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  • Hi-

    I just did a reading on this Tarot community and I was surprised with what came out (doulbe knights).

    I think we should know a bit about each others background: age, location, sign, etc to build a sense of relationship, maybe even friendship.

    As an example I will start first-

    Astrological Sign- Leo

    Location- Boston (when in the US) but moving between America and Europe

    Marital Status- Divorced

    Kids- one son (3yrs old)

    Age: 30-40

    Job- in finance

    Best Tarot Cards: High Priestess, 6 of Wands, 2 of Cups.

    Religion- Spiritual

    Wish -to meet new people from various backgrounds

    Most important why I like Tarot_

    because I feel allows me to know things that other way would be impossible for me to find out.

    I have a strong relationship with Tarot and I am open to learning and new experiences.

    Hanswolfgang, you seem a different person. Do you want to share with us?

  • Hi HighPriestess-nice to meet you 🙂

    Astrological Sign: Taurus (Rising Sagitarrius, Cancer Moon, Mars and Mercury in Aries, Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio)

    Location-Southwestern US soon Southeastern US

    Marital Status: Single

    Age: 19

    Religion: Christian, Spiritual but trust me Im very open to everything and adapt to new ways of higher learning I dont tend to stick to just Christianity only because there is so many religions and practices out there that came before-many are very interesting who is to say who is right or wrong in the end for what they believe?

    Goals:Film Director, Model, and Screenwriter

    Job:Sales/Retail, Volunteer Work and Blogging (coming soon)

    Wish: To meet and create great friendships here on Tarot I am open for awakening myself and learning something new and interesting everyday as well as help others and give advice.

    Ive been through alot in my lifetime but meeting others and working out my issues through this site (I joined about 4 months ago) has helped transformed me into a best version of me there is. Im rejuvanted, confident, happy, independent and even more free spirited than ever before. I feel so sucessful and exilarated when I wake up and looking back excited about all the progress Ive made and the blessings I have and will continue to recieve. Im so happy to be meeting everyone here!!!!!

    This is me here (I love this picture by the way):

  • And heres a more colorful one for those of you that are not grey fans lol

  • Hi Asia,

    thank you for sharing. It seems like most people in here want to hide their identities.

    In fact, a lot of people misuse Tarot as therapy and do not realize that Tarot cannot help them get over their obsessions. That is why you see so many desperate for readings. Those that are really into Astrology will enjoy a variety of topics, not just readings.

  • Yeah I know but hey let them do them lol can't stop us from having fun and growing. I'm extremely interested in a variety things of this site. I got readings done when I first got here a lot of them helped but what I did learn was that (and most ppl never learn this) that a reading is not your future it will happen if you continue the way you did when the reading happened and it's a potential future as well not the concrete truth. I got the

    done for my benefit, I actually listened to my readings and sometimes I was stubborn and I stopped when I realize I was obsessing over issues (and just as alot of ppl on this site do). I began to look deeper into myself and get to the root of all my issues especially through Spiritual Boot Camp and that really transformed me completely as well as helping other and learning new things about myself on top of other things. This site has changed and rejuvanated my sense of self and helped me create a best version of myself there is and Im continuing on the high road still and haven't really stopped. I see everyone on here as an insipration.

  • You are right! Unfourtunetly, not everyone has loving intentions. It would be wonderful and rewarding if we could all be open books but the reality is that it is not safe to be that vulnerable in an open forum where we have no control over who visits us. At our home we can open our doors or close them but here anyone can come in and just as real as good there is evil. I do not dwell on the evil but I also would never forget it exhists. You hit on an interesting point--the "desperation" factor---it does weigh heavy and it does often attract darker energies. Luckily, we have a large community of gratefulness and hope--people on here who balance that but it wavers. There are times I must disapear a bit when the energy goes more negative than positive. AND as an empath and a psychic medium I have felt the attack of the few dark ones who visit here. Wether they are mentaly ill--lost--or just plain evil--they are real. I have come across some who return often under new names and they entertain themselves by baiting the biggest hearts here. It is a very big ego based energy that feels really small---like a bully---and must feed itself by toying with others. Please do not be offended if some of us are protective of themselves---in my heart I would love to except your invitation----there is truth in your request--it would be nice! Most of us wouldn't be here if we didn't appreciate and value the power of human connection! And I too would love to hear Hans's story---but I think he more than most apreciates "the power" of keeping that door closed! Blessings!

