What drws you to the Psychic and paranormal and Metaphysical world

  • Hi all,

    I am just curious as to what draws you to this interest? I am sure we all have had some kind of experiance with these topics. Is that what draws you in too it? Is it just the fun in it? the magic in it? the belief in it? I do not really know why I am interested. I just know that I am interested and that I do believe there are people out there with a true gift of Psychic ability . I too have had experiances but with that I do not think I am psychic and that is not why I think I am interested. I just take the experiances as something natural and a way of life. I just find it fascinating.

    So tell me please what draws you too it?

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Me too and always have, one day you will know why. I think we are drawn because there is a "knowing" that there is more to our world than what we see, there is more to everything than what we were taught and we search for Truth. 🙂

  • Hi Poetic555, That is true yes a "knowing" that there is more to our world and to us. Good one thank you for replying. love the dragon fly by the way. Thanks



  • 🙂

  • Everyone has "knowing" in some form or another. Some try desperately to cover it up, to ignore it, to explain it away. If it does not go away, they blame it on the devil/darkness when it scares them, on angels/God when it comforts them and their ego/subconscious/coincidence when it is just weird.

    Why is it, that just accepting is so hard?

    Everything must have some kind of explaination.

    I get into the same sceanrio, just laid out above and yet I also search for an answer as well.

    Why is it, that I "know"? How can it be?

    I'm drawn to it because I want to know why I know.


  • Yes some do try deperately to cover up their sixth sense or physhic ability. I agree fear is a big part of that and they do not want to know. Then you have those that are so desperate to know and try to find the answer to the who what why and how. That they seek out someone who has the ability.

    I think that it is a gift that has been given to those that have it. I do not feel that it is from the dark one. Even though that some of us have been taught that it is. I think that we all could have it in us to use the intuition and I also think that it really lays dorment as we only use what 10% of our brains and some use more of a percentage those might be the ones that have the gift or ability.

    Maybe it is the gift of wisdom, the gift of being able to see beyond the surface of something and being able to look deeper in the to matter or to see what an out come might be if one chooses the path that they are thinking of walking down.

    I find it all fascinating. I believe in life after death. I believe that if a loved one who passed on wanted to contact us that they could. I do not think that one would always need a medium to contact them.

    I believe that the body dies but the soul spirit lives on. Love for someone never dies even after death. Maybe that is why I am really drawn to the interest in this subject.

    I also like magic and I am drawn to that too. Modern day magicians David Blane. David Copperfield and others. Now that is slight of hand but it is interesting.

    Thank you Ibelieve for your thoughts and comments they are very much appriciated. thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Hi TQOW,

    Im just so fascinated about the afterlife would love to make contact with the dead as in actually seeing an apparition of someone i know whos crossed over so i would know for sure that its not my mind playing tricks on me .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Loap, on that note, it could be a smell, a song on the radio that they loved or a connection to them. A dream about them. Something that would remind you of them. I think that is their way of letting us know they are still connected to us.

    I have a friend of mine that swears she saw a man that she did not know come up to her house and disappear as he got to the door. Several years later she was having her home remodeled and the carpenters brought her a picture that they found in a wall that they were removing. When she looked at the picture it was the picture of the man she saw come down her walk and up to her door and disappears. She has not seen him since.

    This is one reason why it fascinates me. My thread about my question is hard to answer. I think most do not know why they are drawn to it they just know they are. Maybe some are drawn to it to help others and give a perspective on a situation that someone needs help with. Maybe some have always been the one to help heal the emotional wounds. I think sensitivity is a big part of it. I think it is being sensitive to the universe and our surrounding that might gravitate us to the Psychic and paranormal and Metaphysical world.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • I agree with Poetic:It's a "knowing" that there is more than is physically apparent. I've always been curious because I had experiences as a child that makes me think I have/had a gift. I did, at the behest of my maternal grandmother, stifle it because she told me that people wold think I was crazy.

    I really have no idea what drew me to this site, I can't really remember how I found it either, I just felt the need to be in here. I feel connected to this place and the people in it.....

  • I am interested in these things because my mother and father are. My mom and I have always watched shows about the paranomal and supernatural. We love watching shows about Psychics and whatnot. My grandmother was a very spiritual woman and has seen a lot of odd things. My mom has seen an exorcism once.

    I find it very cool that someone can be a Psychic. I would like to meet a Psychic one day. It would be nice to be around someone who has such a great gift. I don't think that I am Psychic but I have pretty good intuition.

    My dad is more interested in the Metaphysical world. It's pretty interesting.

    I, myself, am interested anything that is unexplainable. I guess it's pure curiosity. I like Numerology and Tarot. I also like Palm Readings. There's something know more about yourself and the world around you that's really intriguing.

  • Sunshine and ReeseyReese,

    That is awesome. Your answers is a confirmation to me. That it is something that we have been taught or that we have picked up from our parents or our grandparents and it is a way life and a natural thing. I too had it in my family my mother and my grandfarther. My mom did reading lots of times and then I started in my teens. I think I too have pretty good intuition. I think I get it from my Mother.

    I once went to a reader and she told me if I do not use it I will lose it. She told me that I had a good sense of intuition and use it to further myself and become more advanced. That was a long time ago now. Thank you for your answers.

    Your friend in tarot


  • I will be honest, TheQueenofWands, I really am not sure what my gift is. It seems to be channeling, but I am pretty sporadic with it. It doesn't have any rhyme or reason, it just seems to happen when I don't expect it to. working with it the best I can. Trying to learn how to use my talents for the better good.

  • Queenofwands ,

    Great topic hun , I love topics like these !

    I totally agree , the paranormal world is fascinating !..

    thats how it began for me , started as pretty much a very Big Curiousity !

