Confused by Virgo Man Please help...

  • Im hoping that someone might be able to give me some advice.

    Ive been in a relationship with a Virgo Guy 31/8/76 for 9 months and til now its been wonderful. He's starting a new business & is very busy at the moment, which I totally understand, but on Saturday night he was meant to come to my place for dinner, it was the first night alone without kids in over 5 months so I was very excited about spending time alone with him & planned a romantic evening. He didnt turn up! I called numerous times & went straight to his msg bank, I worried he may have been in an accident, as by now he was 4 hours late. I called his cousin as I was worried. His cousin called back & told me he had fallen asleep on the sofa (he does this often). I was very disappointed but not angry, however, the next day he was back at work & didnt even try to contact me. At 10.00pm Sunday night I called again & he apologised but when I asked why he didnt call me he said that he was so busy that he just couldnt find the time. As you can imagine I was very hurt & very confused. He told me he loved me & that he was sorry, I havent heard form him since (3 days). Aaaargh I really love him & very confused...

    My DOB 07/07/70 😞

  • Virgo men are famous for their confusing behaviour, and reasoning with them is usually a waste of time, as they are clever with words and evasive. And they need their space. However, if that's really the first time he did it, maybe you should discuss it with him once. If he doesn't respond, then why wouldn't you do the same thing to him next time and see how he likes it ?

  • Why thats inconsiderate for any sign, he would have to know how much you looked forward to that with no kids arounds, then doesn't even contact you? I would ask him if he was having doubts because thats what either selfish people do or people who have doubts do. Do you bieleve the cousins story btw?

  • @Voply Soply & Bluecat123, you are both right.

    I sent him a text message and havent heard back from him, so i suppose its over, I just didnt see it coming. I just wish he wouldve spoken to me to have some closure.

    Thank you

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