Need Taurus advise please

  • Hello. I met this Taurus guy last March 2009 from a friend. My friend told me that he was looking for a woman to settle down with. We texted frequently and decided to meet last October 2009. Things got too intense for us that we ended up kissing the first time we met but thats it. Then after that he confessed that he was not ready for a relationship but wanted to keep talking to me. Eventhough it hurted me i stayed. So we kept texting, calling etc but never really went out that much (his reason was he was not ready for a relationship, because i get jealous of his friends who are mostly girls, because he cant meet my parents because he said he doesnt want to give false hopes to my parents i find it very contradicting because he wants us to go out but theres always so many excuses on his part, he even said he was broke) i understood him despite of me feeling bad, we argue most of the time because i feel very insecure that nothing will happen between us. He have problems with his career and is not stable financially. I supported him by helping him out with his projects and helping him find a job. Last august 2010 we had a very major argument that was like an ultimatum for both of us - i asked him what does he want from me - to be more than friends, or nothing at all. He chose to stay friends. No kissing no dating. I told him i really felt bad because he told me once again that he is not ready. So many hurtful words were spoken. He ended up cutting ties from me (ignored all my

    messages) so i totally stopped reaching out to him as well. Last sept 2010 was our last coversation but found out in fb thay he changed his status to in a relationship (broke my heart because he didnt tell me this and a friend of mine just saw this update because he also blocked me on his fb) Just recently, last march

    2011 i decided to reach out to him and ask how he is doing. To

    my surprise he told me he already relocated to another state and that he is living with his gf. I felt really bad bcause i though he was not ready for a relationship but then he is, i thought he was broke but then hes living with his gf. I told him i was deeply hurt by this but i am not trying to win him back because i believe in karma and dont want to ruin another relationship. So eventhough it hurts i pretend that i am ok to hear stories and updates about him. I love this guy so much and hes the only man in my life. I never dated anybody else never entertained any other guy. I waited for him in silence and that eventhough he saw and knew how much jealous i get with his friends that he spend most of his time with them i dont insist for us to go out to avoid arguments. Now im feeling really miserable because i feel like he made a fool of me. That he made me believe thibgs hat are true but was not true. I wanted so much to keep our friendship but i dont want him to end up using me or me ending up losing myself. I know hes happy now with his new life - new girl, new state, new job. Should i keepncontacting him to see how hes doing? I promised to him i will help him with his projects still but i am still hesitant to get close because i am still hurt of what happened that he didnt even explain anything to me, that he totally ignored my message when i told him i was hurt, that i felt disrespected. It seems like hes very ignorant about all these things. I dont know what to do. My last message tonhim was last april 2011. Until now i still cry over him why he did these thibgs to me. Ive been very devoted to him and he knows that. I felt like i dont know him that well and i only realise this when he did me wrong and when he left me. Please help me. Do you think this guy loved me before or he only played me? He doesnt say anything that totally breaks my heart but he try not to ignore some of my mesaages except my messages when i tell him how i feel. Everytime i tell him how i feel i feel very ignored. What should i do? He is living with his gf and im very jealous but i am helpless. I feel like my rrights of loving him

    was taken away from me. That i should not do something on this and wait til my feelings die. Ive been suffering like this since 2009. I cant move on. Hes always in my mind and my feelings didnt change a bit but it seems like he doesnt care about me anymore 😞 hes 14 yrs older than me. Hes 46. please help me. Thank you

  • Please help me too, Captain....

    It really seems like this guy is ignorant that i am hurting because everytime i tell him how i feel he only reply with - "huh?" its so frustratiing because hes too stubborn....

    He want me to adjust to his ways but we are both different.... I cant go out on a date with him if he is not willing to meet my parents... I also cant live in with him and move in with him without marriage.... I cant also have s e x with him without marriage.... It makes me depressed to know that these could be the factors why he left me which are very petty.... I really love this guy but i cant live with his values and traditions.... I really miss him because hes the only guy i felt this comfortable with... Hes different and i feel like i can tell him anything and just be myself but he is very walled up and secretive thats why when i found out he relocated and is now living with his gf surprised me.... I really miss him 😞 i dont know what to do it seems like i have nothing left to do and i dont have any choice.....

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