Prayer for my friend

  • Hi,

    I would like to ask if prayers and blessings could be sent to my friend. His name is Tim. He has been stuggling almost his whole life. I would like for him to heal from his childhood. To heal and forgive himself concerning his desision over his daughter. I would like him to let go of his "crutch" that is alcohol. I would like him to find his direction and place in this world. I pray every day for him. But more people praying is better. I thank you in advance for taking time out of your life to think and care for another soul!! If you need his dob or place of residence let me know? iI've never done this before.

  • Dear Saint Michael please hear this prayer and gather the love and guidance that surrounds this man Tim at this very moment---though he at times is too distant to hear or feel your presence. Join hands with his gaurdian Angel who never leaves his side and knows him best. As God has promised---let this gathering of intention---this seed of loving energy for this man we do not know but is our brother as we are all connected and this prayer does serve us all. Saint Michael--you specially with your strong hand--touch this man's shoulder and give hime the courage to forgive. When temptation swirls through his head be the golden sword that stills that energy. Dear Guardian Angel who follows this man's journey the closest---please whisper in his ear nightly the advise he most needs to swallow--let it sink in--deep to his core. By the Grace of God let his healing begin. And dear spirits and guides who serve to manifest such miracles please join this circle of love and nurture this seed we plant here today--in God's name---all things possible. Thank You---Amen.

  • Thank you Blmoon!! Very beautiful!

  • I read this out loud and I got chills.!!

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