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  • Hello Captain! I am a new one here 🙂 I was looking how selfless you are helping to so many people here, and i am amazed by that. That is so great! Could i ask for your help in some mentrouble? My birth day is 13/11/1983 ;4.42 a.m. Could you please tell me, which of these men would be more suitable for me to have relationship, family ,marriage. John- 01/14/1979 ;12.10 a.m. and Martin 03.07.1957 time unknown. Thank you so much!

  • Angeline, you have written your dates two different ways. Which comes first - day or month? Can you confirm if you are 13th November and John is 14th January and Martin is 7th March, or if it is is different?

  • I'm so sorry, guess I was to nervous to notice that 🙂 So I am 13th of November,John is 14th of January and Martin is 3th of July. Thank You!

  • You and John: this is a combative competitive relationship at heart, with power struggles - however subtle - predominating. The relationship can shape up as a battle of the giants, complete with titan-sized egos and tempers that flare out of control. Whether physically large or small, the two of you are big personalities who just have to be the boss in most situations, which makes you likely to clash resoundingly - nor is either of you likely to back off. You Angeline use very subtle methods to achieve victory, while John is more likely just to refuse to get out of the way. It will obviously be necessary for this relationship to establish boundaries and guidelines in its behaviour and to find a way to avoid direct confrontation. This is quite common in business or family relationships here. Oddly however, a love affair or friendship between you may sometimes be unusually passive. It's almost as if your twin strong energies cancel each other out. You two may even give up the idea of dominance altogether and behave curiously meekly with each other. That is, until you decide to marry when all the buried conflicts can emerge again in full. When you two get together, the problem (besides conflict) becomes self-motivation, particularly when it comes to the effort to forward personal and spiritual development. In marriage, you two may overestimate yourselves and fail to live up to each other's promises and expectations.

    You and Martin: this is a good relationship for love. The delicious charm of forgetfulness periodically sweeps over the two of you and in its wake follow vividly beautiful dreams and visions. Your relationship has a poetic and deeply spiritual quality. Peaceful meditation plays an important role - you two are capable of a connection that will provide peace and rest to both. No matter how stressful, mundane, or prosaic the day has been, you two can seek each other out and find yourselves at once in your own wonderful space together. These feelings are difficult to share directly with others, but your relationship has an energy that can prove infectious and uplifting to those around it. It exerts such a pull on you both that breaking free may prove extremely difficult. A love affair will proceed from the physical to the metaphysical, using the sexual act to transport you both to other worlds and higher planes of experience. Lovemaking becomes a kind of cosmic dance, evocative and deep, a true merging of spirit. You two can also go for long periods without any physical contact, touching only with a look or a kind word. Usually none of the relationship's magic will be apparent to the public eye; your children, whether born in or out of wedlock, may even look on their parents with some amusement as hippies or freaks. Rarely however will they doubt their parents' abiding love for each other. Just make sure you don't get so lost in each other that you forget your responsibilities or families and friends.

  • Oh Captain, You probably hear that a lot, but You are so right 🙂 Thank You for your time. I was seeing similar pictures with those guys and my concern were if i can deal with Martin being so much older than me (and he is married still, which makes this beautiful love ugly and complicated) and we been seeing each other for a year now but we can't move forward because of his commitments. John I don't know that well yet, but I'm willing to know him better, although i can feel that complexity. When I compare these two options I thought that with Martin it is going to be too easy, because he loves me the way i am- he don't care about my career,achievements, intelligence or anything else and most of the time I don't even need to control my Scorpio behavior, because he can deal with it. I know that with John I have to control myself all the time, have to eliminate my sarcastic expressions etc. But that makes me think that more complicated relationship can make me learn more and become a better person, develop my personality,because that relationship is very stimulating. From the other hand it sounds stupid to choose more difficult way if I could be loved unconditionally .. Do You know the right answer Captain? 🙂

  • Well, you do know the answer yourself. Do you want to suffer and be miserable with John even if you do end up learning a hard lesson about what you don't need in your life, or do you want to go with the flow and be with Martin once his affairs are sorted out? Life with John would be about being someone you are not (so how does that help you progress?) while with Martin you can just relax and be yourself.

  • Thank You for Your help Captain 🙂 Thank You so much !

