• Hi Brother Tooter thanks for the link πŸ™‚ and yes you are correct

    I just couldn't resist these pictures lol.

    Blame it on the sisters BONG...

  • Wow! Sooooo emotional, this topic πŸ™‚

    Here are a few examples of what the authors have listed with regard to copyright of their internet articles:

    Copyright Β© Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others. (website listed here - removed for purposes of this site).<<

    an example of permission freely granted.

    CopyrightΒ© 2008-2011 Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission/article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), link is provided to author(s) website and that the information is distributed freely. (website link removed for purposes of this site).<<

    an example of permission granted with the caveat that the author's website be included which cannot be done on this website.

    Life Makeover for the Year 2011(sm) is written and produced by Cheryl Richardson.Β© Copyright 1999-2009 Cheryl Richardson, P.O. Box 13, Newburyport, MA 01950, (website removed for purposes of this site). All rights reserved.<<

    Eckhart Tolle . All rights reserved. (website removed for purposes of this site).<<

    Examples that permission must be requested from the author "All rights reserved."

    The question of liability is "sticky" in cases of websites and web providers which is why it is prudent for a web site/provider to lean on the side of caution. Yes, this forum is not a "business", but it is part of a website that is a for-profit business which makes it part of their domain. Once again, this leaves them open to liability...

    Online Intermediary Liability

    Whether or not internet intermediaries have liability for copyright infringement by users, and without the intermediaries' authorisation, has been subject to debate and court cases in a number of countries. Liability of online intermediaries has been one of the earliest legal issues surrounding the internet. Early court cases focused on the liability of internet service providers (ISPs) for hosting, transmitting or publishing content that could be actioned under civil or criminal law, such as libel, defamation, or pornography. As different content was considered in different legal systems and in the absence of common definitions for "ISPs", "bulletin boards" or "online publishers", early law on online intermediaries' liability is widely different from country to country. The first laws on online intermediaries' liability were passed from the mid 1990s onwards and the debate has shifted away from questions about whether internet intermediaries are liable for different content, such as libellous content or copyright infringing content, towards a debate on whether online intermediaries should generally be made responsible for content accessible through their services or infrastructure

    Internet intermediaries used to be understood primarily in terms of internet service providers (ISPs), however, internet intermediaries are now also understood to be internet portals, software and games providers, those providing virtual information such as INTERACTIVE FORUMS and comment facilities with or without a moderation system, aggregators, universities, libraries and archives, web search engines, chat rooms, web blogs, mailing lists, and any website which provides access to third party content through, for example, hyperlinks. Questions of liability have emerged in relation to internet communications infrastructure intermediaries other than ISPs, including internet backbone providers, cable companies and mobile communications providers.<<

    I was and am merely trying to point out that it isn't as simple or cut-and-dried as we may think. Tarot does have a responsibility to protect themselves. The information is available to you, just not on this site...



  • Yeah, you are right watergirl. So if it's not a cut-and-dry situation, why are they applying a cut-and-dry solution?

    Regardless, if the messages are being channelled from Spirit/Archangels/God, doesn't that make them the copyright holders... πŸ˜‰

  • PH - to keep themselves out of "sticky" legal mucky waters πŸ™‚ You crack me up...:)

  • In other words, they are being lazy. Like I said... πŸ˜„

  • So do we continue to complain or do we get proactive and move to a different location? Or stop complaining because it will not change anything and carry on somewhat more cautiously?

    I have to say the thought of one of Poetic's beautiful posts being deleted made me laugh at the childish act but it is not our site so we cannot set the rules. Maybe they were taking up too much space (no offence).

    I am surprised none of you/us has been chucked off the forum yet for unsporting behaviour (not agreeing with the rules).

    xxPaddi pro new location then minus the relationship column

  • Ah, thank you Paddi for getting my not so thinly veiled point (or at least I thought!). The best answer, it would seem, would be a new location. Complaining rarely gets you what you want, but action does....

