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  • Hi fellow Leos,

    My sun is Leo with a Libra Moon, with the same birthday as the next president 🙂

    Reading Joyce's entry, I see I'm not alone. Very quiet, very observant, but when I get to know you, I'm open like a book. Loving, caring.

    I sound like a commercial haha

    I remember working at a center and a former co-worker said that I never look at the customer. I do that because I was burned a couple of times.

    Sometimes I think my overthinking and not being able to network (due to shyness and somehow I feel it's fake), I feel like I haven't reached my full potential. That's something I'm (trying) to work on.

    (closes on an upbeat note) Get me at a party and I'm a dancing machine haha

  • I just want to say to the "All Things Leo" group a very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ALL!!@!

    Love from your Aquarian friend, Lindy!

  • My name is eric siversen and Im a gemini - i was wondering if you had a reading for me

    thank you

    Eric Siversen

  • The Leo in my life is a firey guy who is not afraid to let you know how he feels. Sometimes though I wish he would roar a little less so could hear how much I think of him. He is easily the center of attention anad fun to be around. Between us we can make a firey team since, as a Sag I am most comfortable in social situations.

  • I think this forum just died...what's happened to all the Leo's???? too busy partying during their annual peak time prehaps?

  • Hello. I'm a Leo Sun sign, with ascendant Scorpio and my Moon is in Capricorn. Nearly my entire family (My mom, her two sisters, my (paternal) grandmother and grandfather) are all Leos! So it's incredibly dramatic at all times! I however, prefer to avoid drama. I like my quiet time. I'm in Law School and find Astrology incredibly comforting in learning how to deal with and accept other people for who they are. I love an organized lifestyle (my spices are alphabetical order, as are my dvd's and my closet is arranged by color using a color wheel). I enjoy a very rich and warm environment - my house is decorated in deep reds, golds, chocolate, etc. I have a burning desire to prevent injustice which I assume is where my career choice comes from. I have incredible difficulties with personal relationships. Opening up and trusting people is no longer my strong suit. I was married for seven years to a Pices and while he was a good man - the relationship was incredibly suffocating. I adore animals and have two chihuahuas that I prize as much as most people do their children. I would love to hear any reactions. (p.s. This post probably skips around as much as my mind seems to - from one subject to the next with no inbetween)

  • Hey 😄

    I'm a Leo sun with Sagittarius moon and Aquarius rising.

    I have Venus and mercury in Leo.

    My sister,father cousins,uncles and a bunch of other relatives are Leos 😄

    I do like the performing arts,and I like singing and stuff 😄

    Such a typical Leo 😄

    I like expensive things and I always choose the most expensive,bestest things without even knowing 😄

    ~So proud

    I love my friends and I don't trust anyone much...I don't like drama much,it's always sad or an exaggeration of a story or something,I prefer comedy!

    I can't think of anything else.

    I'm sorry,

    Leo ^_^;;;

  • Hi y'all. My knowledge of Astrology is very superficial although I know that I am a Scorpio with a Leo Rising and Gemini Moon (Aquarius descendant) Can someone enlighten me about how this mix(up) works out in real life? Thanks and Good Tidings. From Piti

  • I hope obama being a leo is a good thing - any feedback on that - or what we should expect based upon his sign?

    • eric siversen

  • I'm not a Leo, but my boyfriend is a Leo sun and rising with a Cap moon. On the outside, he seems very social, and brave. He walks around with a bright glow, even his eyes are a dark golden color, and he has effortlessly perfect hair with natural streaks of gold in him. He takes pride in being the funnyman (mind you the joke is never on him). Sometimes he takes his jokes a little too far.

    I'm a Cancer with a Pisces moon and Virgo rising. For the most part, our relationship is fun, sweet, and passionate. The only issues we tend to have are that he's more worried about taking care of business than I am. There are also a few issues with sex. I view it as daily bread, but for him it's like birthday cake. Any Leos out there willing to share some romantic advice with a Cancer?

    -much appreciated

  • Hello All,

    I was born on the 7th of August in 1964, which also makes me a Dragon. I don't know anything else since I lost the paperwork about my adoption which indicates the time I was born, but I think it was 11am.

    I am one hundred percent Leo and Fire sign. Right down to my lion-like mane and powerfully strong figure. I often exude a leo-like energy that proceeds my actions. My temper is hot, but I try to never direct it at anyone in particular. There are always other underlying reasons for negetive energies, other than the persons involved and I know better than to direct my own negetive energies toward individuals who usually don't deserve such a heat. I know the power of the torch I carry and try hard to harness the energy with integrity, and only for positive outcomes. Sometimes I stomp around the house alone and bitch and gripe and moan about things in my own head that I just need to get out. My son inquires and I politely reply, "Oh, don't worry about me, I'm just pissed off about so and so. Me, myself and I will all work it out!"

    I'm firey about justice and righteousness, or the lack of it. Sehkmet, the Lion headed goddess of the exacting side of God's justice, is my patron goddess. My mother has told me at times that I should have been a lawyer, but I am an publisher and artist and prefer to express myself in non-oratory ways, however I love to write.

    ABOUT OBAMA, interesting enough that one of you should have the same birthday, but I bet I can one up that. My ex-boyfriends birthday is not only the same day, but the same year too! They were born on the exact same day in history! Obama is an OX in Chinese zodiacs. This IS really good. I think this means that he is very suited for the job as our leader, and he will work his royal toosh off for us as the ox he is. His "Yes we can!" attitude with athoritative confidence is very Leo like! We are very lucky indeed! This will be a great presidency.

