How do i develop my psychic ability

  • hello everyone, i'm jorge and since i was a kid, i've always had precognitions. predicting things that come to me during the day. e.g. i'll think of something about to happen or someone, and it will happen , or i will see the person and about 1/2 the time, i'll realize that i foresaw the event or something related the person.

    e.g., a friend of mine who i hadn't been in contact with in 22 years, popped into my head one morning a couple of weeks ago. i was at work, so i found him on the internet, sent him a note, he emailed back that day (he now lives in south africa) and he just happened to be visiting new jersey two days after i contacted him. coincidental after 22 years?

    other day i was driving home before going to visit my grandmother at the nursing home, and i thought about the actor, rob lowe, remembering a movie he was in. i got home, dropped something off, got back in the car and when i got to the nursing home 20 minutes later, i walked into my grandmother's room and on the television of one of her roomates, the ellen degeneris show was on and she immediately said, "please welcome rob lowe"

    even years ago i was thinking about my 1st grade teacher (i'm now in my 40's) for several days, i was on a train leaving work from NYC, sitting in a train car, and she just walked right by me. I hadn't seen her since i was a young, (and when this happened i was in my early 30's). so i called my aunt (who was in education as well) and told her i thought i saw her walk by and described her and said she was carrying a "praise the lord" bag and my aunt instantly said, "that's her !!!!!"

    my grandmother told me her father could predict things. he died when she was young..

    bottom line is about 1/2 the time, i'll think of something, or someone and i'll either see that person within a matter of days, or hear something about that person, and the thing is i never stop and say "wait, i just thought of this person , what will happen" and maybe write it down so i can keep a log of these types of "precognitions"...i remember being in high school and my best friend and i attended a pep ralley, and we had to go back upstairs to our lockers to get things before leaving school. a basketball game was about to start and i said to my friend "now fred, when we come back downstairs someone is going to shatter one of the backboards"..we got back downstairs, and sure enough, someone had done it.

    there are many instances in my life just like this.

    some people know how to stop and focus and say, "wait a second, i forsee this", others, like myself, realize that we knew about it after something happens and we instantly remember that we thought about it.

    how do i channel this ability more? seriously am interested in it..thanks.. jorge

  • Practise, practise, practise is really the only way. Psychic ability is like a muscle - it get stronger the more you use it. And you will need to get feedback from others to know if what you picked up was accurate so that you can know if you are using your ability the right way.

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