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  • Hi, I'm a Super Leo....Leo-sun, Leo-moon, Aries-rising, Leo-mercury....with all this FIRE in my chart, and mystic crosses, ring of solomon, and tridents in my palm, I have a destiny that is POWERFUL.....but guess what? I feel so overwhelmed. I feel like there is so much to do and I'm the only one that sees it and there is so much apathy in the world. Everyone LOVES my energy and is amazed by what I can do, but I am tired of doing it all by myself. I can only do so much by myself. I am a philosophy major in college, which suits my heart perfectly, but by studying philosophy and ethics, you come to see that for the most part, the world is full of sheeple who refuse to think for themselves and allow themselves to be lead to slaughter with nary a thought about standing up and saying "NO" to those who would enslave them. I am a Revolutionary, a Catalyst, and a Conductor and wish that more people would just WAKE UP and realize how powerful they themselves are and can be. How can someone be content to let others do the thinking for them? A former employer once said to me; "Kimba, your kind of enthusiasm is DANGEROUS, because EVERYONE wants to be on YOUR bandwagon"....well I say.....JUMP ON this runaway freight train and let's make the changes that WE want to see in the world. Two of the Greatest men in the world were Gandhi and Kahlil Gibran. Their teachings mimic what we've all been taught is the best way to go...."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" the golden rule would get us very far if we would only follow it....

    (and that's my LEO rant for the day....)

  • Hi I am a Leo with sun in Leo and moon in capricorn. I have been a leader since I can remeber myself - I am a hard worker a warrior and I am very comfortable with my strength - which is the number 8 and is quite prevalent in my life. Many of my friends are Leos as well. Like President Obama - I am a left handed Leo. My totum is the image of the lion and I am very comfortable with that. My life has been one of fearlessness and courage. I work with people as Social Worker - I advocate for the disadvantaged and disenfeanchised. I loved being a mother and Ihave just written a book at it: Raising Princes to be Kings: A Single Black Mother's Guide to Raising Her Black Son.

    The spotlight finds me - I don't seek it out. I enjoy being unique and standing alone. I don't follow trends - I am a trend! I love to pamper myself and those I love. I don't trust easily. I consider work - any kind of work wheather it be for income or personal to be a blessing -everyone should wake up and have work to do. I am very spiritual but I also love to have fun. I am loyal to my family and select friends. In love I am divorced twice - can't find a man who is strong, loyal, successful and a leader like I am - married a leo - big mistake - he was too weak!

    I am empowered by my spirituality and summers are my favorite time - for the sun of course!

    Many admire me and my accomplishments - many also envy me forthe same. I am very transparent and I always explain that hard work pays off. Sometimes being a leader and being a warrior is challenging - but I am really in love with ME!

  • Hi im a Leo too !...leo sun, leo rising and leo moon.. lol ! I definitely have a sunny side and my sense of humour is wicked. I dont like to be the centre of attention as I actually do have a shy side (honest I do! ) as well as a bossy pain in the butt side lol ! I do care about people and will protect my family and friends fiercely if need be. I work with the public as a psychic medium and give tarot readings and healing. I have recently started to do part time care work for a local company and i do really care about the vulnerable people I look after. i am fiercely in dependent to the point of not asking for help even if I need it.....god that leo pride is a killer !! over all I have a lot of lovely friends so hopefully im too bad ! xx

  • I am a Leo with Sag rising. I am a leader but I don't like the spot light. I am on the shy side but I will step up to the plate if I got pushed into the spot light. I am luxerious, I have beautiful surroundings and I like quality and known for my tastes and style. I dream about my wedding that would include the groom. I don't see myself in a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles. I am private but known to throw some of the best parties. I am very strong and I think I intimidate men well people in general. I sometimes don't feel like I am a Leo because I am on the shy side and rather have a nice dinner at home watching a movie than going out to a club.

