Seeking a reading from missbethsangels.... :)

  • Hi,

    I have been visiting this site since years now and have gotten some pretty good readings in the past from here. I hope you will help me out too!! I had posted this question to someone else initially but I did not get any response... I hope you will reply and help me out missbeth 🙂

    I really wish to know about my future in love...what do you see? There was a boy I loved (who loved me too) but we broke up almost a year back.... we still talk, we r in touch and we plan to meet up and spend time together....but for what? I dont see any hope or future with him but my heart does not agree... Please tell me whether I will be able to move on... will i ever find anyone who I will love more than him and who will love me more than he did? Please help me... can you see anything in my future or is it like a black hole... sucking the life out of me? Will it be him, someone else or no one? I dont know....please throw some light... Life seems to be so dull and meaningless these days. Its like theres nothing to look forward to if you cant share it with that special someone... My heart is not letting me move tells me theres more... What do I do!!! :((

    Thank you so much!!!

    Awaiting your reply...

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