Any GEMINIS Willing to Give Advice???

  • Hello All,

    I've recently had a really odd and messy break up with a Gemini man. When we first broke up he gave me some really odd excuses for not wanting to be with me. he said things like "I can see a future with you, and see myself marrying you but I just don't know if we have enough in common”… very confusing to me. We have stuff in common...a LOT in common...but not EVERYTHING. He has different hobbies than I do and we also have different views on certain topics. To me, when people don’t have anything in common, they usually LEARN from each other instead of throwing up their hands and giving up. My Gemini man talked of getting married and having kids all the time. he talked about finding a job in my city to move closer to me.

    At first, with me being the Scorpio I am, I laid low. I was hesitant about being in a relationship, but I got assurance over time from him that we were going for long term so I finally let go. Almost immediately after I opened up to him and finally let him in, he decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore and came up with these excuses…

    We talked several times after the official break up. He would talk to me like nothing was wrong. He would tell me he missed me and that he wishes he could hold me. he would flirt with me ALL the time. I finally cut all communication with him in March and told him I don’t want to be dragged along and given false hope while he’s out on the prowl to find someone else that has “more stuff in common” with him. I didn’t want to be on the back burner. he said he was sorry and that he didn't mean to give me the impression of being dragged along and that he would leave me alone. he then said "sometimes when you still have feelings for someone, you keep them in your life. I guess I was being a little selfish that way. "

    we didn't talk for a while, but I ended up sending him a polite text on his birthday( 5/21) wishing him well. he’s a Taurus/Gemini cusper so he’s hard headed too…LOL. He text me back asking me flirtatiously where his present was and that he wanted me to surprise him. I sort of avoided it completely as to not get sucked in.

    Well about a week ago, we ended up having another conversation in which he told me AGAIN that he missed me. we talked about him dating and me dating others(I’ve been on a few dates but nothing special) and were being open with each other. He then told me I have “nothing to be jealous of”. Eluding to the fact that he still has feelings for me.

    I’m just truly confused. I know Gemini’s are twins and can be super wishy washy and not know exactly what they want all the time. I also know that for a lot of Gem guys, it takes them a LONG time to finally settle down because they want to “sow all their oats” first.

    Anyone’s insight would be GREATLY appreciated!! I’m just curious as to what I can do from my end to either help him be assured or if I should just leave him be.

    We haven’t communicated since a week ago. I ended the conversation by telling him I was tired and to have a good night.

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