Please help connect the signs: #s, Birds & other strange stuff!

  • Captain, BLmoon, PisceanHealer, Living On A Prayer, Shauby, MissBethAngels, MyJourney, RCdreamer, Markie, & anyone willing to jump in on this. Please excuse me if I've left anyone out who's responded to any of my post in the past.

    To All, STRANGE stuff going on & I'm getting SIGNS FROM EVERYWHERE & it’s really starting to freak me out a little & I’m trying to keep fear away from my thoughts on this I’m keeping an open mind & open heart . I am very blessed & grateful for everything in my life including what I’ve experienced here & I'm hoping the universe is trying to tell me I'm headed in the right direction but I have NEVER been so bombarded by signs in my life. I’ve had the birds, numbers & other stuff in separate threads; however, I felt it was time to bring them all together in one thread.

    BIRDS: I was bombarded by birds so I asked about this PisceanHealer gave some great insight-thanks PH. I saw more birds yesterday so I posted an update.

    NUMBERS: NOW I'M SEEING REPEATING NUMBERS EVERYWHERE! For years I've seen 333s sometimes more often than others but this is the only reoccurring numbers I've seen. Tuesday night I woke up from a deep sleep & its was 4:44 & very bright, like I was supposed to look at the clock - Markie808 gave me some information on his Numbers thread-thanks Markie. Wednesday I went to bed early & rolled over to look at the clock, it was 11:11, again very bright. Last night my husband went to bed before me & always leaves the bathroom light on but it was off & the room was pitch black except 3 bright 11:11, the cable box & 2 alarm clocks. It really startled me because my husband keeps both watches & all his clocks 10 minutes fast & his alarm clock is NEVER in synch w/ mine.

    UPDATE ON SON & THE OTHER BOY: I recently wrote Update #2 about my son & I have 2 new updates there, 1 is about his shoulder & the other about something weird that happened regarding the boy that pushed him down the stairs years ago. Please read what I posted on 6/7 & you'll understand how powerful things have been. I think this has something to do with all this but I'm not sure. I am praying for the other boy.

    What does the universe want me to know? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated or if ya’ll need to tell me to shut up and enjoy them & be grateful, I’m good with that too.

    Thanks to the info I’ve been given to date & thanks in advance for your time.

    Love & Blessings, Tracie

  • One thing I will say is not too look too hard. If something doesn't resonate with you then it's not for you. And don't worry about missing something important; the Universe has a way of repeating the important stuff until we do get it. Miss Beth will agree with me here 🙂

    If you're going in the wrong direction you will feel blocked, frustrated, confused, but not afraid. If fear isn't warning us of impending danger, then it is the fear of the unknown. Which is usually something new, a change and not something you really need to be afraid of.

    Ask yourself; do I feel safe in my present surroundings? If so, then think of Black Panther and embrace the unknown. That's where your answers will be.

  • Fear of the unknown is hard for a control freak like me so I can see where this is coming from ding ding ding! I am working on letting go of this type of thinking but it's not easy, especially when you've had things happen in the past that weren't so pleasant.

    I think quite a bit of this is all about my house & getting past my irritation & getting things fixed because whenever I see a pigeon I always think "Homing Pigeon" hence the situation with my home. The numbers are a little freaky but if you look at Doreen Virtues stuff it's all good.

    I will move away from the fear & think of the Black Panther - Thanks again Marc!

  • This post is deleted!

  • KOOKISH--DROP THE FEAR! Blessings blessings blessings! I too have been recieving 11 11 signs. So much I looked it up--the info is out there online. I did read your update posts and was not surprised as I felt my reading for you was unfolding as seen. AND as for the boy being huniliated--not making team--SO WRONG! Celebrate his freedom! I remember predicting that event as well--the day of reckoning for mom when her delussional castle made of sand would crumble. And did we not all say a prayer for him to Saint Micheal to help release him from that bondage his mother had over him? Not making the team was a gift! No, it is not yet smooth sailing for him yet but he's being guided and protected. Your mother was telling you--straight from the angels mouth---open your eyes--shift your concern--there has been a healing--let the past hurt go as it is leaving reality. I also saw your son's physical ailments as the last vessel holding on to that pain. You are in over protect mode (I do that!) you are a warrior--protector and you fear most that something will be missed "on your watch"--you take on too much responsability. Expect blessings--expect miracles----expect everything to be fine and give yourself room to not be on perpetual watch. Do not gather guilt or regret as the universe is shifting for many right now---think harvest---resolve and healing. Spirit says still your mind--trust more in others help. When you drive away---do not obssess---is the door locked---the oven off---the water off--the candle still burning? OH my--I just must go back and check! This is the year to let go of the watch---just enough to be your own destinany outside of mother and wife---it is time to put forward energy towards your purpose--your dream beyound family

    step outside the family unit "on your own" it will help your son as he transitions toward college--adulthood. Check out your local college for classes---and just begin to begin and accept the indesicion of where it is all leading to as your "nitch" will surprise you and take many twists and turns. BLESSINGS!

  • BLmoon,

    Words escape me, which doesn't happen often. Once again I'm reminded to let go of my fear, I've been working on this but apparently I still need to keep moving forward on this & focusing on me & my purpose. I continue to pray for the boy & I thank everyone for prayers as well.

    God bless you & thank you again for you kindness & time.

    Love & blessings, Tracie

  • PH

    Thanks for the info, you'll hear from me tomorrow, I'm headed out of town.

  • Kookish, relax, the Universe is not suddenly bombarding you with signs and messages. It has always been sending you these signs of reassurance that they are active in your life - you have just never been aware of them until now. Rejoice, because it is a sign that you are losing your fears and opening up your awareness. The Universe becomes open to us once we put aside our preoccupation with our own affairs and start to become more aware of what is going on around us in the wider world. There is no particular message here that you must act on - these things are just comforting messages that you are surrounded and protected by angels guides and everything that is good and powerful, and that you are making great progress in your evolution.

  • Captain,

    Thank you so much for this message. Once you get blindsided by a few things you say to the universe "why me, why us, why do these things happen, I will be more vigilant from now on!" but all you've really done is surround youself w/ negative vibes which ATTRACT the bad. It takes alot to realize how you got to this point & it takes even more work to break this bad & dangerous habbit. I really have been working on this & obviously there's more "letting go" to do because when the universe was giving me "signs of reassurance" I still looked at it as a potential warning.

    Thanks again for your insight & time, I will continue with my evolution.

    Love & Blessings Tracie

  • Hi Kookish, tried to post, hit submit, and it took me to a news article. I'll try again. I see the date 11:11 at times also. You said that you'd seen # combinations before. What was the significance at the time. Are the birds visiting. I see birds as messengers. Most of the time birds have been messengers of news (for me.) For example, if someone gets sick I'll see owls. It seems like it's an indicator of an event to come. May not pertain solely to you. Might be on a broader scale. I don't know where your personal abilities and gifts are. When this event happens or this time period, I think you'll be better aware of what the signs mean. This is your sign to figure out or be manifested.

  • Daliolite,

    Thanks for the info. I have no "spiritual" abilities or gifts but I believe in it & I always get "signs" so I keep an eye out for things. I've always been told birds are messengers and to "keep your eyes open" when they seem to be coming at you then when the #s started I knew it was something.

    I've received lots of help in understanding that the messages are BLESSINGS & not to worry so much. I've become really good at looking in the shadows due to things that have happened in the past & it's a hard habit to rid oneself of but I'm really working on it.

    Thanks so much for adding to the insight for me.

    Love & Blessings from Texas

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