    I always had a curious eye for life beyond reality , [which is what I sum it up as]

    and I think everyone has something that they whole-heartly believe in.. for some

    Christianty just to name a famous believe . It happend young for me , before I had even become

    intellectually evolved ,so I didn't know that speaking about psychics or the paranormal

    publicly was like a Danger Zone... once I formed my personal believe I realized that I had NO evidence to back up my Believe so I began studying different forms of the Psychic Roots which only made me More and More curious 🙂 one day I ran across a Tarot reading store while out of town in the Mall and they had books and stuff , I walked right up to the book shelf and picked up Not the most attractive book cover but something led me to it "curiousity" ! and the first page said you didn't pick this book up by accident or chance you were chosen. I read the book & the book was about communicating with the Universe 🙂 and In the book it said if you don't believe that the Universe

    works also with the Seen and Unseen make a Request from the Universe, my request was that my Spirit Guides send me a Affirmation that they are with me , as A sign of a Lady Bug "I love LadyBugs" within a Week ! so days later , the usual Daily routine school then WORK. oddly this day I was picked up from school by my boss Friend , who I really didn't like at the time very much... so to speak in short, since she was one of the people who thought I was crazy for my Believe in the Paranormal, I used to study the book I had bought at work and sometimes did Readings so Anyways she picks me up , as Im in her car we don't speak for long but as I look up .... she has a LADY BUG keychain with at least 15 ladybugs around the keychain in her mirror of the car . the Universe reflected back to Me.. we all work TOGETHER in spirit to accomplish the mission , you never know who will be your helper , or who delievers your Blessing , although she didn't believe in the Unseen forces, the Universe used her to Deliver my Universal Sign that my Spirit Guides were with me and from the day on.. The universe gave me evidence that the Unseen is Real . and from there on I began to Tap into my Intutive Gifts and Utilizing them More and after while it was no longer Fascinating, It was Real..sometimes the spirit puts things on your heart to just help a person thats down , because I was able to tap into my intuition I could feel for that person and all the times its not GREAT but it feels good to be able to translate my intutive advice to give guidance . Its truly become a Second Nature.

  • Addictoriches, Thank you for posting. I love what you said. Sorry it took me a while to get back here. For me the site is not showing correctly. I can not see what I am typing Plus the page is really messed up. Sunshine Channeling awesome. I find that so interesting. I hope you can read this post.

  • Ive learned by joining this site,

    I believe we are all just seekers, seekers of the truth, of the unknown, the possibilities. We are lucky that we are all obviously open to express the desire to reach out to one another regardless of our experiences. We are at the beginning , in the middle or on the threshold of knowng, knowing who we really are. We are here for the same reason, to understand OURSELVES, to question & learn, to give & to share respectively, respectfully & hopefully with patience & love. Without curiosity we wouldnt have this forum as a vehicle to reach out to one another. Remember patience & love to all.


  • Very good point Ms Sunshine. As for me I canme here to learn or relearn somethings I have learned before. Thank you for posting.


  • things like this is what catches my attention took thi spic on friday 13

  • Good I found some like minds..I was told years ago by a Prophet that I had the gift of descernment which helped me get over the fear that I knew and felt things that others did not.

    I have been told I was wierd,crazy, ugabooga etc.. My boys were cool with it but my girls thought it was demonic.

    I started doing a study or what ever you would call it with The Intenders Bridge and The Intenders Circle..they are on face book and it is truly wonderful it as taught me to find myself and manifest all of my needs..of course these needs are normal everyday needs not Jewels and Castles and riches,,these are the needs that teach how to use your gifts for the Highest Good for all of the Universe.

    I am an Aquaruian thus I am a Maverick...do not fence me in so I am a wanderer..how can you see the world if you life in one place all of the time

    I can think about something and ...there it is ..so I do have to be careful how I think..it is wonderful..wish I had done it sooner but what the heck I am doing it now so I am happy..It is like Magic..want it to happen,,expect it to happen..and it will happen.

    Thanks for being here I will return!!! I intend Peace,Love and Prosperity for the Highest Good of all..so be it..so it is!!!

  • Hi Crazylady,

    thank you for posting.I know exactly what you mean. I too have had the power of thought. From as simple as thinking about a tv show to a warning or negitive thought. The latter I push out of my mind. Wishes yes I have had that as well something I thought about and wished for had and has come true. I have read on here that we are not alone in the power of thought. The power of thought is very powerful and one must be very careful as to what they think about and what they wish for.

    Siriuslupine thank you too for posting. I am not sure as to what you are talking about so I cannot reply to your comment. Put thanks again.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Thank you for your answe ...She's Backkkkk! lol

    I did not mean wishes so much as needs..I may think I need to get a new toaster, for example..and i have learned not to run out and get aa new toaster to just wait and somehow what I am supposed to have will show up in a unusual way..I may even have forgotten I needed one.

    As far as people who have passed over..My farther passed over in 1961 and he still visits me and advises me ( we were very close)..In 1997 my oldest son passed over,,he was my guiding light when he was here and he still visits me..sometimes I will hear his voice sometimes it is a song..he was a musician...sometimes it is a teasing thing like turning my hall light off and on and scaring my guests..most of them are used to it by now..they will often say" o' Bruce is here"

    I have been told that people on the other side want to connect with us but we have to ask them so because I like it..I leave the door open all of the time for the positive people not the negative ones..One of my son's friends he comes to him a lot too and if he makes mistakes he says"Bruce laughs right out loud'

    How I do go on..I hope I can come back and be with ya'll always!! Thanks for being here.

    I intend Peace,Love and Prosperity for the Highest Good for all..so be it..so it is !!! ;))

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