  • Hi,

    I am kinda new this the astrology thing but i'm enjoying reading all the different post from my fellow leo's. My traits are similar to some of those i've read thus far. I am a natural born leader (at times), I can take charge like nobody's business, but there are other times when I don't have a clue lol. I love to be loved and it seems as though when it comes to relationships I don't have a faithful bone in my body. When I love, I love so hard but have yet to find anyone in life who loves in the same manner. For my friends and family i'd give the shirt off my back and offer them my last stick of gum (lol), i'm so loyal but I find that i'm always hurt in exchange for my loyalty. I thrive on being the center of attention, I love to be praised, I am at my best when all eyes are on me. I'm love me soooooooooooooooooooo much, I have millions of pictures of me basically everywhere, i'm often told i'm vain but i disagree with that statement lol. I am a singer which is great for my need to be praised. Some say that i'm very skilled but I don't toot my own horn! I love reading about leo traits and learning about my nature.

  • Hi!,I'm a leo. With Sun,Venus,Chiron,Mercury in leo (all in 1st house cusp/ house of self), My rising sign is Cancer with it's ruler moon in Taurus in the 10th house in exaltation point and at it's highest expression.

    I see my self as proud and noble as a Leo and expresses my steady and strong emotions like a Taurus but expresses it outwardly with rays of soft moonlight like Cancer, Moon: "Relfection of the inner self, If the sun shines brightly and so as the moon".

    Metaphorically speaking, People see me outside as a glowing full moon in a dreamy night rather than a bright sun over a vast blue sky.("Outside I am not typical leo, I'm more like having a cancernian traits... at least outside" ) As the sun rises over the horizon, warm as it's glorious rays a Lion's roar echoes from the boundaries of the receding night.( As a person gets to know me more they will be supprized when they "End up with a hungry Lion on a Lion's cave (negative) or In a sunny and dreamy paradise(positive)". I insist to let others know me more because most of the time I recieve Negative vibes around them which usually ends up in negative side.

    I some weird times I do express two signs (Cancer rising and Leo Sun"1st house") all at once, Which brings out maelstrom of confusion in the close circle. Much as the moon eclipses the sun occationally.

    I love caring and protecting everything around like my emotions,ego,possesions and relationship. Everything that is considered as threat will be Pawed/Mauled and the sametime get pinched dearly. Like a Lion that protects its territory,pride and vast domains. I believe that leadership is not only showing who's the boss or something like that, but to be a good role model that everyone follows, even in small ways like teaching, serving, guiding and etc. I hate to be pushed into the spotlight (most of my friends love to do that to me when they spot me), but I do love attention/praise in subliminal ways and I can live with or without It.

  • Im a leo with a leo sun sign, cancer moon sign, and a sagittarius rising sign, i dont get what that means...?

  • I'm the opoosite! Aquarius with Leo ascendent & I can relate to much of what you say! Books, addicted to reading, more than chocolate! A mix of the both types of the associated physical characteristics! Are you tall? I think your Aquarius ascendent covers up your Leo sun too much, but they say your Sun sign becomes more apparent as you get older , so there's hope yet! & where's your Mercury? This seems to have more influence, than many people realise , on behaviour, if it's in either Virgo or Cancer that could explain your shyness! Most people only see the Leo "outside" of me, likes her clothes, jewelllery, apparently cope with any socail situation etc, but never get to see the nervous, needs her own company; interlectual, permanent student, Aquarian sitting underneath that outside show!!


  • Hello All~

    I'm a Leo born August 18, 1986 @ 3:33 am.

    I'm just learning about my birth chart...if I calculated correctly I am Aquarius Moon and Cancer Rising

    I've always fit the Leo traits - long auburn hair, 5'9'', LOUD lol and love to be the center of attention on the dance floor but now that I know I'm Cancer rising I know where my sensitivity and over analyzing everything stems from.

    Does anyone else have opposite sun/rising signs? Or want to share their thoughts about my signs? THX!!

