To Captain from Shuabby

  • Hello Captain,

    I wanted to wish you the best with your move as I know how stressful a move can be just completing a 2000 mile move myself. I feel a home with you and the shutters on the front really are big and stand out in some way. The house feels older with some history to it, feels like it was build on to in the back also. Spirit says to put sunny colors in the home and open the windows to let the breeze wash through it and over you and yours too.

    The house seems to stand alone for some reason here like there is a mile between you and a neighbor? You will like the area and I feel like there is seasons there but not to the extreme.

    Your work in the metaphysical field will grow in the area in which you have chosen to live. We may not see you on the board so much simply because you will be busy with people in your area in which you live. Mildred comes in here and Kathy also, they may be people you know now or will know and be helpful to you in the near future.

    There is a black and white dog here with you, with it comes such joy and happiness. So when you get this dog look for life to feel happy and full around you.

    I also see a white car or truck around you and yes it will endure and last as long as maintenance is done for it on a timely basics.

    I feel two children around you also a girl and a boy. Are they yours? I feel you have a strong connection to them. Are you thinking of adopting?

    Your life with this move will be much better is what spirit has for me to give you.

    Sunshine and Bluebells are sent your way.


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