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  • Hey Honeylion,

    I so empathize with you. Its like people have lost the art of conversation. Especially mature adult conversation. I'm vinnigirl. My leo and pisces shine in my music. I can play a guitar and have for many years. I'm not into drama; only on the stage at times. But I will give this invitation to all; I will check on here at least every other day so if there is anything and I do mean anything you want to talk about. Talk to me; subject matter is completely open. I am a retired nurse and an unrelenting hippie, so let's talk!

  • Burningheart,

    Glad to meet a fellow Wiccan. Not too many of us really. See what I mean about being different. As for the rest of it, my friends describe me as extroverted, outgoing, fearless, original, unique which I take in a postitive way. Try surrounding yourselves with positive things and people. And then you will find your entire perception changing. Trust me it works. Have a wonderful weekend. I wish you a rising sun.

  • moon is actually in Sagittarius sorry my birth time was wrong on the stats here lol!

  • Yes... as a Double Leo (moon in sag ) I find myself wanting to 'burst' out some pent-up energy. Had to adjust that bicycle seat, grease the chain with tephlon fluid. (( What upsets me, is the lack on control --- watching my significant other suffer from Vicodin, and his typical Aries Personality turn into that character of overcooked pasta, known as 'gluc'... and I realize that there's not much that can be done to help him get better.))

  • hey honey lion: m olso facing sm problem as u..i only knw dat m a leo as my birth date z 28 july... so cany nyone pls let me knw hw to find my rising moon or so??

    m a leo nd m nt dat agressive most f tm but ven i m ... m relly agressive... n don knw y dis ego comes? someone says m possesive but i don knw y?? it really hurtz me ven i c her toking to smone else...m caring nd lyks to help frnds.. easily forgives ppl who betaryed me... nd i get disturbd on seeing poverty around us..

  • Hello fellow LEOS - I'm wondering if any of you know what it means to be 'born with a caul'? I happen to have been born with one. It's a membrane that covers the baby at birth and it's supposed to bring vast amounts of LUCK to this person.

    I'm wondering if anyone else out there was 'born with a caul' and if so, how has LUCK played a part in you life?

    With love to all,

    Sista Schizzle

  • I seem to remember hearing that children born with a caul were supposed to be gifted with insight. I could be wrong, so maybe someone else here would know for sure?

    I am a Leo/Virgo cusp. Since I carry traits from both signs, one of the fun things I've had to do in my life was to figure out which parts of me were from what sign, lol. I've learned that like a Leo, I have warmth, charm, pride, sensitivity, am hopelessly romantic, have a strong courageous heart, am giving and have been called "regal" in stature. I also get my feelings hurt very easily, will withdraw and be distant, and whenever life gets tough, I have a knack for always managing to land on my feet. Fire is also my favorite element, whether sitting by a campfire or fireplace, or running into a burning building.

  • Hi all you fun loving Leo's 🙂

    I am Sun sign Leo with Capricorn rising. Oh boy can that be a problem! I often appear sensible, responsible and a little dour. In fact stranger often tell me to 'cheer up!' lol Admittedly I am often reserved when meeting people for the first time. When I was young I wouldn't get involved with pranks as I felt it would reflect badly (Leo pride mixed up with a sensible Capricorn). Now I am older my pride has slipped somewhat so am more open.

    Inside I am full of fun and people that know me recognise my fun loving side.

    As for my feelings... well I have a Scorpio Moon, so my feelings are non of your business! lol

  • Hi all,

    Not been on here for ages and cant remember how this all works and not sure if Im posting in correct place but looking for advice on Leo male, who is my daughters father. I'M cancarian and my daughter is pisces. Is almost 2 years now since my daughters dad was left with serious brain damage and unable to do anything for himself. In the last few months he has only just started speaking again and has made remarkable progress, allthough he still has a long way to go. allthough our relationship in the past has been rocky we have allways remained good friends and I'm hoping and praying he will be well enough soon to return home.

    My daugter and I have always believed he will recover despite what the doctors and everyone else were saying. I had a dream that he was speaking to me a few weeks before he was able to speak. Last night I had a dream that he could walk and we were dancing so hoping this will happen soon and Im not just going mad lol Just wondering if there is anything in his astrology that will help with his recovery?



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