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  • Well I'm a Leo (aka lioness) born August 13th, 1988. I'm not sure of my rising sign( maybe smeone can help me with that :)] I know my card on my birthday is Death (scary). I read the birthday book as they call it, and it nails ya let me tell you. What can I say about us Leo's? Proud, loyal, stubborn, very creative, excellent lovers, natural leaders and tempered. LOL. That just about describes me in every way. We love the spotlight. My other half who is also a Leo, Augst 6th 1986. We didn't think it would work out, and we were told it wouldn't last. Well, 5 years later,we are still banging heads and loving every mintute of it. There is nothing stronger then our bond, let me tell you. I know tons of Leo's besides myself and my other half. My grandmother born August 4th. I have several Leo friends all born with in the first two weeks of August. I was very creative in school, artistic both in art and drama. I love being a Leo and wouldn't change it for the world.

  • Dear Ms. Kitty13, I am a Cap and I have always gotten along with Leos. In fact, my husband Joe was a Leo and we were together for 20+ yrs before his heart (ruled by Leo) gave out in 2007. One of my best friends Gloria was a Leo and she stood by me tooth and nail when Joe was incarcerated for child support (someone else's child). When Joe was in a halfway house, Gloria took me to see him every weekend and would not accept money for gas. By the way, I was her supervisor (I don't drive) on a job where we provide in-home services to the elderly. Just wanted you to know!!

  • Happy New Year to Lions and All.

    I'm a Leo, July 28th. Looks like almost all my planets are in Leo except Venus- it's in Virgo-guess that means I'm picky lol. I'm at the crossroads for a career change. I've worked off and on in administrative jobs and seemed to have always experienced disasters with them. Jobs I've had working with people I do well (cruise lines) and enjoy it. I've enjoyed the center of attention -even when it's in the hotseat. I'm considering broadcasting, maybe social work. I will start another discussion. Look up Leos and their careers or something close to that.

    BEST TO ALL IN 2010.

  • Hi, My Sun,Moon, Mercury, and Mars are all in LEO.My rising is in Aries. I have so much Leo in me but I'm not the typical Leo because of other aspects in my birth chart. My 11th house is in Capricorn and this makes me somewhat of a loner. Most of the time I keep to my self. I dont like small talk and I HATE crowds... I like to keep my self private and shut away from most people.

    BUT..... This all changes when I see a male I am attracted to. ALL that goes out the door and thats when ALL my LEO's kick into over driver.. LOL.... I will then join in and appear to be having a good time,pass by him, be loud,outgoing, I will make sure he see's me,,,, LOL

  • personally i have 5 leo thingys in my chart, but i still don't feel they apply.even my horoscope doesn't seem like it applies to my days accept every now and then.

    i really dont like to talk about myself unless its to bring out conversation in people and rid the awkwardness. Tho this is an acception due to the “I just don’t get it“ aspect..... i hate attention. There are those moments when I forget that there are ppl around… .... usually im pretty calm.... I'm more secretive, i dont like people that much unless i really get to know them. i dont trust many, at all. I'm a bad liar, but i can hide everything well.

    drama blows. Its bullshit, plain and simple. Its funny to watch the situations ppl get themselves into, but its no longer humorous when it drags you in. being straightforward is caused by 1) honesty is the best policy, and 2) it gets things settled and also for technicality reasons. like in court, you know... san anto is a place where you have to have proof and quotes to make the other person shut up and leave you alone...

    my head is usually in the clouds.. i write alot (obviously) but dont say too much , just comment here and there... critically incline. like the virgo. hahaha like a virgin... inside joke.

    gotta get this out, im really not that egocentric. i can have a lil ego every now and then (which everyone does) when im REALLY happy about something, and or jokingly. its annoying to see all these leo signs in my chart so strongly and have it continuously say "your ego is in bloom...your ego is hurting today... your ego will be pleased..." It seems selfish. my number one subject is not me. its everything else.=] logically the cause of my randomness...

    so, i'm not a lion, im a panther!=3


  • i just dont understand how astrologically i make sense, ya know?

  • I have the Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces with a Libra Ascendant. My close friends say they can tell me anything, good-bad-indifferant, and I can look at a situtation and not judge. They also tell me that I am me, no matter whos around, who I'm dealing with. ect.. I never change the way I am for anyone. I treat the president and homeless begger the same.

    UNTILL you cross me. LMAO. Betrayal in any way, shape or form will change my entire stance. Physical, mental, emontional. Don't matter. It takes me a while to get over it. You can get mad at me, tell me off, cuss me out and I can take it and even laugh about it but betray my trust or love and I become a different beast. My strongest Leo trait is my loyality issues. I can be loyal to a fault, untill you betray that trust. Then all bets are off. But in order to betray my trust, I have to have cold hard proof and facts in front of my face. I never accuse someone of suspecting something, I wait till I get confirmation.

    But with that Pisces and Libra lurking behind the sceens I can be highly emontional, needy and easily suffer feelings of rejection (my kryptonite) and hurt. I try so hard to hide the emontional instability behind a cold demenor, uncaring attitude and sarcastic mouth. I have a bad habit of not asking for the emontional attention I secretly need, desire and want. So then I get real mean. lol. All you have to do is look at me and that gages the level of my stress. I wear it.

