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    Recently I have seen an article on youtube about psychotropic drugging, I won’t put up the link here as links are always removed but if you wish to see the film then go to youtube and do a search for psychotropic drugging, the article is called – Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Movie).

    When people needed to talk about their feelings or worries they would talk to their relatives, friends, or perhaps the village wise woman, but as people move away from local communities this kind of support is now offered by doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, however, as the above article shows, this form or counselling is being abused. It seems that if you are shy, in mourning or you are in love with someone who doesn’t know you exist there is a drug you can take, the ‘side affects’ of these drugs make you feel so awful that your previous problem becomes trivial. The psychiatrist claims that these conditions are due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, however, there are no scientific tests to discover which (if any) chemical in the brain is out of balance and therefore finding a drug that will correct the condition is impossible!

    Psychiatry has become legitimately recognised by the scientific community as a science in its own right, yet it lacks any scientific evidence that it is able to treat any condition successfully! Tarot has been maligned by the scientific community since forever and yet it is far better at helping individuals work through their problems, recognise their abilities and limitations as well as providing the client support and friendly advise. Tarot is more than fortune telling, the cards can be used as a medium to investigate a client’s problems and help them to come up with solutions of their own. I strongly believe that in the majority of cases the use of Tarot would be far more effective than psychotropic drugs, but then again, after watching the above movie I would say that baking a cake would have more effect than these drugs, but Tarot would be more useful than baking a cake! (in most cases)

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