Any advice on my reading met with sincere gratitude

  • I have been in a nightmare ordeal for over a year now. I was seeking direction on the near future

  • hello HarmonyLost,

    After reading your post I saw Dragonfly and then Hummingbird. Your lessons here are to see through the illusion your situation has created only then you will experience true and pure joy.

    Salmon has also come forward. Use your instincts. Trust that inner-voice or inner-wisdom that knows what is best for you. You've been ignoring it too much lately.

    Finally scrutinise everything like a mouse so that you can enforce your boundaries. You need to protect yourself like an armadillo. Decide what you want in your life, ignore what you don't want. In fact don't give any energy to what you don't want. You've been spending too much time worrying about things and wondering why you're not getting what you want.

    Now it's time to focus on what you do want. Write it down on paper if it helps and keep the list close, so you can see it everyday.

    Okay, not finally as now Porcupine has come forward! On a side note, you are surrounded by spiritual allies. Guides in every form are with you now ready, eager, and very willing to pour their entire beings, their entire energies into you and your life to help you become a happier, healthier person. It may seem silly to you but ask them for help, openly invite them in and ask for direction. Ask for signs.

    Anyway, back to Porcupine; be aware of your defenses, but approach life with a more playful attitude. Stop taking things so seriously.

    I hope this helps you restore your harmony. Much love & light to you,


  • Dear Marc, Thank you for your kind words. Please view this spread if you would, and share your feelings. This week I may be forced to defend myself in a civil suit in which I am owed $160,000 from the sale of my business in early 2010. My funds have been depleted in legal fees and now I may be my own attorney. Part of me feels I am the best on to do this anyways - part of me i concerned this is my pride talking. I am a Scorpio born in Springfield, IL on Nov. 4th 9:05 PM 1965. Here is a link to the spread last night which has prompted me seeking advice to use in my decision on this forum. I have not used this forum before so I am not sure what to expect. I am thankful for your time to help a stranger.

    Peace Always,


  • A lot of the spread is describing your present situation. Yourself, the 9 of wands, shows your determination in this situation. You will not give up here because for you failure is not an option. The situation, the 9 of Coins, this is your business. I take it you were self-employed? Well this is you working for yourself. It is also about getting paid for the work you have done, or in this case the business you sold.

    The challenge card, the 10 of Cups is about the loss of harmony (hence your screen name). It's about finding a way to restore this harmony. This I feel is also the Hummingbird in my previous post.

    The lesson card, 6 of cups, is telling you to look back on what happened. There are lessons to be learned because I feel the Tower card in the foundation position is very indicative to the failed contract and why you haven't been paid. The lesson card is saying you should have seen this coming. But you are also urged to learn from these past mistakes so you don't repeat them. To tie it back with my previous post, this would be Dragonfly and seeing through illusions. Something you thought was true was in fact completely false.

    The Hermit in the development position is you seeking your own advice, being your own counsel/attorney. Scrutinise everything I am being told here.

    The ethics card is interesting. For one thing the 9 of swords does show you are worrying a lot about this situation, possibly losing sleep over it. But the term ethics suggests something else. I also felt that this card would be more accurate if it were reversed. In which case we get the suggestion that someone chose to ignore something vitally important. In this case however, ignorance was most certainly not bliss.

    Issues; the 6 of swords indicates that you are making progress. You are on the right track here and you will get your answers soon enough. You're not there yet, but your goal is in sight.

    The 8 of swords in the allies position is another enigma. It suggests that you are on your own, that you have no allies and the words of others have left you feeling confined and trapped. I just don't feel that is true. I am more inclined to believe that the words of others will actually free you here. Take particular note of what the "opposition" are saying, I feel as if their words will come back and bite them in the butt.

    The Knight of Wands' advice is to be prepared to put up a fight. Move quickly or risk getting left behind.

    Finally the long-term card, the Devil. This suggest being chained to this situation, of not knowing when to let go. Or possibly feeling like you can't let go when in fact you are in control. I think the message here is to always keep in mind that you are in charge. Take control of the situation, don't let the situation take control of you.

    Overall HarmonyLost I am not seeing any sort of resolution or outcome in this spread. I do feel that the spread itself has been hampered by the fact that the software doesn't allow for reversals. I get the sense that there should be more reversals than we see at the very least.

    If you want a more in-depth reading, because I don't know if I am entirely on track here, you need to do another spread with the possibility for reversals. I can certainly do this for you, and I will if no-one else comes forward, but right now I feel someone else on these forums is going to nail this one for you.

    Love & light,


  • Oh my, yes please do the reversal spread you speak of. No one else has come forward. So far you have made assumptions that have all been 100% correct. So on target it is a bit unsettling for me.

    Yes, I was self employed for 14 years before finding I had no choice but to sell. Yes, I was sure the contract was iron clad, paid a broker and attorney a small fortune to ensure this. I was wrong and still do not understand how this is happening. Nothing makes sense, yes my Harmony has been stolen from me and I want it back. It was one year as of June 4th since this began. Nothing in my life has been the same since. Including staying up all night when I need to sleep.

    I do not know how to pay you for your support and reading. I am sorry for not knowing the etiquette for this forum. As I said it is my first post.

    Thank you, with all my heart, thank you.

    Marianne (Harmony)

  • Hello Marianne,

    No need to pay. We're here giving freely of our time in order to learn and grow and to help others do the same 🙂

    I'll get back to you later with another reading, but I still feel someone else will notice this thread and offer their advice.

    The one thing that does come to mind is to scrutinise. The key I feel is in the 6 of Cups. The past. I am also drawn to the 6 of Swords again. You are on the right track and in fact you have actually caught a glimpse of the solution.

    Go back over what you have done. Scrutinise the contract. The answer is in there somewhere. Something you've already gone over, but for some reason you may have dismissed it.

    Love & light to you,


  • Bless you - I will keep watching.

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