S.O.U.L Circle June 12th 2011 - What did you experience.

  • A place for us to share our experiences this week. I'll post my own a bit later, felt a bit under siege this week. All is good though, don't worry about me πŸ™‚

  • Namaste,

    I felt very peaceful today as I connected and throughout the meditation and sending. I again envisioned the White Light Twister swirling around the circle and lifting the donation of positive energy to the source.

    I also saw in this order: A indigo lotus flower, and ant and a dragonfly.

    That was about it other than the feeling of peace and serenity. No pain, only slight pressure in both hands as in holding them with others.


  • thanks PH- felt some good intense energy this sunday

    like someone rocking me back and forth and Someone touching my head, and shoulders. Light tingling. Kind of calming feelings, pretty intense energy, think we all managed to get in this time.

    Seems like there was a lot of people, and i did not feel alone at all. Hugs to all. Bee Xx

  • Oh i too felt the slight pressure in hands, forgot to mention that- thanks i believe.. πŸ™‚ i am glad you felt something good too. Love the images, sounds good.

    Bee XX

  • Well mine was a bit different, I felt a lot of busy energy, an inability to settle at the start , and then we were all watching a tribal dance, lots of circle forms, a very primal dance like we were very honoured to watch it. I saw that big tower of white light, I was very sleepy and endedup falling asleep. My animal was a stag with huge antlers I guess that was Marc protecting us.

    More later, place buzzing.

  • Calming feelings for me too this time ! I just let go of all fear, control, expectations, just let myself give Light. Didn't "see" anything but bright Light, i could feel its warmth something like feeling the sunlight on my face. I noticed that the slight "pressure" feeling in my hands progressed up my forearms with every deep breath i took. I also felt intense (but not unpleasant) pressure in my chest as well as tingling on my ears. Overall for me it was the most serene, soothing experience so far. When i left the Circle i felt calmness and gratitude.

    Love and LIght everyone, Thank You !

  • I am glad everyone has had good experiences, this was a very interesting meditation experience that's for sure, πŸ™‚

  • Hello Beloved Friends--it's your RIVER flowing back in amongst you!

    Happy Sunday & a great big THANK YOU to Angel Bee for connecting & bringing me in--for me--it is Sunday morning in Los Angeles & 7 am is a WONDERFUL time to connect in community meditation!

    Bee I am glad you felt rocked--as I was connecting thru all my many chakras & sending my energies way into the CORE of Mother Earth & up into the Universe--I reached out & cosmically embraced our entire circle! What a beautiful bunch of Spirit-Souls you all are here!

    Ibeleive DRAGONFLY is very powerful for Transformation! Dragonfly can see around things by looking from different angles & can transform colors & lights by reflecting & refracting them.

    Dragonfly ALSO can shift directions really FAST & shows us that life, like light, can bend, shift, & adapt in various ways--reminding us of the changin appearance of what IS in life. Dragonfly's gift helps us see through life's illusions & find our true vision.

    Bee that slight pressure in the hands? I feel it either when I am about to receive something (money coming makes my palms itch) AND ESPECIALLY when there is work for my hands to do!

    Listen with your heart (& not your mind) & tell your SELF to be aware of where it will come from--you may be surprised! Be READY!

    I am so GLAD to be here with you--did my friends FEEL me today?

    Curious to know how my being here felt!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your River Flowing into INFINITY!

  • Paddi,

    Your post reminded me of those same feelings in me just before starting I felt very rushed. I kept looking at the clock and seeing I still had time to settle and yet I felt like I had a million things to do. But once I started it was all peaceful.


    Looking up the symbolism of the stuff I saw get back later.


  • Hi everyone,

    I had a very serene peaceful feeling today. I felt pressure in my hands as if I was either holding someone's hands or a lot of power was going. I felt the light coming through my head and going through the hands. See Horse, I felt the tingling feeling in the forearms too, it was so awesome, and I could see lots of whiteness, very bright. I had my computer set on a picture of an angel sending out golden light, and it really helped my sense of concentration. I didn't feel alone, it felt like a lot of people around. I lasted for 25 minutes before my children broke into my thoughts. I have felt so calm, peaceful and serene since then. Wow!! The circle is such a great Blessing, not just to us but to everyone who feels its awesome power! So be it and so it is.



  • Hey Rising Phoenix- That is so glad you could join us πŸ™‚ I felt all of you today, I feel anyway.

    Thanks for posting River, I am so glad to see your experience here, too was good. and i am glad you

    posted, So long since we seen you on here. thanks for the tips i will be ready. πŸ™‚

    Hugs and hope everyone else experienced some pleasant feelings today too, it was a good meditation- Looking forward to others posts.

  • And there's the Phoenix we were talking about SH πŸ™‚

  • Rising Phoenix,

    Namaste and welcome.

    Thank you for the dragonfly reference.

    Dragonfly elements of Air and water

    Ant represents a colony of souls working together and the element of Earth.

    The indigo lotus is the third eye and represents Spirit and Water. However...

    The one I saw went between light blue to deepest almost black as in the Lotus of Buddha.

    The white light twister is also of Spirit.

    As for fire, it was either missing or I did not catch it.

    The picture I am attaching is the closest I could find.


  • Good Morning Sunshine,

    So glad to hear everyone had such nice feelings today.

    Perhaps we are getting the hang of it.

  • Welcome to the Circle Rising Phoenix and what synchronicity too !! (Is that Jean Grey in your icon?) Glad to see the Circle is growing, have a feeling more people will join soon. Also glad for the calmness most of us felt. I think the Circle as a whole moved closer to the Light this time so we experienced emotions emanating from it, anybody else feel this way ?

  • Yes, not so intense. But as we get more in tune and have less ego in play it should be less intense. The angel cards I pulled for this morning were Sandalphon β€œVictory!” and Michael β€œYou are Safe!” Both very promising and a response to our connectedness.

    Aslo, I forgot to mention...Sunshine...25 minutes? Wow! I also managed a bit lnger than usual and held for 15 minutes. I assume the calm and peacful connection made it much easier to maintain for a longer period.

    I must say that the amount of energy generated aslo seemed less intence but I wonder if more of it was filtering to us this week?


  • Glad Sandalphon turned up. That is very meaningful to me. As I told Seehorse earlier...

    I was struggling to keep the darkness back this week. Felt a lot going on in my neck particularly throat. At times it felt a little constricted as if something wanted to choke me, or silence me. I never really let it get a hold of me though. Kept asking God and AA Michael to protect me and the moment I did the sensation passed. I also kept seeing me as Capt. America raising the shield to deflect things away. lol

    After I was done I had an urge to play my shaman drumming tracks, the full 20 minutes, make myself a hot tea and eat a banana.

    So thank you Sandalphon πŸ™‚

  • Ibelieve- good visions and PH- Its so good you could finally meet rising Phoenix, πŸ™‚ you two will get along i am guessing. πŸ™‚ as will seehorse.

    I believe I think it was intense for me, probably cause i managed to open my root chakra more recently, and taking in the energy, was quite impressive. so there was so many people taking part, that i could feel, anyway. πŸ™‚ It was good to connect, and feel the calmness.

    Love and Light bee xx

  • PH,


  • I wonder did my dancers relate to your drumming tracks Marc. They appeared a good15 minutes after four.

    I was really upset and weepy afterwards, completely drained. Still trying to restore myself.

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