Lost soul

  • my life has systematicaly been taken from me in the past few weeks. I am facing some evil influences that are destroying my life and need some guidance from my spirit guides. Can anyone help me? My carreer has just taken off but it seems the old yin and yang has turned my life upside down and I need to protect myself and my family from the darkness that is trying to take over our lives. Anyone with a vision or guidance would be greatly appreciated to get in touch with me. Thank you and blessings and protection to all.

  • Wow...sorry to hear that. Are you a cancer by any chance? There is a forum here full of cancerians who say their life is changing so... they hardly recognize it.

    Sounds to me you need the Archangles...Wonderful author - Sonia Choquette - about 10 best sellers. Said when you aren't sure who to call in...call in every one of them. Here is her hiarchy list but perhaps parapghrased... Low to High... as the lesser are more casually used on an every day basis....




    Spirit Guides

    Guardian Angel (says there is only one of these)

    The Seven Archangels

    Envoke all of them asking for the highest and best help possible right away. Do this daily after meditation or at least 5-10 deep breaths (you know what I mean - in nose - out mouth)

    Good Luck....keep this site posted! I will check on you.

  • Thank you for your guidance, I will take your words of wisdom to heart and meditate on this an envoke the archangels help. Wish me luck I feel I really need it right now. By the way no I'm not a cencerian, I'm a scorpio. Feeling like the end is near...

  • I am so glad you got to see my post before bedtime.

    I am wishing all the luck possible and I am envoking my angles to help you too!

    I will be checking in to see how you are so post up from time to time!

  • PS....When she says call in all of them....SHE MEANS EVEN THE HELPERS!

    A L L of them! They can do little things to help, too.

  • I totally agree with Cappy2, you need all your resources now, call them all in they will come, trust me I know, i've done it, and the results are wonderful!!!

  • Tahnk you all for your guidance, I am mediating on this daily. Next week is important so please send your blessings for then!

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