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  • I am a Leo on the cusp of Cancer with a Pisces moon. I am not the typical Leo. I am by nature a born leader in work, but when it comes to my friendships and family I would prefer to have them make the plans give me a call and let me know what we're doing.I will also just go it alone. As a child especially I cringed at the slightest bit of public attention. I am still like that today, I can only handle small crowds of people at a time and if I am center it is only comfortable with a crowd that I am familiar with. I dread public speaking and love one on one

    conversation. As a parent or a friend I have a very protective energy. I am very brazen when it comes to fairness, I am quick to call people onto the carpet when they have wronged me. I am not able to be around mean-spirited people, liars, huge egos, drama queens, and don't appreciate people making fun of others. I have a very high energy level. I do have the leo mane and physical stature, I am told that I walk with my chin up and light up a room lol. I feel at times I am a total contradiciton of myself, I am organized and on time, yet I am also a procrastinator.

    Anyone else out there have the cancer cusp and the pisces moon. I feel at times I am a professional dreamer. lol

  • It is so nice to see I am not alone! I am Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars-Leo, Moon-Cancer and Rising-Libra. I will be the first to stand up/speak up if someone is wronged. I have always been the go-to person when a confrontation needs to happen! 😉 At the same time I can be very shy, do not like big crowds and love being alone among my friends and family. I am very intuitive and it just keeps getting stronger!

    I have many interests. Quite often I am scattered in thought, I think too much, too often! Like our President, I am a left-handed Leo although I am female. I am an artist. I get over my anger very quickly and want only harmony. And dianey you took the words right out of my mouth! "I am a professional dreamer" just a little too often!

  • Hi everyone! As I'm trying to write this my overthinking mind doesn't know where to start. I overthink, overanalyze and get myself all frazzeld wondering if i made the right decision. I do not like crowds and enjoy most of all my time alone to read, listen to books on tape but especially take nice, quiet naps. I enjoy the company of family and friends but usually @ my convience. I can meet someone and immediately like/dislike someone. Its true that once I feel a negative vibe or feel taken advantage of , I'm sooo done and move on. I do not allow any injustice that I can see or I can change. My husband says I risk getting my *** kicked. Oh well, then bring it on.

    I do take charge and get bossy, but in my mind, all for the betterment of the group. My way of doing things are so much more efficient and fun!!! he- he--. Honestly, though I'm working on trying to control my self because recently, one of my girlfriends got so insulted at how I said something and not what I said. I'm sooo misunderstood or she could be the one to sensitive to be around me. I love to dance, have fun, and ready for change at all times. Do not bore me or I'm outta there 😄 Can anyone else relate?

  • Hello Fellow Lions and Lioness'...............

    You've all already described me, from the overthinking, overanalyzing, scattered thought, drama, loyal, loving, generous, OH BOY; I'm your TRUE LEO!!!!! I've got something like 8 planets in ONE HOUSE (the house of emotion? children?) and six of them are in the sign of Leo! My entire natal chart is bunched together on one side; completely tipped to the left. I have a Cancer rising (thank the Lord) and an old water sign something or other, Mars..........which helps me keep my balance and not fall off the chart!!! To add mystery to misery (joke), I'm from a family of FIVE BIOLOGICAL LEOS; brothers and parents; I married a Leo, and his mother's a Leo. My last ten bosses have been Leos, and I can spot them a million miles away!!!!!!!!!! People have literally asked me out of nowhere, "Are you a Leo?" yuppers.

    I'm psychic with premonitions (not as much fun as it sounds), am an empath, am sensitive but will also kick your arse if you cross me; women don't like me 'by sight' (nice, huh? THREAT!!!), men LOVE me by sight...............(TOUGH LUCK, BUDDY BOY!). I'm an artist, a writer and a photographer. I love working with my hands and my imagination. I'm a square peg in a round hole and believe I'm the Queen of the jungle.....................DON'T YOU?????????????? Then you're not a true Leo! True Leos may love the spotlight, but they also love to do what they can to encourage others to stand in their own spotlight! I'm friendly, speak to anyone I care to, nobody is a stranger and though people may think I'm odd----I CELEBRATE MY UNIQUENESS!!!!!!!!

