, i just wanted to start somewhere n a new thread is as good as any.

    Stay Tuned guurrlllfriend!


  • Hi CWB,

    I know where you are coming form the other thread is all over the place yes its best to start a new thread sorry i dont have photos is there another way we can do it at all?

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Sure real name city n country thats a start

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