Had horrible vision it was true

  • I have always been told and I know that I am a sensitive I know when someones pregnant will be pregnant , boy or girl stuff like that. Oh ya and animals always follow me. I have always been able to help friends some people once I help them Im always connected to them it seems. Anyway Ive been single for along time met someone dating for about a month anyway 2 days ago was laying in bed he was asleep I was about to fall asleep watching tv when i reached over and touched his arm. All of sudden I was somewhere else seeing him and a girl laugh and flirt at some bar I had never seen. I remeber every detail. I sat up heart racing mad confused feeling so alone and scared. I decided that I had to know and did something I would never do. I looked in his phone at his latest messages. He was talking to his guy friend saying that after he lest the bar he was so turned on that he had to rub one out. his friend replied ya she really likes you shell be calling you.I am excited for you 2. I was somad but how and the hell was I going to confront him. Basically we broke up I just told him I knew and described her he denied of course I know hes totally confused theres no way I could have met her. I dont want to be that lonely pyschic with cats.

  • They say it is a blessing and a curse. People you tune into cannot keep secrets from you. But if it is a genuine relationship there should not be any secrets.

    You could look at this in a number of ways. He has not decided what is right in his life, a month may not be long enough for him to commit soley to you and he is just keeping his options open.

    It could be your guide is warning you early and telling you to get out of the relationship before you truely get hurt.

    Someone told me once that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you totally but then trusting them not to. Whatever happens take it with a pinch of salt, enjoy the good times and just see what develops. Don't get too emotionally attached. If you get further messages that are negattive this will just confirm that he is not right. Spend more time with other friends and dilute the effect he is having on you - find the soul mate everyone deserves.

    I am now with someone that I have waited 20 years for and I am so happy. Things don't alway take the path we expect, does'nt mean it is wrong just the timing is out..

  • Hi, If you picked up on this you'll probably pick up on more. I don't think this guy is for you. That's quite an amazing gift that you have. Was wondering if I told you of a scenario w/ me that you could help me understand it. If yes, I'll write more.

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