Lost coins.

  • Hi

    I wonder if anyone could please help me.

    I know it's my first post and do apologise for going in feet first, so to speak.

    Around May of last year, I helped a neighbour out as a witness in a court case. He was let off.

    His step dad thought of us as a nice couple, and as my wife is computer savvy he asked us to list some items on ebay for him. A watch, a mirror, a flagon and some old coins. We bought the watch, mirror and gave him his flagon back as it did not sell.

    Now, the coins. There were 42 I think, all old English ones. At some point between June last year and before Christmas, I had them in the kitchen sink to rinse them. I then put them in a teatowel to dry and put them on our bar in the dinning area. My wife recalls tipping them on the floor while cleaning up. This is the last time we can remember seeing them. We have searched all over the house. We don't know if they got thrown out by accident, stolen or just put somewhere.

    He now wants his coins back and we are quite frantic as we will have to pay for them. Fair enough we lost them, but it was just by doing someone a favour.

    Could anyone please help.

  • The only clue I hear is the name Billy---and it is very loud!

  • Billy??

    Thanks for the reply. Does not mean much but will have a think.

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