To the Captain

  • Dear Captain, thank You very much for compatibility readings for my friend 🙂 Could I ask for Your help on another issue, please? You did a compatibility reading for me ( 1983, November 13) and Kristian (1980, February 😎 and lately I find hard do communicate with him. He seems to me, as You said, so nervous and I don't know how to deal with it. I feet like I'm too strong for him. But I do like him and I would like to have him around. Could You please give me some insight or advice how to deal with it? Thank You!

  • .. and I do feel like he feels threatened by me or afraid of me and I don't know how to explain that.

  • Angeline, you have to start solving your problems by going to the source, not being scared of confrontation all the time. You cannot keep avoiding asking people what is wrong with them - it's the mature way to deal with life and people upfront. Just sit Kristian down and ask him to be honest with you about what is bothering him. Be brave!

  • Dear Captain, could You please do a compatibility reading for me (13th of November ,1983) and Artis ( 8th of May ,1967)? Thank You very much!

  • This relationship works on creating a balance of individual strengths so that they augment rather than fight one another, particularly in the service of a career or business endeavour. You two are astrological opposites with totally different attitudes and approaches to life. Yet power struggles rarely emerge here, and you both can mute your ego drives in the pursuit of common goals, not only working together but learning from each other. Productive in any organization, the relationship also serves both your personal developments.

    A friendship here can be vitally important to both of you, often more so than a love affair or marriage would be. Heavy expectations here can be counterproductive, however, and strict and unforgiving attitudes may make a free and easy exchange difficult or impossible. Your love affair can be complex - passion, sexual attraction and jealousy can run high, with pain and suffering too inevitably close behind. A certain personal magnetism here may result in a love triangle, which will have destructive results. Your need for emotional honesty and full expression, Angeline, may be thwarted or wounded by your partner's critical attitudes and frank assessments. Also, he likes to be left alone a lot of the time, and your classic Scorpion controlling or possessive attitudes will likely annoy him.

    Marriage here can be effective, especially when goals are well-defined and the power structure is balanced evenly. Enjoyable and fulfilling sexual interaction may continue right into old age. As parents, you two must be careful not to overwhelm your children, or to allow your respective, radically different approaches to raising them to cause confusion.

  • Hello Captain!!! Could I please ask You to do a compatibility reading for me ( november 13, 1983 ) and Johan ( december 18). Thank you very much !

    Angeline 13.

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