  • And may I suggest that it doesn't have to be either of these men? There is a whole big world out there of potential partners for you. Here is a list of best romantic partners for you as an example -

    Your best matches were born -


    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 - March 24)

    • Aries (week of April 11 - April 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Gemini/Cancer (week of June 19 - June 24)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Libra (week of October 3 - October 10)

    • Scorpio (week of November 12 - November 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 3 - December 10)

    • Capricorn/Aquarius (week of January 17 - January 22: more romance than deep love)


    • Taurus/Gemini (week of May 19 - May 24)

    • Gemini (week of June 11 - June 18)

    • Leo (week of July 26 - August 2)

    • Virgo/Libra (week of August 26 - September 2; and also weeks of September 11 - October 2)

    • Scorpio (week of November 3 - November 11)

    • Sagittarius/Capricorn (weeks of December 11 - December 25)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (week of February 16 - February 22)

  • Thank You very much for your time Captain 🙂 Does this mean that it is not worth to waist time with anyone who isn't born on these dates?

  • .. and it looks that i should be able to have a normal relationship with Rudolf, because he is born on 17 September 1980, but it didn't work out that well. Maybe there is something wrong with me..

  • Timing is as important as compatibility. Maybe you or he or both of you were just too immature or inexperienced or uninformed to be good together at the time. People change as they get older and wiser. Just because someone is not right for you in the past doesn't mean they will always be wrong for you.

    With Rudolf, the indications were that the relationship was somewhat dangerous for you both since neither of you would hesitate to draw back or break it off, should the relationship run counter to your interests or wishes. Yet it could have been highly satisfying and thrilling, especially sexually, though it is rare for you two to get carried away by romantic drives. If you had worked through it all to arrive at marriage, both of you would have taken your domestic and parental duties seriously, with little untoward behaviour. Support and advice would be available for and from each of you, though you might find Rudolf a bit selfish at times while he could think you were a bit too concerned with your social image. You two just needed to loosen up emotionally and to be unafraid of your feelings. A bit more kindness and understanding would have helped. But this is all something that is gained from experience and having other relationships.

  • I have to say that it is very confusing about Rudolf and i would think that he would be the last person with who i can imagine myself together with 🙂 I always tough that i have to guess if he is happy or sad or what is going on with him, because he never showed no emotions and no feelings of course. I found that irritating and humiliating. I felt that he is using me all the time, that's why I was very rough with him, trying to protect myself. I tough that he don't respect me. I haven't met him for a year now. Maybe I will meet him again to see if things have changed 🙂 Thank You very much Captain for everything!

  • Dear Captain, may I ask for your help again? If I'm honest to myself than I have to say that the last time I was really happy and satisfied with my life was year ago. I feel alone, depressed I have nobody to talk to. I don't like myself anymore, because I become aloof to my family and friends. I just want to hide from everyone. There must be something wrong that I have done or some wrong decisions that I have made, but I can't recognize them. I always have been ready to do something, change something to make things better , but right now I just can't see where the problem is. Could you please give me some guidance and tell me how to make this black cloud disappeared. I send You a photo if that might help you.

  • Something went wrong with the photo,sorry for that. My birth date is 13 november, 1983. Time 4.42 a.m. Thank You Captain!

  • Trying to load photo again.

  • Angeline, according to your astrological profile, you are a clever, original thinker who can enjoy a fine degree of accomplishment and the realization of many personal dreams on this lifepath. But originality and the sharing of your own inspirations through effective communication may take a backseat to a more comfortable and/or conventional lifestyle. Yet any aggression is tempered by your charm, charisma, and marvellous diplomatic skills, and also some very fine organizational talents that will enable you to excel at serving at the helms of projects or even whole companies, or otherwise in the centre of the action. Your approach to life is mainly mental so you may struggle with your emotions. Your main pitfalls will be your need to be accepted and your own self-sufficiency. Believing yourself to be realistic, you may cut yourself off from those who would most support your efforts, resulting in loneliness and the extremes of cynicism. Your challenge in life is to learn effective clear communication, to cooperate with others, and to rely less on emotional manipulation and more on straightforward discussion and negotiation to achieve your aims. Your fulfillment will come then when you heal the deep-seated hurt you feel over not fitting in.