    I get along very well with Aries' (unless they're born on 4/18) and even then, the fire becomes too hot and an explosion is inevitable. I REALLY get along with Sag's; they're the best, and Libra's flock to me because a trip to the grocery store for a Libra with a Leo is like going to a Premiere movie opening to them!!!!!!!!!!!!! So silly! I'm (obviously) PROUD to be a Leo.

    One more thing: I am SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RELIEVED to discover on this forum that Barrack is a Leo; that just seals the deal that I already believed to be true.



    ALLeo xx

  • I'm a Leo-Libra-Leo and I've found that I'm more like a circus lion reverting back to instinct. People always seem to be intrigued by me for some odd reason and where ever I go, I attract attention even if I'm sitting off in a corner somewhere. I know I sound a little bit cocky, but that's just how its always been. I won't lie, I usually love the attention, but if people aren't stroking my mane, I have no problem doing it by myself. The Leo in me likes to be cared for, but being stuck in a cage forever scares the hell out of me. Most of my relationships end within about 4months because its hard to tame a lion. I've been with this Pisces for the last 8months and he's relentless. He just won't give up =D Our signs don't really match because he's a very private person I live out loud. I roar and he swims quietly. I don't know if we'd be one of those rare cases where a water and fire sign work out, but I'm not foreseeing wedding bells anytime soon. My latest ex is an Aquarius and while we're EXACT opposites, something about us clicked. I don't know why. We know that we'd make excellent business partners though. I have the ability to win people over, and he has the personality to make them stay.

    Being a Leo, I would say, is really hard because we're very intriguing people, and usually very pretty. But we tend to be slightly "off" when it comes to life. We'd rather sleep, play, and eat rather than work. It makes us a little irresponsible at times. If our jobs involve us being in the spotlight, like running board meetings, or being on stage, then we're all for it. We don't generally like sitting in the crowd or being in the meeting. We like the attention and praise.

  • and just to add, I, too, have the lion look going on. My hair looks like a curled mane and one of my birthmarks is actually like a cowlick! The front part of my hair has stuck STRAIGHT up since i was born. I've met 5 other Leos with the same characteristic.

    I will be the first to protect and retalliate when someone is being wronged. I do not stand for injustice in the least. All of my friends call on me when they need someone to fight by their side because let's face it, I'm a lion and no one wants to eff with someone who has a lion by their side. I can have a fiery temper, but its usually under control. When it goes off ... watch out! I generally like peace because I don't like having to show the very strong side of my personality which is the abrasive side. I want to be loved not feared. I'd rather play than fight, but if I have to fight it would be bad for the other person. I don't like hurting people's feelings. Once I write someone off, they're written off for good. I can forgive, I just don't forget. If someone loses my trust and friendship, that says loads of their character.

  • They say leo's are loyal in relationships, so what happened to me. I'm a Gemini and was truly loyal with my leo man. He is married to a leo and had an affair on me with a Virgo while we were still having the affair. Also they say they are romantic. He was while we were alone, I guess. The sex was great, but when it came to talking to him about everyday things, it seemed like pulling out teeth. He is a Leo with Leo rising and his moon is in Capricorn. I guess all people are different.

  • It's so funny because this is a discussion forum, yet all we Leo's are doing is telling each other how wonderful we are, and we leave no room whatsoever for any feedback.

    Typical Leo's we are!


  • I am a Leo, Aries rising, moon in Sagittarius. Fire Fire Fire!!! lol. I grew up kinda psychic, but was feared and hated by even members of my family. At 3 and 4 years old I was called a spawn of satan. My father died when I was 2. I was always quiet until I was bored. Then I was hilarious and deep. I spend most of my childhood in foster homes and residential homes for neglect and abuse. At 15 years old i began having "visions" of a new world. I wrote my ideas down, and mailed them to the president on inauguration day, I didnt trust Bush with them so I waited, which he has already began implementing some of them, like the website that shows exactly where the bailout money is going. But his staff has assured me that he hasnt even read it because it was 20 pages long. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia because I hear voices, and have "delusions of grandeur", and have seen both "demons" and an angel, again, i believe that lack of training has taken my natural psychic ability and deluded and perverted it into abstract emissions of sorts. I now hide in my house and cling to my creativity and intelligence for fear of actually losing my sanity. I have maintained interest in astrology, which continues to tell me I have an important message for the world, and past life regression which tells me that my psychic ability comes from a past life as a Lakota medicine woman. Astrology to me is something like the metaphysical science of god. I copied the letter I wrote days before the inauguration speech and put it in my myspace blog under "The Way I See It" . I believe that Judas was in full knowledge of Christ and did as he told him to do, so that people in any day and age could see the ramifications of not heeding a message of peace, hence our current time line. You will either view me as crazy or intellectually oppressed. Either way I am attempting to fulfill my duty as a caring human being. Nothing more. I can be reached via my myspace. watch some of the videos posted to get a feeling for where I'm coming from.