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  • Leo here with Scorpio rising and moon in Libra. Does anyone know what that;s supposed to mean...the moon and the rising sign? As for being a Leo...yes, yes and hell yes. I work hard to be the best at my job so I can be the center of attention. I write and am writing a novel I hope to have published. I have thick blond hair like a lion and even a lazy streak I have to keep working on. I like the best of everything. Leo to the bome marrow!

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  • hi...i'm leo sun, taurus moon, and aries rising...i have always experienced life in a very big every social or professional situation i tend to garner respect effortlessly...i am an artist...i paint and build constructions/assemblages...i've not had the success i had hoped for...but i keep trying...working at my art ...making presentations...submitting portfolios...i've gotten to meet some very interesting people...even famous fact, it puzzles me why i've had so many encounters with the artists, authors and poets, musicians, movie and tv stars...i don't seek these people out...fate just repeatedly puts me in the company of these "pay the bills" profession is respiratory therapy...i've worked er, in a major inner-city trauma center, all the icu's...then spent years working in a brain injury rehab center...i've seen the absolute best and worst of human behavior...patients always assume i'm a doctor, until i correct them...doctors ask my advice...i've saved a lot of track record witn cpr was perfect til 12 years into this career...that's the first time a patient i performed cpr on didn't survive...totally shattered me...i once oxygenated a patient whose left lung was completely exposed...i could watch it inflate with every breath i delivered...and once, i administered cardiac extreme measure, which is almost exclusively done by physicians...but the doc had no choice but to handle a secondary issue...and i was there so it was really no choice, i held the heart in my hands and squeezed rhythmically to keep blood circulating...i get no thanks usually...its just my job...but my colleagues definitely respect me...i love travel and my youth i went out for many "daredevil" activities...mountain climbing, hang gliding, sky-diving...i'm loyal and faithful to my partners...the first was a cancer who wrongly identified as a lasted 12 years, until he died of a heart was then i realized his confusion as to sun sign...he was a cusp explained a lot of...problems in our relationship...several years later i met my current partner who is a true gemini...we're broke all the time and have lots of fun...all in all i like my life and really do believe it is representative of my birth signs

  • I am leo with scorpio rising and gemini moon. I don't remember all planets in my birthchart though. I tend to like quietness and prefer to work behind the scene. But I would hate it when someone claims my idea or hard work as theirs because I put everything into it so if it's a great piece of work then I deserve to be known. I am always interested in metaphysical, apiritual world etc and to me, death is an interesting subject. Maybe this is because I didn't really have a pleasant life until I met hubby. Lots of family problems and I never expressed myself much so feelings were bottled up. When I feel unfairness I fight it, even if my opponent is bigger, richer etc. I am not athletic I don't get into physical fight but words I know how to win friends and get people to understand. In general I don't forgive. But if I make mistakes and forgiven, then I will forgive this person if he/she wrongs me, just so it's fair. When I love there is no limit. I will do anything for him. This is it for now I don't know what else to write.

  • I'm a Leo. I was born July 25th. I'm very shy and very quiet also. I've never had a chart done and don't really understand astrology. I get embarassed real easy. I don't really have any friends. I keep to myself. I'm not a drama queen although I find myself feeling very sad most the time. I would do anything for anybody and I find that I get taken advantage of alot. I don't let alot of people in, but when I do I just seem to get hurt and I figure that's why I keep to myself. I would like to be more outgoing, but can't get myself to do it in fear I'd embarrass myself. I'm starting a new adventure in my life and I'm scared to death. I put my house on the market a month ago and my house sold in three weeks. I have to be moved out on 8/21. I had a plan in place, but I not sure that's the right thing to do. I should be so excited about this but I feel so sad. I know I have to get out of here and feel the need to get out of this area and get on with my life. I feel the person you are has alot to do with your up bringing and not so much astrology. I was put down and teased alot when I was growing up. I married a man who was very controlling and verbally abusive. The more I tried to stand up for myself the worse it got. The best part of my failed marriage is my kids who are grown and have their own lives now. I really don't think I have any leo qualities, but wish I did, so I'd have more confidence in myself as a person.

