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  • BGoodsGirl: What is your birthday and his....The key difference between Leo's and Taurus is:

    To a leo- if assigned a task to complete - all that matters is - that it got done, no matter how.

    To a taurus- if assigned a task to complete - it is not only did it get done but how did it get done.

    Leo's accomplish things many times in a very matter of fact matter. Whereas a Taurus many times accomplish things by ensuring the job was done but also that it was done in a moral and ethical manner.

    I have many Taurus's in my life and I always feel like a laser eye is on me. Leo's have a hard emotional core and can withstand a great amount of conflict or criticism...but under the watchful gaze of Taurus who are highly moral and ethical the aggressive methods of Leo's are under constant scrutiny....All Leo's eventually breakdown - especially when they are unable to fight back. Leo's have an inbred need to be in charge and in control.

    If you are born between May 3-10 -Morality is extremely important whereas if he is born August 11-18 - he likes to take be in control....

    Also, Leo's are extremely loyal - up to the point where they snap - then they will turn their back and walk away. All leo's are good at cutting ties....and it may be over the smallest you spar...keep this in mind...Leo's don't like a lot of change....unless they are making it themselves.

  • My sun sign is a leo (8/19/85). My rising and moon signs are in libra. Growing up I did not see my traits but I am definitely a leo at heart. Its just that my libra tendancies cool me down so I am real laidback and easygoing. If you look at my date of birth you see I am considered to be on the cusp (I know that there are variation on the dates of the cusp) so I have virgo tendacies...I tend to be quiet, reserved, pay attention to detail, nervous get the point.

    As a leo, one trait that I notice off the bat is that I am very loyal and have a huge heart. I find that people are comfortable with telling me things that they may not tell those who know them best because of my openness. Honesty is very important to me. I do like to be in control of things and prefer to do thing myself and my way. Many may not know bc of my quiet nature but I love to take risk and adventure. I am very progressive thinker and love to learn new things. I love music and anything artistic. I love to read, I do alot of blogging, and I write poems when the mood is right.

    I am a big dreamer. I think big in my mind. If I really want something, I will do what it take to get it done. Leos have a tendancy to do things just so they can say "I can"...even if they have no real interest in it. I have a huge ego and when I am disappointed it will show. We can have a huge fight with someone and then get over it like that...but we will not FORGET! One poster said that leos don't like change unless they are making it themselves...that is SO TRUE.

  • THe reason why you are probably quiet, reserved is bc you are on a are a leo with cancer tendancies. Cancers represent the crab...crabs have a hard outer shell but soft on the inside. My venus sign (which shows how you are in relationships) is in cancer so that is why I responded to you...You say that you feel you get taken advantage of alot...cancers have that caring nature about them...which is why they tend to be in a shell, they don't want to get hurt. I think you should pull up your chart and analyze will be amazed at what you will find. One thing to realize is that your sun sign is what you are striving to be in this lifetime. Your moon sign, which represents your emotions, is who you were in your past life.

  • Boldlioness, I too have my sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn and merc in Leo.

    I am also a perfectionist and left handed well actually ambidextrous. I am an artist and I use both hands when painting.

    It seems that the majority of men that are attracted to me are Cap's. Yes I was married to a Leo I also felt was weak. I was the money maker and shaker and doer in the marriage. Being the ever loyal though I stayed in an unhappy relationship for 30 yrs. I am forever taking care of people in need but I always thought it was because I was the oldest of 4 siblings and had a very ill mother I took care of from the time I was 6. I grew up in the Amazon Jungle and didn't live like most conventional Americans. I hunted for our daily food and took care of all a mother would take care of after my mother went to bed for 6 yrs. Upon coming to the US and at the age of 18 I took custody of my brother and sister. I still find myself unable to walk away when anyone approaches me to help them, yet I feel used after I help them.

    No one comes to my aid, but I think it is a self made prophesy. I don't let anyo

  • oops the submit was accidently hit.

    Anyway as I was saying I don't let anyone know if I am in need. And I have been chastised many times for that. I am even told it is one reason why I have trouble in relationships cause I don't allow my need for anyone show. I know I am independent to the MAX.

    I found this form most enlightening to some of the things that go on in my life I have had questions about.

    So thank you all you leo posters.

  • My own personal Leo thinks he's always right, or at least acts like it. He likes to nag too, but he's so cute and loving otherwise, that he melts my heart. Being an Aries, my patience runs thin with him sometimes. We both think we're the boss, so we have to take turns. So, when I let him have it, I become very contrite and apologetic and have to make it all better. He behaves similarly with me when he's clearly made mistakes and doesn't want to admit it. Then he's a good little lion and well behaved.

