Guys please help, read, and comment.

  • Okay so here I am again this guy I was seeing awhile ago Andrew like three mnths ago stopped talking to me then two weeks later he came up to me talking about how he cared and was upset because I had started to talk to someone else Joe. Well Andrew asked me to be his grlfriend I said no I wanted to get to know Joe. Andrew went and told Joe that we had hooked up making it confusing for me and Joe. We started to talk again and I thought we where cool like friends i asked him what a lover was a few days ago and he got all freaked out Asking where I heard that and who told me that. Of course I told him that was none of his business and now he is talking about how i need to move on and look for a relationship with some1 else because he's not ready. Well i never asked him for a relationship and i turned him dwn when he asked me. I dnt understand why hes back to dick head mood. Can a guy tell me.. what does this mean.

    I mean I'm not going to talk to Andrew anymore but I seriously dnt understand where he's coming frm.

  • You're over thinking this. You sound like you're really young and have a whole lot more life to live before you're ready to settle down. Who cares where he's coming from? He's playing head games, so don't let yourself be the victim. Leave them both behind and focus on getting your own life together first. You'll never be happy with anybody else unless you're happy with yourself first.

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