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  • Very excited to get a message, thank you

  • There is quite a split between the quiet and unassuming face you wear in public and your rich, imaginative inner life. Few people would guess at your grandiose dreams. You don't think like other people, but you mustn't be afraid of being thought crazy if you reveal your visions to others who may be able to help you realize them. Trust your own mind. But you need to get practical if you want your dreams to come true. Take off those rose-coloured glasses you wear and look clearly and honestly at life and at those you love. You may find that the reality is very different to the fantasy. You are able to call to mind all manner of imaginative landscapes but you must use pragmatism to give them form. Well thought-out planning is vital to your success.

    You are an intriguing person but you must be careful to guard against attracting too many hangers-on. Keep only your real friends close. The best partner or friend for you is someone who, like you, strives for a broader or more spiritual experience in life, who can supply you with the steady stream of love and support you need, and who will not be needy or dependent themselves as you must be free to experiment and fly to the heights of your vision and imagination. In return you will be a devoted and generous friend or mate who provides your loved ones with a whole new way of seeing things.

    You have probably had or will have some career crises in your life. At some point you must confront your assumptions about the nature of fame, wealth and power. Scaling back or even discarding your ambitions may be necessary for your continued spiritual growth. You tend to fear what you can't control but you can't let your survival depend on everything going to order. When things seem to be going wrong, turn away from rigid material planning and refocus on the larger, spiritual vision.

    Keep your thinking open to new ideas and concepts. Examine your beliefs and attitudes and habits periodically, and discard anything that is useless or out-of-date and no longer working for you. Do not be led astray by false religious or spiritual doctrines, overly ambitious teachers or mentors, or illusory experiences. Engage your practicality and healthy propensity for doubt and all will go well for you.

  • Thank you for your reply,how amazing are you sure we havent met??? LOL

    Im blown away!

    I feel so perplexed most of the time, frightened of making the wrong decisions etc...

    My DOB: Z 07/07/70

    Im confused about a whole lot of things, Im a single parent of a 10yo girl T 08/04/2000 & struggling with a Mortgage & currently going through some difficulties in my relationship

    J 08/31/76.

    I would really appreciate some guidance, ive got a lump in my throat as we speak, im very confused about whether to keep the house & if my daughter is happy & is my relationship going to blossom, I feel good about this relationship though we're going through a rough patch at the moment, he just feels right for me, but I always seem to worry, worry about everything!

    Are there any messages from my Son in Heaven? N 9/11/97

    Thank you

  • Sometimes I just want to sell up and move & have a simpler life, so I can nurture myself & my daughter more, hopefully with My partner (Jake) whom I dont live with he has 2 children from a previous relationship which ended approx 6 years ago. He is currently working long hours and setting up a business & this is taking a toll on his energy etc.

    Peace be with you


  • You and your daughter: this relationship can be a difficult one in the family. It has two distinct sides and its energies oscillate between them, between light and dark, outer and inner, intuition and emotion. Little attempt is made to tone down contrasts or to arrive at conmpromise or synthesis. Understanding the wide swings imposed by the relationship's pendulum-like nature, and learning to go with the flow, will go far toward creating peace here. You MsSunshine will have an easier time of it - unconventional by nature, you may even enjoy the relationship's variety. Your daughter on the other hand has a strong need for balance and domestic stability. She will tense up in this relationship, resisting its natural viability and creating the potential for conflict. You feel most comfortable at home but yearn for projects that will sweep you off your feet or whisk you away on a magic carpet, while your daughter may be just the opposite, spending her time breaking down barriers and reaching new heights of achievement, but all the while dreaming of a warm fire and a soft bed. An ideal arrangement for you two would be to spend long periods first at home and then elsewhere, perhaps passing one part of the year in your own city or country and another part away or abroad for perhaps an exotic holiday. The more activities you two share, the better your relationship will be.

    You and Jake: this combination promotes eccentricity and, while the two of you are normally very hard-working, together you occupy yourselves mainly in the pursuit of pleasure and ease. Jake can busily focus his attention on you, perhaps even trying to construct a pyschological system to define or contain your more unusual side. But the relationship promotes unconventionality and you are apt to slip out of Jake's grasp. The harder he chases you, the more bizarre or elusive your own behaviour may begin to seem. The process can become addictive and you two may come to want nothing more than the freedom to pursue it. But it can also frustrate Jake who may need some time away to replenish his energies and to focus on his work or other things in his life. Hiding from a third party or from society's watchful eye can become obsessive in this matchup, using up much too much energy. A love affair or friendship here does best when out in the open, then. A healthy affair tends to evolve naturally towards a temporary or permanent living situation, and perhaps finally into marriage. The comfort and security offered by a shared domestic space is one of the relationship's cornerstones - here you two can indulge your preoccupation with the bizarre. You will want to enhance such a space, making it more aesthetically beautiful as well as more functional. The nurturing and service-oriented nature of your relationship suggests having or adopting children together, but as parents you two must be careful to leave enough quality time for each other, and for yourselves as individuals. Beware of addictions, dependencies, and secretiveness in your relationship and don't be too self-sacrificing.

