To the I being taken by a energy healer?

  • I have been seeing a energy healer for about 2 months and I feel she is giving me false hope. I am a Pisces 2/27/37 born at 11:23pm and my ex/love is a Virgo 9/4/42.We have been in a relationship for 13 years off and on. Off at this time. He wants to be best friends and that is not working. He is pursuing 2 women for casual sex, neither knows about the other. I know because I have his email pass word (I know that it is wrong but I can't help peeking) He knows I read his emails and I've told him to change his pass word, but he hasn't. He comes over 3-4 times a week to visit his cat that I have inherited, and the meetings are casual but strained. We have broken up many times before, but he always comes back. My energy healer says we are soul mates and will always be together and she has to remove the bad energy between us. Just when she feels she is removing the bad it comes back again. Should I continue on this path or try to get on with my life. Yes I do love him.

  • Yes, you are being taken for a ride by this so-called healer. Nobody can change your situation or remove the bad energy between you and your friend but the two of you. You two generate the negative energy and you can remove it by generating positive energy and becoming friends. Or by simply ending the relationship.

    Looking at your astrological compatibility, it shows that this relationship works best as a friendship. There is too much instability for a love relationship to do well. You are both very different people with very different approaches to life. You do meet on an intellectual level with thought, inspiration, and the sharing of ideas as the main focus. But personal emotional difficulties can mar this outstanding mental connection. Your friend does provide a rather stabilizing force in your up-and-down life (that is, until he moves off to find some casual sex partners), but he has a lot to put up with as you can be very uncertain and indecisive. Should he feel neglected or rejected, he will become unhappy and depressed. What usually happens is that he loses patience with you and goes off to find someone more able to give him what he needs, but then is drawn back to you once you come back after having 'wandered off' or you take a stand after a bout of confusion. He both hates and is egotistically pleased that you track him by his emails. But it is not a healthy way for either of you to be.

    It's your emotional instability that is the biggest problem here and you may find your friend's cool and relatively detached approach reassuring. But this relationship works best when deep feelings are kept out of it. Remain friends by all means if you can, but if not, it's best that you both go your separate ways. Pompanofish, you must realise that snooping on his emails and this continual vicious cycle of make-up-and-break-up is not good for either of you. it is getting you nowhere - just around and around in a miserable circle. It's time you put aside your indecision and made a stand. This situation is not fair on either of you. You say you love him but it's not love to 'stalk' him, just obsession and mistrust. I think you are just afraid of being alone and want someone in your life, even if it is on and off. But you both deserve better. It's never too late to find real love if you truly want to.

  • Thank you Captain for your wise words. I've taken so long to reply because of how deeply I feel about your answer...I've always thought of myself as a very strong, practical person. I still work (part-time) own my home and raised 3 successful children..all on my own. I have many friends and volunteer for the homeless. But, yes, this thing with friend David is something else.Very much out of my character to be involved with "pets bad boy". He says our main problem is that I have always put my children first...he does not like my kids and vice- versa. I have tried very hard to keep everyone happy, and the kids have finally accepted him, accepted him not liking him. That is my tale of woe. I am praying, and praying for guidance and acceptance of whatever is to be.Thanks again for your help. By the way physic will not return my calls...rats.

  • Why would you want a fake to return your calls?

  • I was so hoping I would hear from other friends out there. Am I a crazy person to hope that my Virgo friend and I still have a chance on sharing our life/love/ we have been together off and on for 13 years and neither on of us is getting any younger. But, he is seeking other relationships for casual sex and yes he still comes over and calls as a friend. No I do not need someone in my life all the time, I like living alone... i do like having him in my life also. Thank you for your imput.

  • For what it's worth TheCaptain is spot on. You and he are soulmates, but don't let the word fool you. Hollywood has given it the wrong image. You two have come together to teach each other an important lesson. I feel that this lesson has long been learned, but if you're unsure look to the Captain's words for insight/guidance.

    You are at the stage I was at with my soulmate - letting go of each other. Very difficult and painful part of the process. The key here is to figure out and accept the lesson(s) you were meant to learn from him. Once you do, I can guarantee he will no longer have such a "hold" on your life, your thoughts.

    There's someone else out there for you. A gentleman, someone who is much better company for you. I also get the impression your children will really like this guy. But you have to let go of your Virgo friend, because you are blocking this other man from coming in.

    Heed TheCaptain's advice; everything will start falling into place for you.

