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  • Hi PHMarc,

    I have a question about the medicine cards? Loap brought it to my mind while in her thread the Tarot learning circle. A long while back I had a medicine card reading. The one card that the reader said represented me was the Orca, Killer whale. I think he mentioned something about healing. It was so long ago I really do not remember what that card means. Now if you could please explain to me what the card means as to just refresh my memory if you have some free time. I would be ever so grateful. I have just researched the card but I am not finding Orca or Killer whale. I did find whale found it interesting and I would also like to know is that associated with the Orca or killer whale? Thank so very much in advance.

    Love and Light,

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  • What you found out about Whale applies to all species. Orca or killer whale have further lessons that may or may not apply to you. You'd have to study their habitats and their behaviour to discern individual lessons.

    I have found Whale medicine to be profoundly deep. These creatures are ancient and very, very wise. In Native American cultures many believe whale used to be a land mammal. In fact, I do believe many marine biologists have come to the same conclusion. In these Native American myths, whale took to the seas when the motherland Mu or Lemuria sank beneath the waves. They also speak of a time in the future when a "fire from the sky" will land in the Earth's oceans and Lemuria will rise again. At this time the whales will take to the land again and help all the children of Mother Earth to unite and heal the planet.

    Whale is the record keeper. In particular, I am beginning to believe this refers to sacred knowledge, that which is found in the Akashic Records. In particular they carry the records of Mother Earth. They teach us how to use meditation and in particular sound to access our own records. Again this may refer to Akashic Records, but certainly to our own inner records.

    As one of poetic's posts pointed out previously, the whale was placed here from what the Native Americans call the Dog Star - Sirius.

    There is a LOT to whale medicine. I am still learning myself and I just feel like I am barely scratching the surface.

  • Thank you so much for your information that is what I also found out. Seeing how the reader stated to me about Orca maybe he ment just whale in general. I find it very deep as to what you mentioned here. I did not see poetic's post about it. The memory of that reading came back to me when talking with Loap about medicine and animal cards. I read about the sounds and being able to hear a higher pitch or lower pitch. When I hear either or I think I am like a dog able to hear a highter pitch that humans should not be able to hear. I kind of connected with the information. The record keeping as in memories and learned knowledge of times gone by. I will do a search for Poetic's post as I have said I have not seen it.

    I find it very interesting. Thank you again so very much. I knew you would be the one to go to and ask the this question. Thanks again.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Hi PH Marc,

    I found the information about the Orca Killer Whale, I searched medicine cards animal totem.

    As it was brief and not as lengthy of infomation as from the whale. Orca or killer whale is know for being a creator of the cosmos. Whales represent the mechanics of the earth function. In myth wales are able to control rainfall, create stars and planets and heal the human body with its vocal vibrations.

    Orcas have long been regared as the quardians of the ocean and protectors of humankind.

    Maybe that will give more insight as well. Thank you ever so much again.

    love and light to you my dear friend


  • That information makes total sense to me. Thank you TQoW. You won't find poetic's post, it was deleted by admin 😞

    If you are "sensitive" to sound, hearing higher frequencies I think it may indicate a latent clairaudient ability.

  • Thank you my dear friend. It is one of my gifts. Thank Goodness not to often otherwise I would be considered nuts.

    L&L to you my dear friend,

    Your friend in tarot


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