  • I understand Blmoon and hey it's ok for others to want to be private hey I like privacy sometimes! It's ok....and I understand you when you say not denying that evil exists. I focus on the positive in my life because there is always something to smile about and when your positive good things happen when you're negative bad things happen.

  • Thanks for joining Blmoon and Asia I enjoyed your explanation as well.

    I have a hard time with talking to people that are hiding. It is just strange for me to do that.

    You are speaking of the evil but that can hurt you anyway, weather you talk about yourself or not.

    Of course, none is expecting big secrets here or phone number and exact addresses.

    It is just bizarre that almost everyone is in the hiding.

  • Thats fine HP thats how u are but you have to see where other ppl are coming from and just accept how they are (not saying you dont-dont mean to offend if I do) but hey lets chat with each other thats fine too! So what brought you to this site-was it a rough experience, in need of insight or just wanted to learn something new?

  • I am just trying to understand why they are hiding. It is like we are at AA meeting or some other vice problem association. Why stay anonymous? The logic says: A. they are ashamed to be here or B. they are scared of something (What?)

    I first arrived to this site many years ago - maybe in 2005 or so. The site was not to helpful for me.. as indulged me into obsessive, repetitive questions I had at the time. There is none to stop you here, when you know you are doing to much. Later on, when things cleared up in my life, the site became more fun as I was able to finally explore through it and not just get stuck on Tarot questions.

    | wish there would be a method to help people use the site correctley. It maybe should be part of the Admin job to screen in, just as they do with outside links.

  • As the card says---there is another side to this perspective of remainng hidden---it actually allows some people to be more open! It alows people to talk here like a private diary---to actually reveal more. There are many fears. What if someone wants to share family issues but does not want to embarrass or tick anyone off---they can only be safe from that if they do not reveal their identity. Birthdates and birth place and time and place of residence are pretty concrete identifyers. Also, some people are afraid of work liabilities. What if someone wants to discuss a job issue that involves others. What if some of us are already public figures and do not want our deepest fears and thoughts taken out of context or used against us. AND there are preditors---who can use our birth place and time along with our true names to use our identities. I personally have shared a bit more with a few here if I feel good about it--in an intuition way but generally I prefer to be anonymouse so I can be more open. As a writer, I very much enjoy the true revealing of thoughts here so I get the other side of this hiding issue as being actually more open. People say things here they can't tell anyone. I enjoy the human aspect of trying to understand people---there is much insight into people here. I'm not an astrologer so I am not frustrated by the missing birth info----and can see that issue as I do understand how complex that info is and how important it is for a true reading based on astrology. I get the frustration of all the requests in general about insight on a particular sign when there is so much more than the sun sign. I am psychic so I guess the hidden factor is easier for me as when Spirit decides to tell me more that's what I get wether the person stays hidden or not. If you truelly want to hook up with someone more openly you can get an e-mail. It's against the rules and will disapear eventually but most of us have grabbed one quik. I'm not sure what you mean by using the site correctly? I think everyone's expectations are different. Some come here to be generouse with their gifts---some come here with desperate questions---some come here out of curiosity--to learn more---to validate their own feelings and expieriences. And some come here to entertain their ego's and maliciouse intent. It's a very endless list. I do not go to any other site---no blogging at all---I only visit here and only share here. I followed a voice that took me here. I think if you asked people what brought them here it may answer your question---give you more insight. Seems the biggest topic is relationships----crowds of women dying to know if he loves me. There is also a large crowd just looking for support---they know the answers but just need some support. Many just need spritual validation because in the real worl it is often ignored. Being intuitive or empathetic can be confusing---perceived by others as a bit flakey---but here there is support. I come here when spirit directs me and hopefully healing is possible. I also see myself in others stories so it's not all giving I have received. There is a lot of wisdom here at times. When I desire a more open connection I go to a spiritual camp or church for something less annonymouse. Most of my closest friends are all spiritualists anyway so I'm not searching for that. And about the evil---for an empath it does make a difference how much info they have---I know because being psychic works both ways and the more details---the stronger the connection----it is an act of "intention" that produces an open or closed energy---it does make a difference---that is my reality---maybe not everyone's. I have been psychically attacked a few times here. It is rare but real. Not all people with a gift are ethical. I think you have raised some interesting questions. I hope more people give their input! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi HighPriestess,