  • Hey!!!! Leo Sun, Aries Moon with Libra rising here, with Mercury Rx, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the 10th house Cancer and the first time on a forum of any kind!

    Been a member for some time, just today decided to join a forum.

    'All things Leo', right up my alley, LOL! I have to say that as Leo's we sometimes

    get negative feedback from others for our...what's the word? EXHUBERANCE!!

    I like to think it's bringing light into otherwise dark places! O.K. my Leo mouth

    sometimes gets me in trouble, but it's almost always in response to someone

    being nasty for no reason. Oh! and about the hair, fairly thick and I like to dye it in

    warm reddish brown shades. About leadership, I'm currently a shift lead at my job, did't ask for it, was thrown into it, been that way for 3 years. About other leo's, I really don't know very many, I'm the only one left in my family, an uncle who past some time ago was a Leo, same birthday and left-handed like me (August 6). He was very funny, liked to joke and tell stories, we Leo's do have an interesting sense of humor, sometimes lost on others(a little raunchy in parts) or is that just me?

  • I am Leo on cusp of Cancer. I guess that means I can jump from one sign to the other depending on what is going on . lol. I am not that into the planets align-ing with Mars and all that, but I do check this horoscope each and every day, and am totally amazed at how more times than not it's as if it was custom written about my life. I guess I have all the traits. I am , as my Dad used to say " bullheaded" but that's just because I am always right. Aren't we tho? LOl. I have a quick wit, and everyone tells me to quit my day job. But I have three jobs, two day, one night so I guess in my next life. I sing in the choir, and when they have talent shows I am in them. Can't say as I crave attention, but I like it. I can find something funny in everything, and thank God because since life doesn't come with a manual, and it's hard to duck when it keeps tossing challenges at you, so if you can laugh despite the hard times, you are the better for it. I can laugh at things no one esle seems to find funny however, and I am sad for them. I love to laugh until I am crying, and when I get on a roll it's hard to stop. I am in a movie and I remember my sisters boyfriend had to sit a few rows up the seats were all full. In one scene I could not stop laughing , and that got him laughing and we were almost the only ones who could not quit I thought for sure we would get thrown out. My sister sat there, with a little snicker here and there and I was like,she shooo doesn't get it. Or maybe I just get it too much..

    I do like to coordinate everything from my outfits,( jewelry must also match of course- even my socks must match lol) People always comment on Ms co-ordinated. If you are going to dress up, you might at well look good or why bother.. I take it we Leo's don't do well with other Leo's in relationships. Is this because there aren't enough mirrors in the house or something? LOL.

    I read that somewhere. I have been married and divorced, and in a long term relationship that went no-where so I ended that and am now alone. Is it a Leo thing, or just the fact I don't want to expel the energy any more? I honestly do not mind being alone. Or are we our own best friends?? I know some people- other signs of course, that have to have someone no matter how miserable they are. What is up with that? I don't get it. If I am not happy with a person why be with them? I have a multitude of interests, guess I am in the artsy catagory.I write poems, have had some published, short stories printed in the paper and am constantly writing letters to the editor in the local paper.Maybe I am just to opinionated.LOL. If something strikes me I MUST get on my soapbox. I love to sketch things. Gardening is a passion of mine. I work in two animal hospitals and have my own pet sitting business so I guess I love animals a little.

    So does all this make me a leo, or a windbag of information? LOl. I think Leo is the best sign, because after all, lions are the 'king' of the jungle.

  • I am a leo rising and a leo northnode and I do feel I have a lot of leo in me. My sun sign is in libra and the libra side says analyze where as the leo side says just do it already. I think both parts are valuable. The scales plus the lion is kinda like the taming of the lion. Both signs love beauty and are creative so I enjoy my configuration.