  • I vote for option d) Let's get drunk and party like it's 1999!!

    Minus the relationship column ROFL. There goes 99.9% of the forum's userbase and topics.

  • i'm fing done with this whole conversation, that turned into nothing, but someone opening a topic where i felt a fellow sister was being gunned down...

  • Dear MyJourney

    I applaud your warm heart, your loyalty to your friends and your willingness to stand up to bullying of any kind. Luvya Babe.

  • You did the right thing MJ. Have no fears, Thelma and Louise have been busy plotting and dissecting the situation and...

    Okay, on second thoughts. Thelma and Louise have been plotting and scheming, so be afraid. Be very afraid LOL

    Muchos love, light, laughter and respect (and bongs) to you. You are a star πŸ™‚


  • Don't get "down" about it Shee πŸ™‚ I feel like there is something more going on here for you beneath the surface. You recently jumped in to defend Hans as well and were quite emotional about that one too. The recent New Moon/Eclipse is bringing an issue to the surface for you. Is it about boundaries? Jumping in to save others (they are big boys and girls, by the way) or as an empath needing to guard yourself from taking on others emotions too much? Balancing your spiritual life/side with the physical world? Or do you have a pattern of not standing up for yourself and this was practice in exercising your voice? I'm not sure what it is exactly, but there is definitely SOMETHING there that is worth investigating.

    Lotsa Love Swee' Pea,


  • The circle is open to all who seek the light of Truth and Love let Love and truth be your guide the Light shines Truth in darkness and in Truth come Love of being as we join together in prayer as one Light one mind with many Hearts Watch this video Bee has sent and in the Light become it .

    This explains better than i can put into words of what our prayer meetings are bringing us to it is the essence of being to become one with all nature mankind and the universe dont restrict your mind to thought be thought be everything be the prayer be the light let your self flow into being let the light become you and you become the light just let it happen this is the power of the light you have that power of being just let it be and flow from you and the light will guide you where you are to be and Bee you are the one in the video we all are just let yourself be the light in this state there is no hate no war no hunger no sickness only guidance and Truth and Love we are creating the New World ,you are the Architects of the New World the ones who lay the path to it this is what we are called for . ENJOY The RIDE Love Tooter see you tomorrow

  • Good on you Shee you have a heart of gold and thats what we all love about you at the end of the day you stood up for a friend i admire you for that .

    Lots of love and light 2 you and poetic Mags:)

  • Mags is spot on. What you did was absolutely right. And I mean "absolutely" to be to the highest order. Native Americans would call it Sacred Law and when you stand up for yourself or others in the light of Sacred Law, you can NEVER go wrong.

    Put another way; you had the right intention. The Universe knows that.

    By all means, enforce your boundaries, protect yourself as an empath, but never ever doubt your intention to stand up for others. Whether they ask for it or not is neither here nor there.

    Love & light to you Shee,


  • I agree with PH- Sheila/My Journey a woman with a heart of gold, just looking out for her friends/sisters. Nothing wrong with that is there

    WG- Just good people here, sticking up for one another. Love to you all. Hugs Bee Xx

  • angel hugs


  • Good point, PH - all information flows from spirit and those who would withhold it from the world in order to promote themselves, their website, and services - especially for monetary purposes - will find themselves reaping their concomitant karma. Only love (and data) freely given is blessed.

  • My Journey,

    Remember we do have another site that we can post freely on, (and some pretty daring pictures too, lol). Many people here are on Faith and Love, although I don't know if Poetic is but there are countless Tarot people as members. It has been a little slow over there lately so it would be great to have Poetic post there and bring new members:) Just have to show them the way which I am sure can be done. Then Poetic and others can post on both sites, double the fun!

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hey RedPetals, this "Love and Faith" site seems very interesting ! Daring pictures hmmm.....i especially like that ! But, i have a question : Do they accept complete idiots as members ? Because i google and google and stll can't find it rotflmao

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