Trying to move on in life, need advice on steps...

  • Hi, I posted here (in love & relationships) a while back about a Gemini man who I was told that it wouldn't work out with and surprise, surprise, it didn't. I was sad about it for a while, but it honestly led me to some revelations that I wouldn't have been a good partner for him anyway. He's a man, a grown-up, a father and for the last two years I've been living like a twenty-something party girl with no responsibilities. It's really been about getting to the next weekend, the next party for me. I got in touch with all of my friends from my late teens/early 20's and we've all been reliving our youth. It's fine to do that on occasion, but it's really ridiculous that I let it go this long! I suddenly get why no one wants to date me. I act like I'm 21 (I'm 37)! Who would want a serious relationship with me?!? So now I have all of this new insight and I'm ready to grow the heck up.... I'm just not sure how. Would anyone mind giving me a general reading about the best direction for me to take to move into the next stage of my life? I would really appreciate it. (My DOB 01/17/1974)

  • cherryvanilla,

    Dont be so harsh on yourself , your situation could have pro's and con's

    from the sounds of it.. reading above you said the guy that you dated [gemini]

    was "older, a father, and a grown-up" which theres nothing wrong with that however

    [assuming you dont have kids] you dont have the same responsibities as him

    which may result to a change of views , a difference of life paths.. you not having

    the same responsibilties as him, dosent make you wrong , honestly you sound like a BLAST!

    plus 30's are the new 20's lol. but beyond that I understand your looking forward to Change, your ready to go to the next Stage in life ? well, before change comes

    First we must Humble ourselves to prepare for sometimes the worst "Patience" because

    a Change occurs only after we have Learned a Lesson or Two our Reward after those Lessons are CHANGE begin by asking yourself exactly what it is you want to Change or even Write it out ! The Universe will answer your Request , I Guarantee . Good Luck Hun !

  • Thanks so much for your response! I'm kind of a "make it happen" person where I'm not used to letting things take their natural course. I'll try to be patient, but it really is difficult for me! 🙂

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