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  • If you're a Leo, we want to hear how being a Lion expresses itself in your life. Do you have a traditional Leo career, like the performing arts or public relations? Do you like the spotlight and act on intuition? Or maybe you defy the Leo norm and hide your Lion sign most of the time. In which case, you could tell us about the special circumstances under which you let your Fire flag fly!

    Perhaps Leo is your Rising or Moon sign? If so, we want to hear about that, too.

    Finally, maybe you have some Leos in your life that you'd like to get get to know better ... or maybe they're already close to you, and you want to make sure they stay that way. You might even be having troubles with a Leo whose fiery nature is blazing more brightly than you're comfortable with. These passionate people can be a handful, but when you earn their trust and loyalty, you'll have a faithful friend. Whether you want to know how to get there or you have ideas from personal experience, sound off here.

  • Hi 🙂

    I'm a Leo with an Ares moon and Aquarius rising. As a kid reading through my mom's astrology book by Linda Goodkind (I think) I was totally convinced that I was adopted and my parents just chose my birth date...I couldn't see any of the Leo trademarks in me at all. I'm very shy, cannot stand being the center of attention to the point I dread my own birthday party because I'll have to open gifts in front of others.

    As time goes on, though, I do see my tendency to be a drama queen when things seem to be wrong in my world, and my ego is my weakness....don't hurt my feelings or mock my skills! ; )

    Lets see, some of my favorite things to do are: write poetry, dance ( the only time I don't mind showing off), build fantasies in my head, read, read, read!, listen to other peoples stories, cuddle, and enjoy any alone time I can grab in a house full of kids and pets and my husband. Don't get me wrong, I love them all and will fight to the death for them if necessary, but I crave my alone time and look forward to it almost as much as daily chocolate fix.

    My dislikes would include: people who get off being mean to others, liars, injustice, being taken advantage of, "reality" tv, too much noise, chaos, and rodents.

    I enjoy my pleasures and can be quite the procrastinator when it comes to the everyday things that need to get done, especially if I'm lost in a good fantasy book. I have been told I'm a great person to tell your troubles to, that I have a big heart, and people are comfortable around me.

    On the other hand, I see myself as insecure, skittish, selfish, and afraid to take leaps of faith with my life. Change is VERY scary and can put me into a panic mode. Did I mention I'm very moody? I'm either high on life or circling the bowels of hell. Maybe that falls under the drama queen business....

    I don't think I'm a very good poster child for Leo, but my parents insist I wasn't adopted, so maybe they just dropped me a few times too many and dented my Leo gene 😉

  • Hi. I have Leo rising with the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. For me, a plus to Leo rising has been the amount of pride I take in what I do. I don't like to let anyone down, so I work very hard to be there for my family, friends, and coworkers. Pride usually gets me going but my true motivation comes from the Heart. The rough part of Leo rising is having a strong ego drive. Life has become easier for me by becoming aware of this and trying to make friends with my ego(insecurities) rather then become shy and try to stuff that part of myself. I'm also fortunate to have a few good friends that are Leo and see them as examples of how to have a healthy ego.

  • Lol, am I the only one to have noticed that the 2 replies are from Leo suns & fire sign moons? In my experience Leos can be quiet people, but not likely to quietly accept situations where they feel they should be getting deserved attention.

    In contrast to the above fire sign couplings, I'm a Scorpio with a Leo moon. The fun part is that the Scorpio sun is conjuct Neptune, the Leo Moon is conjunct Uranus, and both are square each other in the same signs. Yes, I do get bored quickly, and my bowling average will attest to the fact that I will even change what is working, just for the sake of change. Following any routine for any length of time builds up inner tension. Despite the rather sedate Virgo rising, I have red hair which could be said to be worn in a loose mane style. I'm not one to shirk confrontations (even when the safety-conscious would hold back), and have been known to confront strangers about really rude behavior like talking being disruptive in movies, ear-splitting whistling men, basically pretty much anything. I'm especially vocal when I feel I've been treated unfairly. Lest anyone think I'm running around like a harpy, I'm also very kind and will go out of my way to help people, and especially animals.

