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  • "Bite the bullet and be heard!" That is great advice for me right now, thank you. I think I want to change my profile name to Lion at Large. I'll try in a minute. Any one ever read their Birthday profile in "The Secret Language of Birthdays" or a relationship profile in "[ditto] on Relationships"? those books are so on the mark, I am wildly impressed by them.

  • This is my first post. I am leo sun, libra moon, sagittarius rising and I really don't know how much i am affected by all three and realize there are many other potential influences. I do know that i have been on stage since a young child and am a natural performer of dance. Passion is my middle name and drama is a good friend of mine. I can also be imperious, arrogant, and self-centered and don't do well in relationships but of course that is not my problem, they just don't understand the Leo's need to have her flames fanned and her unremitting belief in freedom. However, I do believe in fidelity because I always want to come first and will respond in kind if treated well. If not, this lioness can roar at a volume that can be heard throughout the jungle.Enough of me. My favorite subject of course. Also, I get along well with Leo women but do not like Leo men. There is absolutely no chemistry for some reason.

  • Hi-

    I am a LEO (8/11) and I have a question??? How come I always hear that we lions are always so egotistical and it has to be all about us? I am so not like that. Actually, I am pretty much the opposite. If anthing, I am rather insecure, although you would never know it. I tend to make others happy before myself. I do, normally tend to be the center of attention, however most of the time it's not my doing. I am an extrovert with an outgoing personality. I believe that it what draws people towards me. Any thoughts?

  • Hello... I am a Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon with a Leo Rising and I LOVE it!! I feel that my Leo Rising is an extremely important part of who I am.. it gives me self confidence, plenty of pride, extreme self awareness/conciousness, a dramatic flair, a love of self expression, and FABULOUS hair. Oh, and I'm modest too.

    Without my Leo Rising I would perhaps be too shy to even speak. But with the Leo rising I just can't stand by without expressing myself in some way!

    I just can't stand to go unnoticed... I am rarely loud or showy, but I always make an entrance, so to speak. With Leo rising, the Sun is my ruling planet, and it is in Pisces in the 8th house. This gives me a Scorpio tint to my ego, and I like to appear "mysterious" to others. Thereby causing curiousity and drawing interest to myself.

    I am very attracted to Leos, but as friends only. Together we shop, go to the theatre, dye our hair, party, party, party, and are all together fabulous. I believe that in my experience, Leos are the most unconditionally generous sign of all.

  • My little brother is a Leo, July 23 with cancer cusp, Taurus moon and Virgo rising. My dad is a Leo moon, Taurus sun with Gemini cusp and Cancer rising, and my aunt on my mom's side is a Leo, with Capricorn moon and Virgo rising. I love them all dearly, and my aunt and I are close friends. Although my Dad is a typical Taurus in many ways, he has the ego and fun-loving qualities of a Leo. My brother is always getting his way and loving every minute of it, but he is also affectionate and fun. And my aunt is the best when it comes to giving smart advice.

    I also have a good friend who is a Leo moon, with Aquarius sun and Scorpio rising. She is very passionate about what she believes in, and as a friend she is loyal but a bit out there, like an Aquarius. Her Leo side shows in her creativity, fun-loving attitude and a presence that demands attention in a positive way.

  • I was born with my sun in Leo, although on the cusp with Cancer. My rising sign is in Aquarius and my moon is in Sagittarius. I am a great friend and family member. If you hurt me, i will forgive you, but, never forget it. so, i;ll be walking on eggshells with you if it was a serious hurt. And, it doesn't matter how much i love you. I'm creative, and spent my life in the teaching profession. I retired when they took the creative part out of the equation. I passionately love the movies and talking on the phone. I'm great with kids.

  • helo i'm libra sun with moon in leo, and i'm a true romanticer and often tend to live in my own world, and make thing more dramatic uff sometimes this is a blessing and other times a curse,

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Cricket47 and welcome to this forum! Are you a Leo Sun? I also love to read and write poems or anything when I need to express myself. It's hard to be modest for a creative and talented person like you...LOL! Being lazy and sarcastic can be a pain for others, but just comes naturally for LEO's who has a strong need to be pampered and catered to more often than not, and would surely lash out if not given the preferential treatment befitting the KING! Rejoice, for you're in good company with the royalty,,,soak it up but remain level-headed if it's possible at all....hahaha!