    Love & light,


  • Dear PisceanHealer,

    thank you for your kind words and support. I really want to give it one more week, as I have been reading a few books on relationships and do see where I've made some mistakes. No, I'm not in denial.or maybe I am, but one more week won't hurt.

    Peace to us Piscans


  • Ok, I agree, I must go on and leave my virgo go. But, wow, after 13 years it is hard, very hard. It is not at all hard for him, makes me really crazy. It is so much easier for a man to get back in a relationship. why...

    #1. they are not as involved as we are in the relationship.

    #2. women are much more desperate for a relationship.

    #3 they can move to the next with out any feelings or care.

    do you agree? am I sorry apples?

  • Try not to worry too much about why he can so easily move on. Ultimately it's all part of his life's lessons. Instead, think of it as a blessing.

    I was in a relationship for 12 years. She moved on far more easily than I did. Despite how frustrating this was for me, I now know that if she hadn't have moved on so easily, we would still be clinging to each other. 9 months after the fact. Not good at all.

    I am truly glad she easily moved on. She was meant to, for my own sake.

    Love, light and peace to you,


  • Ok,Ok, I'm still hurting, but what really hurts is the fact that my psychic healer was telling me that we where soul mates and she

    needed to rid me of the bad energy . this went on for weeks...encouraging me . than would tell me to call her and she would not answer the phone. between my Virgo indiscrestions and my psychic healer..i'm.....?

  • Sorry to jump into your conversation but I feel like your not really listening to the messages that was given to you... STOP!! trying to reach your psychic healer she is a FAKE!! that is what the Captain is trying to tell you, she won't return your phone calls because she probably don't have anymore lies to tell you at the moment let her go! and I understand how you feel about your Virgo I really do it's hard to let go of someone that you care deeply for but as the PisceanHealer said there is someone out there better suited for make your choice stay with the Virgo and miss out on real love or let go and share something beautiful with someone that truly deserves you, which one would YOU choose?

    P.S I am also a Pisces and I know what it feels like to love deeply and i know how hard it is to let go, but when you finally do, you will feel good and learn new things which is always a plus, good luck I wish you well.

  • "These are the days it never rains, but it pours."

    But rain cleanses everything. The only true thing that faux-psychic said was that your Virgo man was a soulmate. But I've already explained to you the true meaning of that term. You have it within yourself to cleanse "you". You don't need a psychic for that. Just have a good cry, do things that make you happy. Start being true to yourself and you'll be fine.

    Much love & light to you,


  • Dear Friends,

    you will be proud of me, today Virgo called 3 times, I talked to him the last time for a few minutes. Also i have a date this Wednesday with a Match .com person. He sound s very nice, I've met a few nice guys from Match for lunch or coffee. Sorry to say nothing has come from any of these meets...but I enjoy meeting new people and I look at it as a new experience and 1 hour of my big deal. I am very open and friendly so I enjoy these meets. Also... I have had no contacted my faux psychic. Would really like to give her apiece of my mind but it would only upset me more than her. Let it go, let go of $180.Chalk it up to lessons learned. My fault for being sooo unrealistic. Love to each of you that have given me encouragement and good advise .I'm still a work in progress.

  • Hi Pompanofish,

    It is good to see you heeding the words of many. It took several tries to stop your spinning round. lol..You didnt want to believe Caoptain when she told you the truth, perhaps because you weren't ready.

    I hope you come to understand why you accepted a situation in your life that caused you so much pain and confusion.

    Now Here you are...beginning fresh and new, and the world is a brighter place. Yayyyy!!

    What do you want in a relationship?

    What do you NOT want?

    Be clear about your intention, and it will be at your door.

    But walk away from unhealthy ,wishy washy ,sit on the fence souls that don't know what they want ,or want less tinvolvment han you do in a relationship.

    Best of luck to you. May love blossom in your life and home.

  • Sorry everyone, I fell off the wagon so to speak. Since July 7 th I have seen my Virgo friend all most daily. We have been getting along very well and he calls 4-5 , times a day. Buys me small what is my problem? When he leave I feel very empty because he keeps me at arms length...physically, a small kiss good night...that's all. I don't understand why he want to be with me all the time but is not physically attracted to me. I probably should just be glad we are friends,, someone to go out to dinner with and do things with. I know that is what you all will tell me. Maybe I should just cut the cord. I really have tried meeting other guys on Match, but they are not very interesting.

    I sound pretty stupid don't I?

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