  • Greetings,

    You really seem to know quite a bit about astrology! I am a Leo (12 house sun) with Leo rising, venus in virgo and Libra moon. I am introverted more or less (until you get to know me well). I'm a bit concerned about the 12th house sun bit???

    I'm very happily married to an Aries and we have a lovely Pisces son. I am an Interior designer...but lately have been painting and loving it. Design, is great...but I'm not great at the business side and don't really like to get out and market much. Becoming more of an introvert with age (-;

    Any insite into the Leo stuck in the 12th house?

  • What is a firebrand?

  • i have really tried to cover up my leo because i had met a lot of leos that disappointed me. i was completely focusing on the negative and not really embracing the majestic part of leo. the more i learned about leo and the other planets, i started to realize my self worth by focusing on all the positives of all my planets. I am now starting to become the person, healer, friend and spiritual guide that I want to be. becoming true to yourself will start you on your mission for life. the most important thing is to focus on the beautiful person you want to become. As long as you really want it, it will happen.

  • Aloha to all of you ~ I'm feeling soooooo good after scanning some posts. Is forthrightness a Leo trait? I have a lot of it and suffer greatly that it scares people away. I hunger for direct communication.

    I'm Leo rising @ 2 degrees - conjunct pluto on my horizon. It makes me feel like I'm from another planet. Fortunately, I have sun in gemini, moon, venus conjunct jupiter in cancer so I can lighten up and, since the cancer planets are in the 12th house, nurture myself in solitude. My mercury is retrograde @ 28 degrees taurus, conjunct my uranus @ five degrees gem so my writings/speeches and statements pack a wollop. I try to tone it down. With my pluto conjunct my Leo rising and my north node, my energy is so transformational that I sense, when someone comes into my life, that they're ready for some major change, either inner or outer and most people can't stay around for too long. That kind of energy seems to perform like a cosmic roter-rooter!

    I've been in several businesses that have to do with beauty and art. and studied acting for five years. I LOVED being on stage! Usually, I'm behind the scenes. Example: For years I worked in TV as a hairdressor on set and on location. I also worked as a makeup/hair artist for photographers in the ad business and also as a "Makeover" artist.Art galleries were my scene for awhile and I became a framer of other folks art.

    I am retired and am an artist/writer now. I paint, and carve and whatever I can do to express my creativity. I write childrens books ( none published yet) and hope to illustrate my own stories some day. I'm working on it.

    I am fiercly loyal and consider myself more a Leo than a gemini. I loved reading in one of your posts that Obama is a Leo! I see that in him but never wanted to spoil my adoration of him as a person and a leader by researching his signs. I think Clinton was also a Leo?

    With mars in aires, I never hesitate to initiate things but fortunately, I've come to learn that my Leo makes me so commited to anything I sign up for that I'd better make very sure I want to do it because I will follow through on it to the very best of my the end.

    My north node is in Leo in my first house and it's been a challenge to accept that my purpose is to love myself and to take care of my own needs before other's. I can easily become a rescuer and have saved several folks lives by becoming their caregiver. At this time, I'm directing that energy into manifesting my own dreams and fulfilling my own desires.

    I'm single and have been for 33 years. I don't socialise much as I have copper toxicity syndrome - heavy metals poisoning - and my sensitivities make it extremely difficult to be around others. I am an empath and clairvoyant and audiovoyant and become overloaded easily. Also, have multiple chemical sensitivities so if it smells anything but natural, I nearly die.

    One report I read stated that the lesson for copper toxicity syndrome sufferers is to learn to not live a lie. Try that in a world where everyone is trained to be "nice"!

    After hurricane Iniki destroyed the island of Kauai,I spent five years living in a tent in an iron-wood forest by the sea. I was healed from damage from chemicals that I sustained while living in a "normal, civilized world" after living in nature.. I've been back in civilization for over ten years now and my greatest challenge is to survive chemicals in the environment.

    My mars airies keeps me moving. I run short distance, hike, bike, and travel as much as possible within my restricted lifestyle. I feel cheated and was resentful that I never fullfilled my destiny to be in the lime light because of the chemical damage to my body/brain/ and the demoralization I've endured by becoming peniless, homeless and abandoned by all who knew me because I didn't know what was wrong with me. Since I was diagnosed by a medical medium last Nov, I've been able to heal my resentment and to begin to achieve more of my dreams. I am planning a major move - from Kauai to northern California near San Francisco by my birthday on June 5. Oh, there is that five energy, too - constantly researching, looking for new ways to do things and new information

    ."becoming true to yourself will start you on your mission for life. the most important thing is to focus on the beautiful person you want to become. As long as you really want it, it will happen." That's a quote from The Curious 1 on mar 25. I'm using it as comfort food for today.