  • I am a double leo and pisces is my moon sign. I day dream too much lol. Very honest, not cocky so to speak, I hate liars and I expect Everyone to treat others fairly. Lends a hand to whom ever needs it, but very guarded about my emotions. I worry about my hair a lot ( its a leo thing) love natue, art, ppoetry, and spending time alone. Oh and LOVE reading and learning new things. I tend to question everything traditional.

  • Greetings all:

    I must say that I've really enjoyed reading all of these posts and feel they provide a much more accurate composite of a leo than what I'm used to reading.

    I'm a Leo w/Sag rising and Sag moon. Both professionally and personally, I'm involved in the visual arts. I do NOT like to have the spot light to myself, nor do I shun from it. My preference is, and has always been to share it equally with others. I think it's tons more fun that way. I need my space but like closeness in a relationship equally. My ego is healthy but I don't think it's overwhelming in any way, nor might I add is that ever the case with female leo's I know. The men of this sign seem to be so different. I know that can be true of all signs but I find it to be particularly so w/Leo's.

    Intuition guides my life in EVERY way. I have finally hit a time in my life when I listen to 'it' above all others.

    I think the reason I felt so compelled to respond to this is because in so many forums I think Leo's are improperly represented. Case in point is the issue of ego. Personally, I find Scorpios, both the men and women and Aries to be the egoist of the zodiac and yet that is neve mentioned for either sun sign.

    Thanks for the forum and thanks for all the great posts. Well appreciated.

  • I happy to hear another Leo puzzled like I am about the Leo horoscopes that always say we're egotistical & the center of attention because I am nothing like that either. I am 55 yrs old now, born Aug. 6, & even in my most out-going years I was never egotistical. I have always been worried about the health & happiness of my parents, my daughter, & my husband. So, redleo73, what do you think it is? Are we in denial or are there 2 different kinds of leos?

  • Hi All! You know we can't stay away from a thread dedicated to us now, can we? lol I think you're right, honeylion, I think there are two kinds of Leo's. I think we all need our 'place in the sun' sometimes, and that can be anywhere from work, to social situations, or for some of us, all the time. But I think there are more that are like you and I; I'm the same way. I almost always prefer to NOT be the center of attention, but if my contributions are valued, I'm totally happy with that. Also, propping other people up gives me a sense of self-satisfaction too. If I can help them, it makes me feel like I've done my job right, which feeds the ego too. it is nice to be appreciated (worshipped some say) but I don't like to be doted on, I'd rather show you I can do it myself and then tell me how good I am at it. lol

    I love this sign, it is so interesting to me. I have two very close friends that are lifelong friends, and also Leo's (they are twins). My Grandmother is also a Leo, and these are possibly the three people in my life that I can relate to the most.

    Great thread!

  • Hello, I'm new here & Joyce77, don't worry, you're not the only confused Leo here!!! I'm a Aug 6 Leo & I've never had my chart done, so I don't have the slightest idea what my rising signs are. All I know is, I am a friendly, quiet, humanitarian,passionate, caring, sensitive person. I do constantly feel I'm living on an alien planet because its hard for me to find someone I can communicate with. Its amazing how hard it is to find open-minded people I can verbally talk to!!! I am fascinated with spirituality; particularly reincarnation, angels, spirit-guides, dejavu, prophetic dreams, etc. Anyone else on here having this problem?

  • Sup? I'm a Leo. And i'm damn proud!! Throughout my entire life, the Leo has shined through me, and everyone can see it. 3 years in a row, I have made the Junior Allstate Choir, (Ranking 10th, 3rd, and now 1st this year) I have been in a play that me and four others wrote ourselves, I am currently creating a LARPing group, and to tell the truth, I make everything in my life Dramatic (Lol, sure that doesn't help on some occasions...). My favorite element has always been Fire, not only because of my fiery passion for everything I do, but most likely also because in a past life, I was a Phoenix.

