Does Any know of Lunar node?

  • Hi

    Lunar node is also the North node and South node in your chart combined. I found that out as i had to know what they were in order to go down a list made of lunar nodes.

    It came from an interesting but rather LACKING list of how these or that astrologer said the much overlooked lunar node could point one in the direction of the ONE regard love relationship n all that jazz.

    Well i found mine. My North node is aquarious n my South node is leo.

    Excited i went down the list. MINE WAS NOT THERE. So i asked HOW many MORE combinations has they deemed NOT INTRIGUING ENOUGH? or did they just go ok we have 10 they get the gist of it. What kind of work is that?

    I know if that article was written by me i´d list ALL n EACH SINGLE combinations. U can´t start an article n stop half way bc u got lazy or bored or ran out of words. What ever happened to NEGOTIATE for more words n space? how about a episode of lunar node such as this week lunar node part one, next week lunar node part 2 n so forth.

    makes u wonder how seriously one can take such an article writer no?

    ANYHEWS if ANY here knows of the lunar node combo to POINT the way to the ONE. PLEASE help me n those that would b intrigued by it also.

    Thank u for even reading this.

    cwb looking for great astrologers

  • There's a thread on these forums. One I started for the same reasons as you. I could find sweet FA on the Internet regarding North node astrology.

    watergirl is your local resident expert in this area. Seek out her wise ways 🙂

  • i prefer this thread here bc i hate to barge in on someone elses n make it a chánge topic. i find it rude n im not a rude person. which is why i made this thread., its the right thing to do

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