Piscean healer pls help!!!

  • my dob 21 may 1984

    his dob 19 september 1981

    ok i was dating the nicest guy ever for the last 10 months and we got on well. he is such a nice quiet guy and no one has a bad word to say about him. i also must add that he had is heart broken 2 yrs ago after a 5 year relationship and his ex as moved on and has a new boyfriend. anyway about two months ago he told me he really liked me and would love a relationship with me but wanted to take things slow as he was scared of getting his heart broken again. then 3 weeks in he tells me he is not ready for a relationship when he thought he was. he told me how much he liked me and would love nothing more than to move on with me in his life but just is not ready yet. i told him i understood and that i was here if he needed to talk. i havent heard from him in 3 weeks as he needs space. i miss him like crazy.

    what do cards say! do you see a future for me and him or will i meet someone else.

  • A future and a new person is your choice. Tarot cards only can give you info based of current energy the day you draw the cards. I studies them to the origin as well. They are really on ly benificail if your intuition is applied as the cards are drawn. Any "advice" giver should be advising you in a manner where you are confident to handle life and these siituations on your own and be faithfull without doubts to persevere with integrity. I dont mean to intrude but I care that you become a self effiecent individual whop can like may others live in the now and not ask for the answers from "mediums" they lay in you. You create your future, you are not predestined to the hands of fate unless you continue to wait on the answers you hear or for the future that is "told" to you and not built by you. eelixi, please be carefullof the advice you get. Also very important! If you want to look in books to figure a person you have to then look at the vedic astrology, sun sign, rising sign and ascedent and there numerology numbers....they have a birth number along with expression number...etc.....you see.....thats why its better to not Judge by this kind of information.

    Take good care.

  • Hello rebeccaf,

    You have to respect this guy's wishes, but at the same time enforce your own boundaries. You are not someone's "play thing". You have your own life to lead. Let me say that again:

    You have your own life to LEAD.

    Why do I say this? Because I very much agree with what Blmoon said to you. This guy is going to come back into your life, but soon you will be feeling very frustrated by him. More than you currently are.

    Again as Blmoon said there are a couple of options for you on the horizon. You just need to get on with your life. Do what you want. Do what makes you happy. Take a look in the mirror and tell the person you see, "You deserve better treatment than this." Do it often, every time you look into a mirror or catch your reflection. Very soon you will receive better treatment.

    Believe it.

    Love & light,


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