Can someone help me understand my reading?

  • Hi, just got a celtic career reading, struggling to understand what is meant by it. I wanted to know about a career path i wish to pursue in the near future.

    Here is what i got?

  • Sorry did not let me post up pic, i got:

    Ethics: Eight of cups

    Lesson: Three of cups

    Situation: Nine of wands

    Self: Page of wands

    Challenges: The Emporer

    Developments: Six of cups

    Foundation: The Fool

    Long term: ten of coins

    Advise: Death

    Allies: Queen of swords

    Issues: Four of swords

  • Is this a new direction for you, a new career or something you haven't considered before? I feel your challenge is to be your own boss. Are you considering self-employment?

    In this situation you feel as if you have tried everything, but you're not ready to give up just yet. In fact the Page of Wands suggests that this is something you are passionate about (or should be). Your lesson is about seeing your dreams come to fruition. In this case, whatever your dream career is, know that you can make it a reality if you focus on the present challenge - being your own boss.

    You can develop this by drawing from your past. You have learned a lot in this area. You have the knowledge, now you need to apply it. The issue card suggests a period of rest and recuperation is needed before moving on. Gather your thoughts, make plans, but make sure you are prepared for a number of possible outcomes. The word contingencies comes to mind.

    The allies card suggests to me that you know someone, a female, that has extensive knowledge of this career you want to pursue and that she will be of great help to you. Don't be afraid to draw upon her knowledge and experience. Ask questions.

    The advise is for you to let go of something old. Whether it's old ideas or old way of doing things, this thing no longer serves you and you may as well consider it to be dead. There are new and better things on the horizon for you. Time to clear out the old to make way for the new.

    The long-term card, the 10 of Coins is a good sign. The 10 of coins speaks of an abundance of wealth. You may not be filthy rich, but there is an opportunity to make more than you thought. There is also an element of building something solid, long-lasting and worthwhile here. Something you can pass on (or sell) down the road.

    Love & light,


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