For MissBethAngels-What Do The Angels Say?

  • Hi, MissBeth Ive heard of your amazing work and though we have never met, I respect and admire you greatly. I just wanted to know who my angels are and what are they saying to me. You may or may not be knowing what I am refering to, even though Im doing great and I feel at peace and happy within myself Im feeling a little clogged about some things that have been on my mind. Im trying my best to make decisions completely on my own at times I am sucessful and at times Im not. I have wisdom and guidance within me but I do wonder what the angels say in regards to situations and things that have been on my mind (Ive been kind of clogged and confused)?

    Thank you so much MissBeth, I sincerly appreciate this 🙂

  • What does it say in regards to my ex-Hanswolfgang told me he is coming back into my life with good intentions and he will be trying to refuge from turmoil and that he still loves and misses me and my positivity but as much as I care for him and love him-Im not sure if I am ready for a relationship with him or letting him back into my life. I'm doing well on my own and happy, more satisfied,self sufficient, confident and independent. I'm happier than ever but I still miss him and love him but don't want him out of my life at the same time just don't want to be hurt. In a way, I want to try the relationship out but go slowly because Im focused on my career but at the same time I dontknow ifI should just try to be friends (even though I don't know how to make sure it stays that way). Hans told me the relationship will work out find he said I need to figure out what I want from this when he comes back into contact with me-which I feel is coming soon. I've been debating this and Im not sure how to feel or EXACTLY what I want. What does the angels tell me in regards to this situation?

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  • Missbethangels please help going through so much turmoil with alot of things as well as the situation I described above. What are the angels saying?

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