Would just like your opinion on these :)

  • So I have been in a complicated on/off relationship, and over the past year, I've done several readings about where it's going to end up and what I can expect from him in the long run. I know I may be over-doing it, but it's only once every month or so. The relationship is currently "off" but I'd be very surprised if he didn't show up at my door again in a couple months or less, as always.

    I personally believe that the readings all show a common theme, but I don't want to influence your thoughts. But one thing I will mention, apart from the cards, is that he has a habit of being very dishonest. It's pretty much why there's ever an "off'" period. Don't think I want to put up with it anymore, and yet, the cards....hmmmm. I'm very confused.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts! All of these are my favorite simple Five-Card reading. Thank you in advance!

    Reading 1:

    Past - Seven of Cups

    Present - The Empress

    Future - Knight of Pentacles

    Opportunity - Seven of Wands

    Summary - Page of Wands

    Reading 2:

    Past - Queen of Swords

    Present - King of Swords

    Future - 3 of Swords

    Opporunity - Four of Wands

    Summary - Two of Cups

    Now, that one above really confuses me. Hearbreak in my future, yet a soulmate pairing as the summary, with the four of wands?...hmm...

    Reading 3:

    Past - Seven of Cups

    Present - Hanged Man

    Future - King of Swords

    Opportunity - The Sun

    Summery - Page of Wands

    Reading 4:

    Past - Queen of Pentacles

    Present - Page of Swords

    Future - The Moon (does that mean I can count on him to be dishonest again?)

    Opportunity - Ten of Pentacles

    Summary - Six of Cups

    Reading 5:

    Past - Strength

    Present - Hanged Man

    Future - Ten of Pentacles

    Opportunity -Six of Cups

    Future - Two of Cups

    A lot of similar cards...but a few in there that confuse me, like that three of swords or the moon in the future positions... What do you all think? Thank you again 🙂

  • I noticed that the opportunity and future cards in all the spreads are very positive while the other cards are not that great.

    So overall I would say that in the future you will have a beautiful, loving and fulfilling relationship with someone else. As for this one, I don't see it going too far emotionally.

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