    You must find a way to communicate your unique thinking and unusual ideas. Blessed with a kind of genius, you may still have a problem expressing what you know, perhaps because of having your own unique vernacular. You can feel very misunderstood because your patterns of thinking or speech are of your own making. This difficulty generates in you enormous frustration and a deep need to be understood, and is the basis for many of your troubles since it causes you to be attention-seeking or defensive. Others may view you with suspicion and many of your relationships may be fraught with conflict. You must work to build bridges of understanding between you and the world. The first step is to give up being a lone wolf and learn to cooperate with others. Learning how to 'speak their language' is the second step. Aligning yourself with the slang and idioms of your times will help you put your ideas across with confidence. Ultimately, you may find yourself in the role of channel, fostering understanding between people, maybe even teaching. Your greatest strengths lie in being able to see the big picture and in making great creative leaps in conceptual thought, allowing you to see solutions to problems or generate ideas when others would fail. In short, you excel in thinking 'outside the box'.

    What you really want is to be totally free to pursue Truth, have adventures, be spontaneous, and be right 100% of the time. You want to speak completely from your own truth and intuitive processes, and to have everyone understand you, learn from you, and appreciate your help. But it's impossible for anyone to be right all the time so you never feel good about yourself. When you argue and try to convince people that you ARE right, others don't want to connect with you. To attain your goals, you must stop focusing on 'your truth' and begin to focus on the people around you. You need to listen to - and understand - the information that others share about their lives. When you listen in this way and put aside all self-righteousness, you can have an 'aha!' moment that is exactly the perspective that the other person needs. And because this information accurately addresses their problem, it will be gratefully accepted.

    When it comes to your working life, you may have to examine your moral values to see if there isn't a blockage against or conflict over being 'filthy rich' - between the material and spiritual worlds, an ambivalence towards money and worldly success. An overly strict moral integrity may be holding you back from achieving financial independence. By giving high quality work and value, you deserve to earn back a commensurate monetary reward.

  • This made me smile, because when I was reading it, I had a feeling that You do understand me 🙂 Thank You so much! I don't know should I take life easier and not try to explore, test and explain everything and everyone to build a wall around me to feel safe? I did follow my curiosity and met Rudolf (september 17, 1980) after a year long break, and nothing has changed. It was terrible and funny. I don't know how he does it, but he completely blocks my ability to talk who isn't that good anyway 🙂 I felt so awkward and I think he as well. I went to see him at his office and we were sitting there and words just didn't come out. I didn't understand what is happening. He doesn't show any signs that I am wanted there, that he likes me. And it was the same when we were seeing each other a year ago, but somehow I could force myself to ignore that for a while. But that made me become rough with him, because I felt like he doesn't respect me. Only tonight I first had enough courage to write him, that his attitude hurts me. And he said that he never meant to hurt me. But I still didn't get all the answers I needed to decide if it is worth to try to make this work.

  • It's yourself you need to work on first as I feel you are being misunderstood by Rudol and everyone because you don't make yourself clear to them. You need to get out and practise communicating with as many people as you can until you feel comfortable with relating to others.

  • Dear Captain,

    I met Rudolf last night and as You explained to me that my problem is communication I was paying attention to that. And I felt that the problem is that I don't feel confident about my self and that is causing me sending mixed signals and being misunderstood. Rudolf is a very big challenge for my self esteem, because he is so cold emotionally- he never cuddles me or says a compliment, but I do appreciate his clear mind, emotional stability and hard working. But I'm not sure if that is enough for me to be happy and satisfy with relationship. Anyway I was surprised how different I felt and behave now when I have all this information.I felt more confident talking with him and showing my feelings and this way I definitely could enjoy his company more. But I never experienced his initiative to show his soft side and I'm not sure if he has one. I am quite sure that we both enjoyed this evening equally, but we have no further plans. I don't know what to do next - whether to leave it as it is or take initiative in my hands?

  • ..and I did a '' Chemistry'' reading about Rudolf. Could You please give me more insight on that?Thank You! 1. Sexual chemistry - Judgement (inverted) 2. Energy -King of wands 3. Emotional chemistry -King of pentacles 4. Intellectual chemistry - 6 of cups 5. Temperament - 9 of swords (inverted) 6. Long term potential - 9 of cups (inverted).

    Thank You very much Captain.

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