• Hi,

    My Details

    Dob: 01 April 1982,Time : 01:00AM,Place : Bangalore, India

    My husband details Dob : 12 march 1980,Time : 03:03 AM,Place : Chennai,India

    Is my marriage will be a successful one or will it end up in divorce.Please help.

  • Dear si12

    This marriage can be the best and endure the tests that time will bring with it. You are always a step ahead of your husband and need to pull back some to balance the scales. You are a hard worker and need to have more fun in your life and that includes your husband as he enjoys having a break and fun, start to join him more in it, if he is slacking in helping you with duties than you must lay down the rules or needs would be a better term to use to him. Always you must show love and gentelness with him and you need to express that you are thankful for what he does for you and even with you.

    If he comes across to stern in expressing himself than again you have to tell him that he is to strong in telling you his needs. That you feel he is being disrespectful and he will not be served honey with his tea if this continiues.

    All in all I would say that you two can stay togeather for a long period or lifetime if you both are willing to work at the marriage.


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