    The Leo Moon - Uranus conjunction is in the 11th house. Friends pop in and out of my life for periods of time, and it does provoke a desire to get away if I see people entirely too much. I have a Libra friend who doesn't comprehend why I think weekly or more visits and almost daily emails could feel suffocating. I enjoy meeting strangers and am not shy.

    Wow, if the rest of my chart were different, I could have been some firebrand!

  • Hi all, especially Lioness65,

    I am an Aquarian with a Leo (moon rising sign), and I feel so fortunate to have a part of me that is LEO!!! So to all you Leo's out there, no matter what concerns you have, you are really a big part of the UP side to life. I think when I really need strength I find it in my Leo side... Life has certainly had it's fair share of ups and downs for me, but I have come through it all and can still see the best life has to offer. I am blessed!!!! My youngest daughter is a Leo, born on the 8/8/85. I have such an amazing connection to her. I can be thinking of something completely irrelevant & she will start talking about it. She is the light of my life, she has the joy of life in her! I hope one day to meet my Leo soulmate...


  • Hi Heathen. Leo Moon sounds interesting, especially being balanced out with Virgo rising. Neat combination. Hi Lindy22. Is your daughter strong of character? I ask because being born on the 8th seems to indicate leadership abilities and a good head for business. Adding the fact she is a Leo, would seem the sky's the limit for her!

  • Hi Meera17, I think my daughter is just finding out that she has leadership looks like her life path is turning that way at the moment. Thank you for your encouragement. I've just shown my daughter your post & she was blown away!

  • Hi everyone 🙂

    Meera, I definetly relate with your need not to let people down, both at home and work. I even feel bad when I can't donate to the charities that send requests my way, especially if they involve children or endangered animals.

    Heathen, I wish I had more fire in me to confront the people/issues that are bothering me...including those pesky rude people at the movie theaters! I'm more the cowardly Lion type, though if it's a really BIG issue, then I do find my during my divorce.

    Lindy, I do think it's my Leo strength that's gotten me through a lot of bad stuff. It must be deep within my inner core, wrapped up with several layers of marshmallow cream, but it is there when I truly need it. 😉

  • Oh boy...sun in Leo, moon in Aries, Sagittarius rising. Never put much stock into Astrology until I had a reading done a few years ago. I guess I fit the profile...own my own corporation and I manage someone else's business, too...because you know they can't do it as well as I can 😉 There. I'm bossy AND egotistical. LOL. However, I do have at least one redeeming quality...I give a lot of my time and money to good causes and charities. Did I mention my venus is in Libra? bats her eyelashes innocently

  • Barack Obama is a Leo. I'm very impressed w/him. I think he'll be a very good communicator. I think he'll keep the American people informed. There's issues I don't agree with, but I think our Country is in need of him. I read somewhere that Pisces is somewhere in his chart.

  • Hi. Sun capricorn, moon scorpio, Leo rising - with the planet Uranus conjunkt my accendant (ie I'm partly aquarian). Capricorn gives me goals, Scorpio gives me deep, dangerous feelings (tamed by capricorns self discipline, leos strength and aquarius' analysis), Leo gives me ego, self awareness and pride but also naivity - and Aqurius makes me a philosophical humanitarian. This has given me changing goals in life, regarding work as well as place to live. I been sniffing at mathematics and economy, but to day I am a social worker/therapist. I have moved a lot and remarried a couple of times; I'm having difficulties with my tendency to love people too much = somewhat bad choices for me. But Leo has made me stronger and very good at taking care of my self through the hard times.

  • Have you noticed that this forum has more responses that any of the other 'All things' forums? We Leos certainly like talking about ourselves! Being a Leo has served me well. My sun and Mars is in Leo and I have Virgo rising, and my Moon and Venus are in Cancer. I have many Leo friends and which gives me the insight that its great fun being a Leo but less fun having to deal with a Leo at the times when you need selfless giving - I need to constantly remind myself that not everyone sees the world in the sunny shades I do. I'm a pretty typical Leo: an artist and designer. I am generally self-motivated, driven and very positive but self-absorbed - which causes me problems; I believe life revolves around me, therefore it's issues are to do with me - I constantly find myself leaping into fix-it mode, maybe this is why Leos are often leaders?