  • I am a leo w/ moon in Capricorn and Leo rising, I'm not exactly sure what the ascending sign and moon sign mean but I would have to say everything about me fits the Leonian profile. My dream has always been to be an actress...I bask in attention and I love flirting and romance...I consider myself very brave as I will always stand up to anyone or anything opposing me or someone I care about without hesitation. I am always honest and loyal to my loved ones...I even have thick curly hair like a lion's mane. I absolutly love being a Leo, I love my bravery and my sexuality and my pride...My sign has given me the courage to live my life be boldly and to be proud of the unique path I chose

  • I am a Leo and newly dating a Leo. My date is July 26 and his is August 22. Any Leos here have experience dating another Leo?

  • Antsylady- From your email - you have plenty of Leo qualities -every leo is different based on the day you are born and the time. July 25th people are imaginative, idealistic/ romantic and very honorable. Due to being so honorable rather than break your word - you will suffer and can put you at a disadvantage which sometimes puts you in unrealistic situations time and time again. Everything plays a factor in who we are our upbringing but there is something to the planets and their movements. Leo's have a tough last 4 years. I am a Leo - I lost my first husband in 2007 after a long illness - he was very controlling and I took care of him the whole way through and just after he passed away I took a years severance from my job. Which was the best year ever, because I realized that the most important thing in this world was not money but my kids. I packed the kids and move from where we lived - in order to break with the past and start again....during the Pluto move into Capricorn...and then out of the blue a new job offer came in the week the severance was ending and changed our direction entirely. I accepted the new job the day Pluto went direct in Capricorn...which mean't this was the right move. I was afraid - because here I was moving my kids across country and the minute I decided to break from the past the universe came through. I was not looking for a job, since I had my own company - but this was an offer to good to pass up. Virgo is at the end of Saturn and has been teaching everyone life lessons in finances, relationships and lessons have been in finances. But you need to look this change in the eyes and go with it. It will all work out in the end. As long as you are doing your Saturn and trying to do the right thing - it will figure itself out.

    Also the eclispes are about releasing - the past and saying "NEVER AGAIN" - look at the situations which continue to repeat themselves over and over again....and make a break once and for all - and choose the path you want to be on.

    Consider also is being the samurai warrior who fearlessly defends honor without regard for financial gain or ego always the right battle to fight. Sometimes it is better to choose our battles and sometimes it is better to look at things with a cold eye. Your inspiration is your children and family which is very big for LEO's - we are long suffering and have very strong emotional fortitude - we can withstand more than any other sign.

    To learn to be outgoing - just start a conversation in an elevator. Just remember everyone wants to known...and the one person who strikes up the conversation is the one who brightens the room. I have learned to be very outgoing....but just realize is this a trait you really want?

    Lastly, a very wise person told me when I was very young - Life is about looking down a hallway and making decisions which keep as many doors open as you can. If you begin to take the "Never again energy" and focus on the doors you want closed because they are not working for you anymore and the doors you want to begin to open - then this is the thing to do. Look to your kids for moral support since they are the ones you trust and are proud of.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi! I'm a taurus and my boyfriend is a leo. You could only imagine the fun we've had in this relationship butting heads and exploring each other's strengths and weaknesses. We actually tend to balance each other dispite our stubborn streaks and challenge each other to grow. What I'm having problems with and actually spoke to a psychic about is how to handle him in his moments of insecurity. Like most Leo's he's very proud and can be egotistical at times, both traits I like (I know it sounds crazy, but I do). It just perplexes me how many insecurities really lie underneath. I never know if I'll say something that will strike a nerve or not and therefore find myself at his mercy, feeling like I've done something terribly wrong even when the issue is so terribly small and harmless. How do I help him face these insecurities without taking a shot at his pride?

    I saw this topic and thought maybe another Leo, whose not involved with either party could help me understand this better. And maybe give me some good advice to consider.

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