    I would like to see if it is ok to join this thread. When I first came to tarot, I came about both love advice and seeking to understand the gifts I have. I have met many wonderful people to whom feel like family. I have gained more insight and healing than I ever knew was possible. There are times I come forth and then disappear for a while due to the energy feel from the site. I have been guided to two sites both this one and another which I try to split my time between the two. I have been trying to work on finding a better balance between daily duties and the spiritual. I tend to be more open on the site.


    I have found that many are supportive of such gifts as that if an empathy here as well. I am learning to come to the site when my heart speaks to me and pull away when my heart feels I should. Your idea of not responding to too much has helped a lot. I do feel I am finding that balance of masculine and feminine you spoke about to me once.

    Love and light,


  • Thank you Blmoon.

    I never asked for date of birth or place of birth or name. I think you confused me with Asia.

    You can look at my example. The age is an approximate range and there is no place of birth mentioned. I meant people to just say I am of this approximate age, and I am a nurse or in the medical area, etc. and I enjoy this or that card.. None is expected here wtih phone numbers, or names other than the screen names.

    IF they mention a certain city there is no way people can identify them.

    I asked people to share only something they want to say about themselves.

    My logic did not understand what is the sense to hide as much as to say NOTHING.

    Everyone is welcome to share something they like to say about themselves.

  • I apologize for being my usual self jumping into threads here and there, i just wanted to offer another point of view. I don't say it is the correct one or try to judge anyone, i do not have that right. Everyone is free to choose a path, and there is only One Judge....

    "Not all people with a gift are ethical"

    "seeking to understand the gifts I have"

    I agree with both. But i think people with "gifts" should always remember everything comes from God/Universe/Spirit/theOne. And in the eyes of God all children, powers or not, are equal. So the "gifts" could really be tests. To be arrogant, looking down upon others because they are not "gifted" is pride, a deadly sin. To use them to do evil, is hubris. To be thankful, humble and use them to help people is to understand that with power comes responsibility. Jesus didn't choose kings or rich men or wizards or sages of His Apostles, but humble fishermen. Maybe because the greatest gift anyone can have is a kind heart.

    Ok ok MyJourney i know, back to my room now.......or another thread lol

  • Welcome GreyStar! It is great that you joined in.

    Regarding the using the site correctly - I stand by my point. And yes, there are ways to use the site incorreclty, done by most people who came here to expect for miracles. The site should limit the number of readings per day by each user, and not be happy to cash in from these people that came here to take their "daily drug". Most of them they are here only to hear what they want to hear.

  • Very true Seehorse that these gifts originate from God/universe One/spirit. I am speaking from what originally brought me here to the forums. I apologize for not communicating very well. When I first came to the site, I was not sure what an empath was but I knew what it felt like to feel others emotions sometimes to a point it affected my own at times. I did see how readers could be overwhelmed quickly. I admire their ability to keep reading at the pace they do. In the short time I tried to read cards, I was overwhelmed and not able to maintain it. It helped me understand why readers take time away to recharge their batteries and reminded me they have lives too outside of tarot and that they are doing these readings for free and want to help people. Each gift is unique and some come more naturally than others. I was not a natural at general overview readings, money, work but things of a more spiritual nature felt right. Healing circles and spiritual circles have felt more in tune with me..not sure if explain this well. I am able to learn and help people with a better balance. Everyone who comes comes for a different reason.

    Seehorse can you please send me the link to S.o.u.l., I have trouble locating things now that I am not on as often as I used to be.

