Anyone willing to give a general reading?

  • Hi all :0) I've had lots of transitions over the past year. I've grown a lot and it's good. I'm wondering if anyone is willing to do a general reading for me. I'm wondering about relationships, job, and school. Hugs! AND, thanks in advance. :0)

  • Hi, Look for a reading either tonight or in the am. Be back.

  • Hi, The Outcome that you're seeking will not change until you realize your abilities and have faith in yourself. Be at peace. Are you involved w/wrong person. Your past shows that you've suffered a major loss--lots of tears. Might have been a time of choosing. Acceptance of loss. Your near past shows a financial recovery time. Your Present situation shows that you have triumphed in a battle/stand strong against challenges. You are up for the challenge but need to be disciplined for this challenge/one last struggle. Cards are saying that this is a major decision period time in your life (Present). Your actions determine your future. You are ambitious and there's nothing wrong w/that. You may move. Present circumstances point to a possible move. Are you an emotional person. You seek Justice. I get the sense that you're ok but may be influenced by wrong people. Your environment will nurture you in your future. Your reading is saying to avoid the wrong people/person as this could be a major downfall for you.

  • Thanks :0) I just came out of a really emotional divorce. Got married very very young (17) when I was pregnant, he left for medical school 13 years later and we fell apart...ultimately divorced after we'd been separated for 3 years. I actually don't have anyone in my life right now but just cut someone out that I'd been with for about a year...he was awful for me. It wasn't serious at all but being with him was a few huge lessons wrapped into one person.

    I"m in school for psych and done with my BS in December. I"m looking in to PsyD programs right now. I work on a military base doing retail selling tactical gear for a startup company that will grow leaps and bounds. I'm excited to be on this ride with them. By the fall this store I work at will be mine to run and that's super cool! I'm excited!

    for now I just continue to focus on me - and school :0) I'm at a crossroads with my studies too. I can't decide which facet of psych to study...

    I look forward to meeting new people and just being social. I know I'm going to meet someone strong and kind and caring in time. I"ll be honest, I'm really looking forward to that.

    Thank you so much for taking time to help :0) I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

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