Pls help need a tarot reading so confused!

  • my dob 21 may 1984

    his dob 19 september 1981

    ok i was dating the nicest guy ever for the last 10 months and we got on well. he is such a nice quiet guy and no one has a bad word to say about him. i also must add that he had is heart broken 2 yrs ago after a 5 year relationship and his ex as moved on and has a new boyfriend. anyway about two months ago he told me he really liked me and would love a relationship with me but wanted to take things slow as he was scared of getting his heart broken again. then 3 weeks in he tells me he is not ready for a relationship when he thought he was. he told me how much he liked me and would love nothing more than to move on with me in his life but just is not ready yet. i told him i understood and that i was here if he needed to talk. i havent heard from him in 3 weeks as he needs space. i miss him like crazy.

    what do cards say! do you see a future for me and him or will i meet someone else.

  • iI know from where your looking from it seems his resistance is a past broken heart but really it's more complex. His breakup with his x had a reason you haven't considered---his x finally became impatient. At first he felt safe with her as they were both young and she went into the relationship a bit more free wheeling and was ok with his lack of committment as she was not so committed either and they both had a lot of other things going on in their lives---were compatible in that but she grew out of that and did start settling down and wanted more but he did not change. Of course he was hurt because he felt everything was fine and she's the one who changed. This man is by nature committment shy--a bit impulsive and moody. He is attractive and magnetic but really introverted about his vulnerability. He feels things deeply--has a very sensitive side he is not comfortable with. Mostly, what holds him back is his habit of not dealing with things---he hates introspective thoughts---avoids self examination and sees things outside of himself as the problems---he is still a bit immature emotionally. His challange is to balance his magnetic attraction to others and his need to be safe. So, for any woman who gets close there will be a big confusion as he will seem to run hot and cold---many woman will get lost in trying to figure him out or will assume they are doing something wrong. I see two men this year--one will be short term but another will last. This current man will do a turn about and give you hope but it will not last--he will be in and out of your life for awhile. July will bring a new excitement---but August will be a let down and you will go through a time of self doubt but it will pass---you will be extra busy and not thinking of a relationship at all when the second man pops in---it will surprise you and at first you will not consider him your type but he will be persistant in persuing you---this will happen in the fall---spirit shows me sept---near the end of that month as the meet up time. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much!!!

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