A reading for littlej

  • Hi littlej,

    Ive done a past present and future reading for your partner,


    1. The fool

    He was very carefree in the past , I feel he found it hard to make a commitment in relationships.in the past.as here have been many havent worked out for him.

    1. The Tower,

    He had a sudden unexpected change in his life , that caused great disruption , i honestly feel he suffered terribly as a result of this it was a major unexpected event that he didn't see coming he was very shaken up by this .

    1. 4 of cups

    This card represents the on going hurt and sadness that he suffered from the change in the tower ,i feel that was very despondent and was starting to withdraw from people i feel he became very anti social for a while .i feel he might have been suffering some sort of a depression. i feel this could be to do with a past relationship

    The Present ,

    1. 9 of cups

    I feel he is very happy with his life now , he feels much better within himself and he feels that he has made progress and is slowly coming back to his old self he sees much fun and enjoyement around him at this time .

    5)The emperor ,

    I feel that there are issues happening with a father figure or being a father figure i feel he is worried about this , , i really want to say i feel that he might have children of his own ,with a past relationship that hes very concerned about ,if not it is to do with his own Father that is causing him much worry at this present time there are major decisions that he needs to make regarding this .

    1. 2 of swords

    This is were the decision making need to come into play he is stuck at a crossroads , i feel old feelings from the past resurfacing if he does not act soon , he is refusing to see the truth , he is sweeping something under the carpet that he needs to face up to, his issues of depression and I'm sorry i have to say i feel there is a lot of alcohol involved , i feel he is drinking to numb how he feels . I feel that he hides his drinking well sorry i don't want to put dampener on this and i hope im wrong im just going with what i feel , but please keep an eye open and look for the red flags where the alcohol is concerned .

    The future ,

    1. Ace of Pentacles

    There are new opportunities coming into play for him in the future i see a new job or promotion will be offered to him , he will be able to make more money and i feel he will have to travel further if that makes sense , there are also alot of issues regarding money around him .I feel he also likes to gamble and could also win some money i feel horses around him so im assuming he likes to bet on them .It can represent a windfall or an inheritance .

    1. The Hanged Man ,

    He will have to make many sacrifices in his life in the future , i honestly feel he has children or he will have ,and he has to stop his past behaviours like i said i hope im wrong but im still picking up drinking around him , i feel that it could get out of control in the future , this will be his greatest challenge .

    1. 10 of Swords rev ,

    Well im sorry that this reading has been a bit gloomy this card foretells of more hard times ahead ,however they will be overcome but it will be a long hard road im so sorry , i feel that this guy is carry around alot of baggage and it will be hard for you to deal with at times . All i can say is i wish you the best of luck .

    Im sorry littlej but i have to say what im feeling from the cards, i pray it works out for you but like i said im still only learning .

    Take care Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thank you so much! No need to be sorry, sadly you are correct. Everything you have said seems to be very on point. The only thing I wasnt aware of was his drinking but you are not the first to say this and he is very secretive so it wouldnt surprise me that he was hiding something. I know you say you are just learning, but you are truly gifted because there wasnt anything said that didnt seem correct. Thanks again for taking the time.

  • Hi Littlej,

    Im so glad that you could relate to all of this ,thankyou for your kind words and letting me practice on you . I do hope that it all goes well for you.

    Love and Light Loap:)

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