    However, I do know from experience that I would never do well in a relationship with a leo due to our power struggles. What I have read about Leos and relationships with two Leos involved hits my expereince with my ex boyfriend dead on! We loved each other intensely, and had so much in common, but for 5 years, neither of us was willing to relinquish our crown to take a role in the other's shadow. Plainly, this would be insulting. We need our own individual dominion and total control over it. This is the way our relationship worked out. In fact, when it all blew up, for a year I had to leave the state, and the fire we lived in to cool off over our failed relationship. Now, I live in my house alone with my son, and my ex has his house and we are good friends, nothing else. Sometimes I want him physically, for he is very good looking for his age and was the best partner I had, coming from experience. But as tempting as the sex is with him, I don't go there for the emotional danger involved. Don't throw a match on the embers of a dangerous fire in other words.

    I know Aries is supposed to be a good match for me and also a rat or monkey. I recently met someone I found myself very attracted to and discovered he was born in March in 1972, but he won't tell me the day. So I know he's a rat, and I am advised to marry a rat or a monkey later in life. Well I'm 44. How long do I have to wait?? Forever frankly, since I'm not sure I will ever be talked into marriage again! ;-D

    All in all, I'm Leo and Proud!

  • I'm a Leo with a Leo Moon and Mars. I have no idea what that means as I have little knowledge about astrology.

    In response to your query seeking Leo's, here's some info about me:

    I consider myself friendly but have a small circle of friends. I love being with my family and often am at home. I appreciate nature and it's beauty, but am not the backpacking type. I do like nice things, but don't like to pay full price. That said, I don't wear jewelry unless it's a special occassion, etc.. I like to look nice, but am hardly extravegant. I guess one would say I'm practical. I live within my financial means. I enjoy history and archaeology. I like research and problem solving. I'm somewhat of a neat freak and things have to be somewhat organized. I'm a free spirit, pragmatic and reasonable. Intuitive.

    I guess that is all I can think of.

    I hope my input helped some.

  • almost missed sun is in Leo.

    So, that's a Leo Sun, Moon and Mars. I don't know what "risings" are so I can't add to that.

  • hey all! I am a cancer and my father is a leo. although We had a tough relationship when i was a child because he didn't take into account how sensative i was i talk to him almost everyday now...i have the utmost respect for him, and other leos at that. He has overcome many adversaries and accomplished much. he managed to pick himself up out of the ghetto and into the wealthiest neighborhood in town. He has inspired me to work my hardest to succeed. Although he can be domineering he is fun loving and spoils me rotten. I love leos!

  • I was just wondering if any other Leo's here have been in a bit of a gray funk these past few weeks, or is it just?

    I do go through these moods once or twice a year, like I've been pulled out of the real world and thrown into a shadow realm, a limbo, if you's like being placed on a fine blade....I'm teetering on the edge and can either fall into the light, or down into the darkness.

  • No, Lioness65, it's not just you. I've felt the same way. Despite the holiday season (which is usually my time to shine, I love it) and being surrounded by friends and family, I still felt something missing. To fill the void I have thrown myself into an odd relationship with a Virgo, which is an interesting first for me. The critical nature is quite difficult to endure, for me anyway.

    I'm also quite nervous about the upcoming Mercury retrograde which for some odd reason always manages to make me roar quite loudly and be very emotional. I'm going to attempt to reign it in a bid with the new relationship, the Virgo may go running for the hills, yelling criticisms all the way.

    When I feel like this tho, I find it very helpful to surround myself with a warm fireplace, some dark velvet blankets (in crimson and chocolate), a favorite book, a cup of hot chocolate, and write all my feelings down in a diary for later reflection. (A puppy to snuggle with is also very comforting - my Brinkley knows when these times come around to snuggle up and keep mommy warm.)

    My best to you for the new year!

  • I like your style Leoness 😉

    At the moment I'm wrapped up in cozy blanket, just devoured a cinnamon roll with choco frosting and a large cup of hot tea and my daughter is resting against me as she watches book will be later after everyone goes to bed.

    I'm trying to convince myself to look upon this "eh" moment as a pause between an ending and beginning instead of as a "blah" mood....the first sounds more appealing with a positive outcome! Hopefully Mars retrograde won't be so turbulent...if I remember correctly, the last one involved miscommunications with hubby that resulted in a very emotional few weeks. 😛

    Good luck and stay snuggly warm ~*~

  • My father was a Leo, and was named Leo for his sun sign. That was quite a move on the part of his mother in 1914! I would love to have had a conversation about this with his mother, but she died when he was 3. He was a roaring Leo, quite the autocrat, but full of love for his children. I think my own Leo moon has helped me understand his nature.

  • well January has been kicking my Leo butt, leaving me battling between depression and anger....I think I lost my inner sun connection 😞

    I had high hopes that 2009 would be a much better year, but so far it has gotten worse, leaving me feeling a bit let down.

    I think I'll use this weekend to stay warm, quiet and indulge in what makes me feel comforted and maybe that will help ignite my inner fire. I do like the new red background here...I just want to stare at the design and get lost in it 🙂

  • Leo sun

    Libra moon

    Scorpio rise

    what's all that mean

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