    Love and light,


  • Here's your link GreyStar, just keep in mind there's a new thread every Sunday but someone always posts the link to the new thread at the last posts of the old one.


    And i too must apologize for not communicating well as most of my posts are rather hastily written very little free time lol my post wasn't for someone in particular, just general thoughts about the ethics of spirituality, just personal views i felt the need to share.

    If healing and spiritual groups are your thing, i believe you'll feel right at home in the circle, in fact your experience is invaluable. Welcome aboard !

  • I am typically trying to write in little free time also Seehorse. Sometimes I realize I don't make as much sense until after the fact. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up new post in old one each week. I keep getting my days mixed up this week.

    Love and light,


  • HPriestess

    thanks for clarifying--when you said you wished people be more revealing about themselves and you didn't give an example just assumed it was more then less! Made for interesting conversation either way. And Seahorse--so true that spirit comes through us and not from us. More people would be content with less if they understood that! Psychics are not all knowing. People who request readings often want more than spirit feels they are ready to hear---and no matter how many times they ask they may finelly hear what they want from someone but it doesn't really help them. Also, as a medium---a message is strong as the spirit light of that loved one. When we die the only thing we take with us is love---the amount we gave--felt or celebrated. That place of God is LOVE----there are spirits on the otherside who are much brighter energies than others. I have gotten messages for loved ones that are crystal clear with names and dates and lots of clear facts---some people have very bright souls around them---some are very protective and speak loudly. I am just the messanger and it is not always a perfect transfer---I must trust my ear---and try and not let my brain interfear. I get some odd info that doesn't make sense--I may want to censor so I don't sound silly but to be a good medium you have to shut out the ego--the fear of being wrong and just throw it out there.

    AND---here's my shareing HP---I am over 50---a Poet---I work with children--I'm a mother of four--one in Heaven---a grandmother. I play the guitar---prefer the blues but love music in general-rock and roll! I am an artist--photographer. Love gardening. I dance. Been with my man since I was 15. Grew up in a big city but live way south. My favourite Artist is Renoir. Favourite musician Clapton--favourite Poet Walt Whitman. I love nature--have fish ponds--love rocks very much! Friends bring me stones from all their travels. I have a special relationship with butterflys and frogs and I run with the wolves--my totem. I have three dogs and lots of fish! Mostly large Koi. I have been into computer graphics--publishing. I am extra creative and a builder. I work like a man--still get on the rooff---can fix things---love to bring things to life. Love to decorate. Love strong women! And, unfourtunetly like my men a tad crazy. How about you?

  • "More people would be content with less if they understood that"

    How true Blmoon..i remember 3 months ago me joining Tarot for all the wrong reasons. At first i was extremely envious of all the gifted people here. Envious and angry with Spirit. Why wasn't i gifted ? Why can't i speak with Angels ? Then at some point i asked myself "and why would you want more gifts than you already have Mr. Seehorse ? Aren't you blessed enough with a home, family, job, health and some wonderful friends you made?" And the answer is i wanted to be more gifted for all the wrong reasons : vanity, pride, selfishness, all mortal sins.

    I think every Soul is equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit and each one of us has the "gifts" necessary for our spirit to eventually ascend and join God/Father/Spirit/Nirvana/Whatever. And that is the only thing that really matters. And Spirit provides us with valuable lessons everyday. Some really hurt and we cry, just as a child cries when the parent forbids some things. I was jealous of rich guys and always wanted to be one myself, until i got to know the rich and realized how dark their souls were. Even the dark ones you mentioned are Spirit's children and Spirit will never abandon them, they just prefer to follow the easy path to anger, jealousy, hatred=darkness. Someday even they will understand "That place of God is LOVE"

    When i managed to let go of just a little bit of my egoism, i bagen to vaguely understand what really enlightened people know and feel : the joy of a cleansed Soul.

    "I am just the messenger".

    The word "Angel" is derived from "Angelos"=Messenger. I think there is one gift that's truly ours : the power of choice. To be a messenger of Light or a messenger of shadow....

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