Zodiac Signs = Personality????

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    This issue has been up before, quite a few times i might add, yet it still runs loose like some rampant bubonic plague.

    time n time again i n others see request where a persons personality is eqgual to their astrological sunsign, heck even their short quick astrological chart set up.

    i dont know about u but im sick n tired of people smacking a person down based on his her sunsign or astrological get up.

    there is more to a person than their astrological get up. There is country, city, neighborhood, schools, friends, upbringing, how he she was raised, traits, customs , morals, ehics, beliefs, n much more. are these mentioned?

    nooooo only his her sign as they do so n do neg way n his her whole behavior is wized in their sunsign. cancer, libra, aquarious, virgo, leo n thats all they is.

    its frustrates me bc it shows how little these grievances dig. i mean what in earth has a sunsign to do with how a person behaves?

    a person is molded through out life, n 1st on its own can it b defined fully. i for one am sick n tired of seeing post after post hammering a sunsign into the pit claiming he she is like so n so bc thats what sunsign says they are.


    i SWEAR if we started to ask ok ugave us his her sunsign whats urs? ok ure so n so written out. what wouldnt the scream all over be ??ill tell u it would b no we´re more than out sunsign.

    well EFF so is the person ur yearn for.

    mayb is that the way to get through these people? i think i may consider that n aint it called reversed psychology?

    cwb on her box


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