    Men and women alike like me. Men watch me walk and I've been told I'm the neighborhood MILF. I was blessed with good looks. I generally handle that pretty well, and I will admit I enjoy the attention and admiring looks I get. I drive my Aquarius girlfriend crazy with my antics, but she loves me all the more. She says she's spent her entire life pleasing others and when she's with me, she feels like she can be herself. SHe thanks me for being a bad influance. ha ha! Im primpy. Love shoes, makeup, nails, hair and perfume. LOL. I have hair that I can throw back and it still looks good. I have no clue what a 'bad hair day' would really be like.

    Whatever my favorite for the day is depends on my mood. THat's color, food, music, movies, TV, ect.. I like to say I don't have a favorite, I like them all and what I pick depends on my mood.

    Once I make up my mind that I want something, I go for it. All or nothing.

    In a work situtation I like to float and jump in with a team effort and get stuff done. I'm really at my strongest with a strong team that works together and gets along. I enjoy a well oiled crew.

    Gosh, am I a Leo or what. LOL.

  • I am a Leo through and through born on August fool's day( the 1st for you slow ones). But this comment is not going to be all about me for a chance. It is going to be about a dear friend of mine that is also a Leo to the fullest. And that is an understatement! Well I stumbled upon this forum because me and my fellow Leo buddy always try to one up each other and when I read the discussion topic " Leos bragging about other Leos" I felt like this was right up our alley. Anyway let me call my crazy Leo buddy out first by telling you guys about his dance moves, and to hear him describe it, you do it by putting your hand out and clucking like a chicken. And I have seen him perfect it in every different genre of music. Hard to believe huh. Also talking about his hands he is so sassy when he talks he rests his arms at his chest like an old fat black sassy woman, and he is a big old hippie treeman. I don't know how he pulls it off but he does it and does it well. But sometimes you just want beat his little sassy butt too. Cause it is definitly all about him. He managed to cut his arm pretty badly with a chainsaw just recently and that night beat on a drum and rode a dam motorcycle the next morning. Now that is my ballzy Leo if I have ever seen it. I could go on for hours like how he is the kind of guy when you addres him you say his first and his last name, and I still aint quite figured that one out. Shout after he reads this he might try to battle me on the net and in real time. I dont even know if some of you guys could even handle the comedic banter that we exude so effortlessly. Until that day we will just have to wait with eager anticipation now wont we.

  • I'm a Leo with Taurus Rising and my Moon in Libra. I once dated brothers. Not at the same time. The first one I dated was a Taurus. The second one I dated was a Libra. I'm very comfortable with all types of people. My life is very chaotic and I love it.

  • BiggestLion: That's funny. I once stabbed my hand, all the way thru, with a knife while cutting chicken. Jerked that knife out and said "Oh that wasn't chicken." Almost didn't go to the ER cuz it stopped bleeding but decided that was silly. "Antibiotics, ect" lol.

    And a loud comedian is my type of person. It sounds like I'd love your friend to pieces.

  • I'm a Cap who was married to a Leo man for 20 yrs and we dated for 3 yrs before that. He was very generous when he worked, he took me to the Kentucy Derby in 1984 when Swale won. I had Swale but thought my horse was named Taylor Special because it was on the program but had been scratched and I didn't know it. I was screaming for Taylor Special but the horse was Swale. I won $18.00 ( $2.00 bet) that day. Joe had heart surgery in 2004 due to a heart valve leak and died in 2007 b/c he waited too long to have surgery on another heart valve leak. I miss my husband.

  • I just love being a Leo (August 1)! People even tend to see me as the 'cat' in the group because I tend to be the most snobbiest and fussiest out of all of us 😛

    I'm also interested in the arts and acting, most preferably writing, so I'm the former writer of our play in school, which I starred in as the lead as well 😉

    I really hate competition but I don't see that as a drawback, I actually 'kill' them one by one 🙂

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm a Leo born July 31st with a Virgo Moon and Gemini rising. I'm a pretty textbook Leo.

    Similar to FireAvatar222, I hate competition but I always choose whether or not to compete...if I think I can win, I go for it, if not I withdraw and don't even bother to compete. When it comes to relationships, I DONT compete EVER. My rule is if you want to be with me, then you're with me only, if not, go out and find someone else. I come first or not at all. I don't think that's too much to ask as I give the same in return. Do you other Leo's share that trait?

    I love intensely, fully, deeply and generally for life and I expect the same from any mate lucky enough to have me (ha, ha...Leo joke there)!

    I don't hold grudges and I don't get even...big waste of my is way to short to dwell on the past.

    I generally have a smile on my face, a spring in my step and am a pretty positive person. I love life!

  • Ha ha ha! Leo thread and it's becoming a monster! Someone told me that it matters if you're a July or an August Leo, that it makes a difference in the outward manifestation of the traits. Anyone?

