Every thought, circumstance, and sign seems to point to him, but...?

  • He draws away from me. What do I do in this situation? I have no idea what to do, all I know is that I love him, and I've tried voiding this fact for so long. :

    I'm a Scorpio female, he's a Libra man.

  • I think in this case, the best thing you can do is give him some space. With him being a Libra, it's kind of hard for him to commit to the long term because he's 'weighing his options', so to speak. I know this is going to be short, but give him some space for a time to let him decide. If he chooses you for sure, let the waves roll and enjoy the time with him (even if he does need some space--I'm quite sure all men do). If he decides you're not the one, then you'll have to roll with that too--and move on for someone who is so in love with you that he'll instantly make you his.

  • Libras are very freedom-loving. Take it from me - I'm one! Don't try to put too much pressure on him or control him because that's a huge turn-off for Libras. He'll pull away if he knows he can get you too easily. Try to play it cool and he'll come back

  • Btw I'm a Libra female and I'm engaged to a Scorpio, so it can actually work really well. But I do get fed up sometimes with Scorpio's over-controlling and over-possessive nature. Also Libras don't like to show emotions too quickly

  • Thank you so much! 🙂 That is amazing. I've thought of sort of playing the game like he does...and act like a Libra, in terms of acting cool and not giving him the attention he wants. Not too terribly long ago, I asked him how he felt about me...he told me he didn't feel the same way I felt for him. But me, being myself, still doesn't find the power in me to let it go! haha...stubborn, I know. He's just really special to me. 😞 But even if it takes a month or two, I will not talk to him first. 🙂 Thank you for all of your help, and if you have any more tips or tricks, they would be great. Thank all of ya'll again! 😄

  • If you are still in this "relationship" with the Libra male... please come over and read the topic I started. It is quite informative on Libra men!


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