    Thanks for listening - I'll come back and interact more another day. My ability to focus has been very limited by the heavy metals poisoning but love to hear your stories.

  • that's cool that your a scorpio with a leo moon.....I am a Leo with a pisces moon and also a leo rising, I really like scorpio because I have a hard time talking about my feelings I am getting better about it though. I just was not raised to talk about my feelings, it seems natural and important and scorpio I think are very protective of there emotions and there emotions are almost a social aproach seems and I live that about them. When I hang with scorpio i do not feel like a sissy talking about my feelings in fact scorpio's I know defend me without asking all the time. Anyways i think your cool

  • I am a leo with a strong leo infuence not that I am better I just have a unique influence I was born within a 7 day span when the sun was the closest to the sun. I am also a scorpio in uranus which means with my egocentricness, which is kind of like how the sun protects others planets and keeps them in the solar system well it's like that except as well other people's happiness makes me happy. Scorpio in Uranus means I like to be a dominant soul. So if my friends are not dominant I am not happy. When they are doing good I am doing good. Do not get me wrong I love myself to. It's just being a fire and a leo I have to control my aggressiveness like I do not want anything I have not earned. My pluto sign is Libra which means I try to aproach the world powerfully yet fairly cause I am a proud one.......I think I am a leo rising as know though leo scorpio whatever I think everyone is unique in their own example taurus do not love power.....I love power I also love doing things for myself which why I do not want anything I do not earn on my own it's just not fair otherwise because i am better then no one..........Anyways write or reply or whatever if you want.....later

  • Leo Rising & Ascendant in Leo and have my Sun and Moon in Cancer

    Leo Rising

    When you enter a room everyone notices. Leo Rising is like a spotlight that seems to follow you wherever you go. Fortunately, you're up to it since you tend to be outgoing, a natural performer who shines brightly when others are around. You tend to come across as confident and outgoing, which often puts you in a position of leadership. Keeping an upbeat appearance, though, can be tiring at times. When you're not feeling chipper you can still feel like you've got to be your usually enthusiastic self. It's as if you have to put on a show instead of showing your true feelings. So, if you're down a little, you might want to hide that from others or just avoid people entirely.

    Motto: "If you've got it, flaunt it."

    Greatest Strength: Your ability to light up a room

    Possible Weakness: Difficulty asking for help

  • Well hello fellow leos,

    I'm a lioness I believe that I'm on a cusp with cancer don't really know about the rest of the stuff. I tend to enjoy being alone because I had kids early and put all my life into them. I started off being married to a Virgo loved him until he did drugs, got remarried just because I felt I couldnt do better etc. I tend to find something wrong with men I'm involved with and get rid of them. I was also married to another Leo but he had trust issues, I seem to want to save or show people that life isn't as bad as it seems so I sacrifice myself my friends tell me not to do that. I don't like drama at all so I will leave a situation in a hot moment. Yes when I enter a room people do notice me I'm 5ft 8 weighing about 130 very slim. I have dreads that are auburn on the tips they came in that way lol. I've learned to control my temper and to stop trying to control things around me that was the hardest part of my life. As I've gotten older I've learned to mellow out I used to draw alot then with time I've stopped, now I'm after my degree in school I do procrastine I have that really, really bad. I love that I enjoy learning more about myself and now I can take critcism without eating the person lol. I'm very romantic and I love the water I can sit by the lake for hours and hours oops and I love to read also. My sister is a Leo my brother is Aquarius we love each other to death but sometimes we can't stand each other. I had a relationship with a Aquarius but he was a *oe lol (garden tool) and felt that I should swing with him ewwwwwww so much for my choices in men. But God he was handsome lol rofllllllllllll. Question: Does anyone feel like people drain the life out of them when they come to you with their issues?? Folks seem to want me to handle there lifes for them since I seem to have mine together I don't understand that. Also seems like I'm my friends and families back up plan for whatever they need. Ok shutting up now

    Have a great day

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