    Honeylion, I believe I have the same problem with the chart. XD I have had my cosmic profile done on here, and I believe it said that my rising moon sign is Cancer...but anything else i'm not sure of...Lol. And you know Honeylion, I seem to be a lot like you now that I read your post. You're right, it is tough to find an open-minded person to talk to. I'm Wiccan, so I don't know if the reincarnation, deja vu and such leads to that lol but you know, if you wanna talk, i'm always here!

    Well, that's my story!


  • I feel the same exact way Honeylion and BurningHeart. It is really hard to find a good person to talk to, and I often end up talking to other leos and aries.... Most people either don't like talking at all, are easily distracted, or start using childish insults in the middle of any attempts at a mature adult conversation....

    My sun sign is Leo, my rising is Virgo, and my Moon is Aquarius. I greatly enjoy chatting with others, but usually end up insulted and upset, and disgusted with people. Talking with Saggitarius Mercury sign people is great fun , because I love to learn and most people are to narrow-minded or close-lipped to talk about politics or religions (the number 1 and 2 topics you never discuss without bringing out the slanderers).

  • Redleo , Insecurity and generosity are part of the sign. Others don't seem to notice it, but leos do love to give, we shower others in affection, which we may not receive in return, we give our time and our money, we put on grand parties and are the stars of the show so that others can be happy! Leos, aren't always outgoing and extravagant, aren't always secure and confident, but the potential is there, the kindness and compassion is always there. Most of all, many leos who are publicly extravagant are still insecure on the inside, they just hide it with leonine sunshine and false cheer! As they say, if you pretend long enough , you may just become the very being you were once pretending to be...

  • Hiya all you lovely lions out there!

    Any tips on raising a Lion cub ( Aug 19, 2004 19:32 Eastern DST ) ? He really is ( shh... don't tell my Aries husband...) the love of my life. I just find him so funny and sunny and adorable. I fear I many be spoiling him rotten!

    Well, seriously- anything I really need to know?!


  • My best friend is a Leo.We met in middle high school.We weren't talking so much,'cause there were rumours about me from a previous ''friend''...But on high school it was different;We grew a very strong bond,he's my buddy!!! I can tell EVERYTHING to him,he advises me,he makes me laugh,we like the same things and we have the same humour,we're at the same wave-length...What else I can say,he's my SOUL MATE.I just CAN'T imagine my life without him!!! Not only I love him,I ADORE HIM!!! He's my sunshine,he's my everything!!! He means soo much to me!!! I have told him a zillion times that I adore him,I send him songs in FB, it's like a magical thing how great we communicate!!!! And I receive the same love from him as well....He's my treasure!!! Yes MY TREASURE!!!! Our SMS are like this:'' How are you my treasure??'' Him:''I'm fine my treasure!!!'' We're bestest friends around 10 years...He's whatever I could wish to have in my life!!! I thank God everyday that I have met him!!! Some of my friends(or even new people that I meet and talk with them)say that I might have a romantic interest in him...NOOOOOO!!!!! Who said that a man and a woman can't be BEST FRIENDS??? He's the best example!!! I adore him to the extremes!!! :)) LEO ROCKSS!!!!!!!!

  • Hello my fellow leos,

    You will notice I put the Pisces symbol as my avatar. That is because I'm a Leo with Pisces rising and moon in Aquarius. It should be no surprise I'm a scientist, mathematician and musician all rolled into one. I'm lately mostly the musician. I have always believed that I am living proof that water and fire can mix and do, here I am! I'm the leader in my band of course. I am not typical Leo though. I think and analyze quite a lot. I also have salt and pepper hair and big brown eyes. I do however possess the leadership trait and the enjoyment of all things consumed-food, drink, music. Raising leo children can be a handful but since I had 5 children some sage advice is to channel that childlike imagination and energy. The child born on 8/8/85 which is close to my own birthday 8/8/54 should definitely be given challenging things to do. Leos get bored if things become too easy. And don't let them think their way is the only way. Break them of that bad habit at an early age. My kids are Aquarius, Pisces, and Sagittarius and my oldest son's signs are exactly opposite of my own. Leos are just different. I'm definitely that. Don't dress, talk or act like my perfectionist Libra Capricorn rising husband for now. I feel more Pisces than Leo. But my temperment is definitely Leo. I think all the signs rock but Leos really know how to rock it! Peace!

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