How the Game “8-ball” represents the SOULS journey back to the Divine.

  • So I looked into just “8 ball” to see if anything came to me, as I have been getting repeating references to it.

    The first thing that struck me is that the 7 colors used by the other balls (solid and stripes representing 2 opposing players) in the game correspond to the 7 chakra colors (Almost. The white “crown” is covered in the cue ball for spirit and the addition of brown represents for grounding, “material world.”)

    The other 2 balls are black and white, (light and dark/yin and yang/ego and spirit) Hmmm. So for a bit of whimsy I submit this little tidbit for your perusal.

    The game of “8-ball” represents the SOULS journey back to the Divine.

    Balls are laid out in the beginning of the round (present life) in a triangular pattern (pyramid) along with the other players in no particular order but with the black “eight” (ego) in the center. These are then to be struck and dispersed by the white “cue” (source/spirit). You do not know which balls (aspects) are going to be yours to play until you sink one. (Choosing an aspect that works for you or being left to play the other set by default if the other player manages a good shot/choice first.) Now I am going to have to use the American rules as they are what I am familiar with in order to set the scenario.

    Basis is that there is more than one player but each has the same goal and they play one another in order to make it more interesting.

    • Normal Balls represent aspects of personality.

    • The 8 ball represents ego.

    • The cue ball represents the source/your spirit.

    • Pockets represent paths

    • Sink (sinking a ball into a pocket) represents release of an aspect or ego. (See loss and fouls for consequences of sinking your spirit source.)

    • Fouls represent setbacks (but you are still in the running for a win.)

    • Forfeit represents a loss of this round. (reincarnation and must start over at the beginning including a new set of circumstances (layout) and a possibility of an entirely different set of aspects in a different order playing against either the same player or someone entirely new to you.) Please note that playing the same players does give you an bit of an advantage (push) as you get an idea of their way of playing and it gives you the opportunity to work on your style but playing someone new gives you greater understanding of the game itself as they present you with new challenges.

    • A win by default (forfeit of the other player) does not represent the final release of the ego and there fore gains one only another round of play but with some experience.

    • A Straight win does represents the final release of ego and a return to the source. (You can then chooses to reincarnate either to do it better or to push others along.)

    So the balls (aspects) are set in no particular order (except ego at center) with the apex pointing towards the source of spirit. One player then shoots spirit towards the mix to disperse the aspects to begin play. If the player chooses his aspects wisely and charts a good course he will gain those aspects for this round by sinking one of those aspects into a pocket (path). If not, then the other player gets a chance to chose the aspects and chart his own course. With new players this can take some time until one player manages to choose the right path either by getting better at choosing a path to go to, charting a course to it, choosing an aspect to work with, directing his spirit well or by luck. After that each player must play only with those aspects they have gained at this set point (birth)

    All subsequent paths for aspects can be chosen by design (straight shot), set up for a future path by the current play with a different aspect, charted circuitously around obstructions by hitting rails and bouncing back in line with the chosen path, or helped along by one of their other aspects. (There is also a valid choice of closing your eyes, shooting your spirit towards your aspect and praying that it will all come out right.) “Slop Shot”

    Reincarnation (Loss/Forfeit of game: the loss of this round):

    • Sink your ego too soon; you forfeit the game.

    • Sink the source of spirit while trying to sink your ego; you forfeit the game.

    • Sink your ego in a path other than the one you chose to finish play with; you forfeit the game.

    • Knock your ego off the table completely; you forfeit the game.

    Setbacks (Fouls/Forfeit of turn):

    • The sinking of the source/spirit into a pocket, known as “Scratch”, represents a setback; you forfeit your turn.

    • The shooter plays off of the other players aspect; you forfeit your turn.

    • No aspect is released into the chosen path; you forfeit your turn.

    • You become ungrounded (the shooter does not have at least one foot on the floor); you forfeit your turn.

    • You lose patience (shoot source/spirit shot before all balls have come to a complete stop from the previous shot) ; you forfeit your turn.

    • You become desperate (Source/spirit is struck more than once during a shot; you forfeit your turn.

    • You tempt fate by trying to force spirit to do your will (The source is clearly pushed rather than struck or hit with something other than the tip) ; you forfeit your turn.

    • Over enthusiastic (knocks a ball off the table) ; you forfeit your turn.

    BTW: if you play this game (of life or lives) a lot, you get better at it (Hopefully) and thereby have a better shot at choosing your aspects at the beginning and almost effortlessly choosing the correct path (pocket) for each aspect (ball) throughout the game and therefore winning quite easily. But there are also naturally gifted players, beginners luck (God protects fools and children) and karmic slop that can throw you off your game no matter how good your are or raise the influence of the other player beyond you.

    In addition, one should always be on the lookout for sharks. (Those who misuse their gifts to better their own position by taking advantage of those just starting out.)

    Please note that Ego and the will of another’s aspect often times get in the way your chosen aspect/path, in which case you have to try to manage by going around it; by choosing a circuitous route to get you back on your path or work on a separate aspect.

    Many times the best route is to set up future aspects for fortunate paths.

    And remember, sometimes the easy shot “straight in” (determination in a single direction) leaves you with no where to go after the completion of the singular aspect, causing one to wait for their next turn to try again, hoping they fare better rather than planning their additional paths in advance.

    If you like that one, perhaps I should try one based on “Aggravation!”


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