  • Uh, hey. I'm Gabe. I honestly have no clue if I'm a Leo or not. Well I know I am "supposed" to be a Leo but it never really felt like it. Most of the other Leos I know are pretty outgoing but I'm not. I'm not really popular or quiet as energetic, I do like art and being creative, and I defiantly love being in control...I love to lead groups and what not but I'm not really out there. I was born August 11th, and under the sidereal zodiac I think I barely make what you would call "a Leo" individual. The sun was in Leo, my rising sign was Aries, and the moon was in Gemini or something along those lines ha. I always want to express myself and set myself above others but I have a hard time doing that, I always end up making other people turn the other direction. So I stay quiet and try not to really show people my true colors. haha I suppose that does sound like a Leo...I'm not sure what do you guys think?

  • Hello. I am a Leo Sun with Mercury also in Leo and a Gemini moon. My life has not been a COMPLETE disaster, but gets pretty close to it at times. When I was little, up until age 5, I was exuberantly happy - I knew I was a Leo and was very proud of it. Every one seemed to know me and love me. I was a very popular, smart and pretty girl. Then, when we moved to a different town at that age, it all changed drastically for the worst. My great fear was realized that I would not make friends at the new school, and the world at large became very difficult. I don't think I ever fully recovered from the move. That's when I felt I started not to be a Leo, and I've heard about progressions of signs, but I don't think they start after only 5 years? I'm more than 3 decades older now, and change is slowly happening again, for the better this time through therapy that I get, and also that I give to myself by journaling. My journal is all about ME, and I am considering publishing it, as I believe it is very interesting. I am starting to attract friends again sometimes, on occasion, and even have a life partner I met through someone my dad was friends with for a long time. He is an Aquarius. I don't know too much else about his chart, except that my other friend told me his Mars is in Scorpio. I am also currrently unemployed, but I anticipate I will have a job soon due to my association with an employment service.

  • I forgot to mention - I was born on August 13th, and I read in a Birthday book that people born on that date tend to be leaders faced with extremely tough challenges.

  • Whenever I see this thread come up I'm tempted to post but then change my mind. Each time I see some interesting comments and similar personality traits. I can identify with the many Leos who are shy or don't fit the mold for whatever reason, their chart, upbringing or environment.

    @GabeH - ."I always want to express myself and set myself above others but I have a hard time doing that, I always end up making other people turn the other direction. So I stay quiet and try not to really show people my true colors. haha I suppose that does sound like a Leo...I'm not sure what do you guys think? "

    I know exactly what you're describing here. It's as though we can't help but put our foot in our mouth. We try so hard to relate to others but it always comes off as being self-centered or too dramatic . We want to be liked so we suppress our feelings or thoughts so as not to come off as being too strong. Being bold and strong is a turnoff to many people, especially someone you barely know. It always gives the wrong impression.

    If you want to have friends, I think that it's hard to be true to yourself when you have Leo traits. I feel that is a Leo's burden. ha, ha

  • Hi there to all of the lions and lioness out there! In a way, I do agree with! It's hard for a leo to open our mouths for fear of being branded as egotistical and too focused on ourselves, lest we lose potential mates and lovers! But it's true, deep down in our hearts we believe we're the best and no one even comes closed indeed!'s hard to stay focused with other things outside of a LEO persona, coz for a typical LEO, no one else matters. My pride has gotten in the way in many of my relationships (platonic, romantic, business, etc...) and won't budge if I felt betrayed and taken for granted! I have thrown away meaningful relationships because of perceived slights and insensitivity to my needs and concerns, if I don't land on their #1 priority list! I have mellowed down with age and more giving and considerate of others. My temper knows no bounds when irked to the max, and one would wish he'd run to the farthest end of this world just to escape my notorious wrath...I don't back down when challenged, so don't ever threaten or underestimate my will power to fight head on till the last drop of my blood! However, I can forgive easily and be magnanimous about the whole thing as if nothing happened to have caused that revolution of sorts. That is, if the other party comes begging for my forgiveness humbly...licking my wounded pride until I'm pacified!!! I'm a drama queen and can do and say things that can elicit strong reactions from people, friends and strangers alike...followed by a big boisterous laughter! Mind you, a hearty sense of humour is a given if anyone wants to hit it off with the queen/king of the jungle! Oh yes, I love my glowing mane to be sparkling gorgeous and bouncy as always and would take considerable time fixing it before going out to the world stage. I prefer to have it layered for ultimate effect as it frames my lovely face...Well, it's hard to stop talking about a LEO coz there's so much good things going for him/her, right? Good looks, sex appeal, sense of humour, wit and intelligence, magnanimity, loyalty, royalty, courage, determination, etc...are all for the taking to anyone lucky and blessed enough to be loved and noticed by a Lion/Lioness! Still, it's up to the Lioness to decide who comes and if's and but's about it. Hahaha...just love this blog and can be really therapeutic for some wounded egos that need uplifting and cajoling. So, what are you all LEO's waiting for? Bite the bullet and be heard, as always!

  • I didnt' try to hard to not be myself. In fact, I have always thought of myself as having had good integrity. But I can see how I come off as egotistical. I am. I just don't think that that's a worse trait than any other of the negative traits of the signs.

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