    This is a dreadfully Leo thing: One August my 2 Leo friends (they were a couple) decided to throw a joint birthday party - called the 'Leo party', the idea being you only came if you were a Leo party or came with one. I brought my Sagittarian friend who discovered this party premise and loudly denounced us all as loud, egotistical and selfish, causing a bit of a lull! But the party recovered because the Leos thought it was just funny.

    My partner is a Scorpio, this has provided me with ample opportunity to notice that being a Leo allows me to bounce back positively after disagreements, whereas he has to dwell deeply on issues before we can reach a compromise.

  • I forgot to answer some of admins questions: Yes, the rising leo in (outside of) me has made me try public relations. I have always been fond of art - and I like to draw and paint my self. I don't like to be in the spotlights but for some reason other people often put me there (they see a leo but I am the more shy capricorn sign by sun). I have nearly allways had a strong sence of intuition, which come very handy in my work with troubled people...

  • LOL!!! My husband, like your partner, is Scorpio! I find that my temper will suddenly flare and explode and then I'm done, while he'll let his anger simmer and take little sarcastic pot-shots, until he finds the right moment to bring out his stinger and verbally destroy whomever angered him...even if it takes months of waiting for the perfect opportunity!

  • hahaha Jonah, loved the Leo party, pffft @ Sag response. Must be something else in his chart. Sags usually don't take things so seriously.

  • Awww, Lioness, have you ever had your chart done? You could have your fire sign Sun & Moon in aspects or houses which put a damper on outward expression. For instance, my Pisces Mars (pretty terrible placement for Mars to begin with), is totally unaspected to anything else in my chart. This does not translate well for being a person with drive, ambition, or persistance. Despite being seriously outgoing, I have no sales talent whatsoever. I couldn't sell the cure for AIDS.

    If its a planetary aspect or house placement problem, once again, having your chart done would help. Your fire sign planets can be energized through transits, progressed planets energized through transits and energizing your natal planets. Having this done will let you know when these times will occur, so you can plan to make use of your fiery qualities ; )

  • I'm a quadruple Leo - sun, moon, mercury, venus - rising sign Aries

  • I can relate to a few things on here but, I still think I am a confused Leo.

    I am VERY shy (until I warm up to you). I do NOT like to be center of attention but, I sometimes end up being in the limelight and sweating bullets! I think ALOT, observe alot, analyze alot, LOVE to help others in any way I can but will NOT tolerate being stepped on. Once I see that start to happen, I turn away faster than I came in! That's it! I've been told I'm very easy to talk to, sweet, and people feel like they've known me foreva! lol.

    I recently had my chart done and if anyone can help make sense of this, I'd very much appreciate it. According to my chart, I'm a leo with Cancer rising, Virgo moon, Venus in Cancer, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini. That's all I can remember right now.

    I've noticed that with oother leos, i either get along or I don't. If we don't get along, we just don't talk. I've noticed many leos being VERY vain, stuck up, with their noses up in the air and don't anyone even DARE say anything they don't approve of! lol. Maybe it's just my point of view. I warned you, I'm confused people! lol!

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Much Love and Blessings to ALL!

  • i have been surrounded by leos all my life - my mom was a leo - very hard core and unable to show gentle hugs and kisses love, my sister is a leo, has a wall as hard as stone and very cold hearted, my estranged husband, a cheater and deserter with no concious - i tend to shy away from leos at this point

  • Hi Heathen, with all the reports i've had done here, I've never had my birth report done slaps self in head. I do have the charts from the other reports, but I'm pretty clueless with the house meanings and such. I'm hoping to get my report soon, though, as soon as my checkbook looks healthy again. awesome to be a quad-Leo! 😉

    LittleSparrow...I'm sorry you've experienced so much negativity from the leos in your life...please don't let the bad apples ruin the whole bunch for you; really, there are some sweet and loving Leos out there.

    Joyce, I was once told in highschool that I appeared stuck up because I never made eye contact and kept to myself. The truth was, I was absolutely terrified of people and have never liked being in large crowds (other than the dance floor). It was easier for me to pretend to be invisible than leave myself open to ridicule, which happened way too often despite my efforts.

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