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  • I asked a question on here earlier and people told me I might be intuitive. Because I predict things that are happening. My problem is I don't realize I do it. I usually talk about things and they happen. Which led me to believe I was causing negative things to happen. Is there any advice anyone could give me on how to become more attuned to my gift? Also if anyone else is intuitive could you tell me a little about what you can do?

  • If you want to check out the full (albeit short) personal report on Luck and Intuition on this site without having to pay (at least it worked for me...), go to the profile of Rick Levine and at the bottom of this short description of who he is, there's a link for getting the report for free. Within it, it tells you a little bit about how intuitive you tend to be and how to tune into this. It recommended for me (a Piscean with other intuitive traits in my birth chart) to gaze at water to flex my intuitive muscles. That might work for you as well.

    If you do try the reading, could you let me know what it recommends for you? Also, let me know if it doesn't work but it's something you'd like to try. I'll see if I can find the link for you if that is the case.

  • Ancalagon,

    I spoke to you earlier on the other thread you posted. There are numerous books and site out there and it would be good for you to look into them but...the one thing I can say is note how you feel when these things come out. This could be a bit difficult if you are doing it when angry but the other times when it is just an off the top comment. See if you can feel what may be different about the words as you say them or just before or just after. I tend towards "knowing" that is, I may ask a question in my head, not expecting an answer but just thinking to myself and as soon as I do it, I know the answer. There are also times when I blurt out something off the top of my head, typically just before someone unwrapps a present and lo and behold, I ruined yet anothr surprize. LOL (That is one I would like to take more control over as I am sure you would as well.)

    But I have not as yet found that thing that triggers my knowing in the instance of blurtting out something. It does not happen that often. But if you do have the other "knowing" sence. work with it and meditate on how it feels and see if you can make a connection to that feeling.

    On a side note, my husband has been doing the same thing as you described lately. It started about 2 months ago, or at least that is when we first took real note of it, but it has been getting more and more real everyday. We are working on how to fine tune it as well. I keep telling him to watch shows about lost treasure and maybe he'll blurt out the hiding place. What the heck, it's worth the shot. LOL


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