  • Hi I am a Leo. August 1st. sun sign in leo, rising sign in gemini, moon sign in taurus. venus in leo and mercury in virgo.

  • Hey leos and others,

    Hey shopgirl318, how did you find out about all the other signs. I know my ruling planet is leo, but the other stuff. I know it would help me understand things about myself a whole better. My BD is the 4th

  • they have natal chart readings. you can find out that way. or you can go on and they have free sample profile about your yourself. usually they require your date of birth, and the time you were born.

  • Hello! I agree that we leo's know when to really kick up the creativity - but me - Im a bit of a loner and sometimes dislike the lime-light. (sometimes.) lol, for the other part of the time, love attention. I found out (thanks to this site) that my moon is in..get this - Virgo. <_<

    My B-day was August the 6th and Im carrying a baby thats due sometime in March. 😛 My fiancee is a Gemini, and let me tell you - together, were a whole lotta trouble (he is logical yet "funny" and Im Creative and truly a master story-teller.) So between me and him, you will be laughing for hours. We both like to spend money(and sometimes money we dont have lol) BUT thank you karma, we always get out of the sticky money situation(s). One way or another.

    Luck runs through both of us, and think together were perfect for each other. (Leos, quick! Give Gemini a chance! They will surprise you!) Both of us have laziness written on both of us (hey, least Im honest!) and things tend to get messy around the apartment quite quickly. Does any other leo's out there have "laziness" on there name tags from time to time?

    Its so fun to read everyone elses responses to this question! 😄

  • DRGetsit you are right I am good at cutting ties. I really have no problem with other sign wanting me to do it right the right way. but I am willing to do what is necessary to get a job done, even if it's cruel. because it has to be done and there are too many backstabbers that will block me if I use the proper channel. I used to work for a Taurean auditor and I had no problem with his way. but other people did and blocked me from doing it his way. Everytime I reported this to him, he did nothing and he was actually telling me that I have to fight them. I did it but I was only subordinates there was only so much I could do. Only a few days before I quit, he did something. So much for a bull, I guess. I had only 2 among 9 bosses I really enjoyed working for, they were Aries and Gemini. It was only part time I wish I could have a full time with them.

  • Hey another leo here! Rawrrrr! Leo~sun, Scorpio rising, Moon in Sagittarius. I guess you could say I was born on a cusp. I was born Aug 22 at 1:00PM. I guess I would be considered a typical leo girl. I always have to be in control, I have wayyy too much pride and yeah my ego is pretty big lol. Everywhere I go I get compliments on my hair, its really long and is mane-like.

    Im a very generous person, sometimes I think Im too generous. I love buying people stuff and Ill always be the one to pick up the tab at a restaurant. Im not a loud person, Im pretty quiet and a little shy. I think my heart might be a little too big, Ill usually do whatever I can to help anyone out and I get taken advantage of alot because of it.

    Do any other leo's find it really hard to let go of someone? No matter what, I just cant let go of my ex bf. He was my first true love, my best friend, my whole world, my everything. We started dating when I was 16 and have been on and off for years, Im 21 now. But hes a cancer and we all know how that goes. Maybe its just me, I mean we were sooo in love and I dont know if I could ever feel that way again.

    Okay enough rambling lol, Im tired so im gonna end this one. Im sure ill think of some more stuff later.

  • What's Good! Lioness here... I feel like an astrology-rookie or something coming on this site.. I see that a lot of you know a lot about your signs- all of them.. I had to find out which moon and rising signs I am.... Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Sag Rising... Up until now I didn't even know this.. Can someone tell me how my moon and rising signs affect me? That would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Aside from that, being a Leo girl definitely has a big impact on my life! I am blessed to be a Leo and I think I project that in my everyday life. From simple things like cleaning up around the house to more complex things like work and school, I take pride in everything I do and hate it when I feel like I haven't done all that I can.

    When it comes to my family and friends, I can be hold back a lot, until I have someone's FULL trust- that's when I show my typical LEO-ness, and give my full loyalty, and I think of myself as a great lover to my boyfriend.. But since our relationship has been progressing, my love for him also grows, and as a Leo, that makes me purrrrrrr

  • JULIAN Leo-sun, Aries-moon, Libra-rising , Tarot- 11 Strength, 11:49 AM July 31,1980 Year of The Monkey; also a leapyear.

    Salutations Kings and Queens of the Jungle,

    My name is Julian and I was born in the month of my name. The month of July was orced upon us by Julius Caesar; born to the house of Julian; also the name of the current calender system we use. Now how cool is that?

    I was born surrounded by a pride of Leos from my Grandfather (1932-2009) to my younger brother who's 22.