    Your daughter and Jake: this can be a difficult relationship in the family. This pair is capable however of establishing a great relationship, featuring strong empathic bonds, mutual acceptance and sympathy. Close communication and sensitivity to each other's needs can be cultivated. It is a relationship that fosters both intellectual and emotional understanding. However the empathy here can be carried to a fault - this pair can over-react to each other's moods and have difficulty establishing stability. Given their shared vulnerability, subjectivity and sensitivity, this pair needs to have a strong practical base for their relationship and to keep in touch with reality. Jake doesn't find emotional fulfillment easily and is subject to nervous instability, and he needs appreciation, support and the security to express his feelings constructively. Your daughter needs balance and constancy in her life right now and she can benefit tremendously from his order and structure and appreciate his firm decision-making. They just need to become more stable emotionally. Talking and spending time together will help.

    Your son is being well cared for by his angelic caretakers. Send him your loving thoughts but don't let any of your grief or sadness creep in to distract him from his life in the other world at the moment. He is still going through some settling in, so encourage him with your love messages. Our grief can disturb our passed-over loved ones and keep them tied to the earth plane instead of moving on and evolving. Be happy for him that he is so happy and content.

  • Thank you Captain your insite is very helpful.

    I do need to spend more one on one time with my daughter & If Jake will trust me enough

    I will remember to encourage him more & let him know how special he is to me. However Im not getting that from him right now. Is it a Virgo thing, he shuts down & closes me out, im trying to get him to open up to me & build trust but any sign of conflict he retreats altogether & I try & try to get him to come round, we're at a stale mate right now & its very confusing.

    We dont get a lot of time alone & I organised a tryst LOL last Saturday night, he never showed up, he claims he fell asleep on the sofa (he's done that before) however, didnt even bother to call the next day as he was "too busy" at work, I called him at 10.00pm he explained & apologised but ended u hanging up on me because I was getting too emotional i suppose? I still havent heard from him, he hasnt returned any of my messages, maybe its over?

    Have a wonderful weekend & thank you.

  • The chasing each other thing can work the other way too. Don't let your relationship become too obsessive or emotional. Just leave Jake to sort out his own affairs and use the time to strengthen your relationship with your daughter and get on with your own life.

  • That makes sense, Thank you 🙂

  • Hello Captain,

    I was hoping that you might help me?

    Im in a very unsettled time in my life...My relationship with Jake is wierd at the moment, he's starting a new business and he's been keeping me at arms length, like hes trying to keep things from me. He's not in contact with me at all right now and im concerned about him, will i hear from him soon is he ok? Also, Ive just left a job in Sales and im currently unemployed. Im considering sub-dividing my land (where i live now) & selling it to my brother (or someone else) so I can pay off my mortgage & im considering studying Psychology. I feel that I need to further my options if I want to find fulfilling work as my current options bore me & im just not feeling confident in myself in any area of my life at the moment.....I hope you may shed some light?

    Thankyou & God Bless

    Zana 🙂

  • p.s On a brighter note my daughter i enjoying having Mum around more, walking to&from school together & cooking meals together etc. Ive only been off work for 2 weeks & have to get work soon but not sure what i should even apply for right now???

  • Unfortunately Jake's secretive behaviour is one of the problems that can arise in this relationship. He tends to equate himself with his work so he puts all his energy into it. I feel he is moving away from you as he felt he needed to make a choice between a relationship and work. I feel he has a strong attraction for someone he works with. That is his ideal relationship - to be in love with someone he also works with. You need to find someone who is more spiritually oriented, as Jake is very materially concerned. You were attracted to his earthiness because it is what you yourself need but you can make an effort to be more pragmatic yourself and thus don't need it in a partner.

    The idea of selling off some land to pay the mortgage sounds very practical. It's good that you are spending time with your family at the moment, but you should pull out some of those old dreams of yours, dust them off, maybe look at them with a different perspective or angle and try to manifest them in practical ways. A dull routine job will never suit you. You need to apply your special brand of magic to your work - maybe a home-based business, something in design maybe? Psychology takes a very long time to get through - I think it's about six or so years before you can practise - are you prepared for that?

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