• Can u please give me a reading of the outcome of this relationship.........

    You have givien me a reading before, but after tonight.........i am in need to see what MY furture holds!!

    Me: 10/15/1981

    Him: 3/5/1983

  • Hello there,

    Not sure if this means anything to you, but I got the words "minor setback" as I read your post.

    Anyway, the cards are telling me that your luck is about to change for the better. You have a lot of concern over this situation, things aren't making sense to you at all. I get the feeling this situation isn't going to be resolved any time soon, but as I said, something is going to change for the better. You will make a breakthrough. There is a very strong emphasis on perseverance and endurance. You are being asked to endure for a bit longer. You have come a long way, but the journey is far from over.

    Stay strong.

    Is there something going on regarding money at the moment? Financial concerns?

    Love & light to you,


  • Yes, money is a huge concern right now. My husband is not making alot of money at his job right now, and he is very worried and concerend that he will not be able to pay the morage this month.

  • Your Pisces guy came back? Is there something else bothering you?

    Love & light,


  • No he hasnt came back!!! But he still helps out finanically.

    I saw hope.....i felt it.....then he is pulling away again! He was here yesturday and said what was bothering him was money and his job....left said he would be here today, and didnt show up!!

    Personally i think he is torn between me and this other female.

    I feel like if i let him go......he is going to fail....like he needs my encouragment....he needs me to be his muse.....

    But all throughout the week...he loves me....he comes around...and then on the weekends he disappoints me.

    IF i start dating someone will that be the end?

  • Ahh. That's why I asked, I didn't feel he was around when I read the cards for you. Is there someone else, someone in particular in mind when you ask, "IF i start dating someone will that be the end? " Because I'm not picking up any feeling of a 3rd party here. With you or with him. I'm inclined to say this other female is really not doing anything for him. She's not part of the picture.

    In fact I want to tell you that whatever you've heard about this other woman, take it with a very healthy pinch of salt. It's not what it seems.

    I do feel you need to get on with your life. You are not his "muse". You are not his safety net. Let him fall flat on his face... That last part is probably my own personal opinion not anything "psychic" 🙂

    The moment you become unavailable to him is the moment he really starts to see what he's lost...

    Much love & light to you,


  • I appriaciate this so much, you truly have a beautiful gift!!

    Thank you once again!

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