    I was born with 12 fingers strangely; a perfect set of 12. I'm unnaturally lucky, and unnaturally intelligent. My riend gave me a $25 chip at the RIO in Vegas and left me or a ew hours. I had never gambled before, but when he came back, I was up $2600,lol. I have a budding career as a screen writer and author, since my novel is currently in editing. Every meeting I've had in Hollywood has led to an offer. The world is our Leos!

  • I like being a Leo, even though I have a lot of Virgo in my chart that makes me bitch and criticise everything. But hey! Nobody's perfect.

  • I was married to a Leo for 21 yrs (we dated 3 yrs) and although he could be moody, snappish, and with a fiery temper he was also loyal, home-loving, witty, and very popular. A Capricorn I don't like the limelight whereas he adored being the center of attention. This affected our relationship if and when I took the spotlight away! He had a fabulous sense of humor and could make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. He loved going to the movies, festivals, fairs and anything outdoors with the exception of fishing!! He was very protective and a true gentlemen who believed that women should walk on the inside of the street. He would open doors and pull out your chair when eating out. On the downside he was very insecure and would accuse me of infidelity at the drop of a hat (I believe most of it was drama!) and he made poor choices throughout his life which cost him his freedom several times. All in all, he was a good man who was sometimes not easy to get along with but for the most part he was a joy to be with. At least for me! He died in 2007 of none other than...heart failure (Leo rules the heart!). I miss him and hope that he is my guardian angel in death as he was in life!

  • Hi Casper,

    Your Leo sounds very similar to me. It sounds for the most part you had a great relationship with him and I believe your not dead until your forgotten. I too made some choices that cost my freedom. Mine was marrying the wrong women. My first was a gemini, very smart and good looking, but gemini's, at least for me you had to figure out which twin you were talking to. My second was a money hungry,greedy, selfish Aries. We have two kids and she has taught them well to serve themselves. Why I'm telling you this because, I too suspected my ex's of infidelity, and they BOTH married my next door neighbors. What are the odds, but I want you to know that I didn't give up on love and my high school sweetie and I hooked up two years ago and are engaged after 30 years of being apart. She is a Libra and she keeps me balanced and returned me back to who I'm suppose to be. May you walk in peace and health. Eveything else will take care of itself

  • Hi everyone,

    I am a leo born 8/19/1985. I am a cusp baby. I did an astrology reading before but I forgot about my moon rising and all the other ones. I know that I was born on the same day as Coco Chanel, and Bill Clinton. In numerology my life path number is 5 and my expression is 7. So I guess I am a complicated individual. I did do theatre for five years and I love performing. I would like to know from this forum how to use astrology to help me make certain decisions in love and relationships.

  • hi,I sun in leo

  • Hello to all my fellow Leos! I am very proud to be a Leo. My birthdate is 7/26/1986 and I am a double Leo! I am Leo-Sun, Aries-Moon, and Leo-Rising. Trouble, trouble, trouble lol!

    In my experience I have found that Lions have a way of flocking together. Both my parents are Leos, my grand parents are Leos, my Aunts, and all of my best friends as well. I'm surrounded, but I love it. I don't know anyone more loyal and able to be counted on.

    I am the epitome of a DRAMA QUEEN. I think being an only child makes it worse for me. I have to get my way at all times or you haven't seen a tantrum like mines! Most of the time I feel like I have a double personality. While I crave attention and the spotlight and being center stage, and I am a model, actress, extrovert, and perfectionist; at the drop of a hat, I can be quite shy, introverted, and crave being ALONE. I Love to write, write, write! I can disappear in my room with a great book for days.

    I get easily annoyed, I have no patience, I'm extremely impulsive, I'm horrible with money, although I'm extremely driven and persistent to a fault. I over analyze Everything and I'm too intelligent for my own good--to the point of being nerdy and annoying. I always always have to be RIGHT. I will justify my point any way that I can, even when I Know I'm wrong. I would make a great Attorney, however I despise injustice and dishonesty, so i'm pursuing a career in psychology instead because people fascinate me! I have an overwhelming need to help others to the point I am constantly taken advantage of. I have an ego the size of the sun, and my pride is difficult to appease. This is probably the worst part about being in a relationship with me. Which btw, I'm always in a relationship, but I NEVER seem to pick the right one. If he is the right one, I tend to push him away because I crave the drama (unfortunately) and I am obsessed with Love in and of itself. I am really jealous & can be insecure of AnyTHING that takes away from the attention I feel I should be getting. I am a HUGE dreamer and extremley intuitive to the point I believe I Have psychic tendencies lol. Oh and I Looooooove to talk about Myself (in case that isn't obvious).

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