Uncertainities w/cancer man

  • Anyone pls help!! i never dated a cancer man before and this had been an experience. i met this man online 3 weeks ago He got divorced Jul 16. In short we talked on thephone the 1st wk, we went out that weekend sat, sun and then on Tues. His x wife is an alcholic and is a lunatic. All dates were great we got along fine. the problem is his xwife. she calls him, the house, the shop where he works constantly. im involved indireclty because i told him im here for you to give support and listen. The 2nd week things got a little too crazy and i was really thinking about stopping the madness in its tracks and didn't know how to say it. we spoke all the time about what we are going to do plans etc. Like i said we got along fine but one problem was the tension btwn because of the xwife. If he got upset because of the things she was doing i heard a bout it. I could n't sleep a few nites and lost a few pounds. I felt like he really didn't want to pursue helping the situation by changing numbers to avoid all the mess. Finally i raised my voice and said this is not good for ur mother, the kids any one else involved he complained to me about it but did nothing to fix it. He said he was going to block her number on the cell but instead they blocked his. He is lack in doing things and a little slow im not but im very patient. Well i saw him this past wednesday things were a little cool after not seeing him for a week. I watched the baseball game he barely kissed and touched me different from two weeks prior. Thursday i didn't hear from him at all. I thought something bad happened and thought the worst. by the evening after leaving a few messages. i left a msg telling hm he either calls by friday morn or his is through, the end. finito and i will be putting my profile back on the website. Well i tried getting him in the morn on the way to work but nothing. he leaves me a text msg telling me he lost his phone and got it back that morn and said after hearing ur msgs pls dont call me. im not sure i actually believe that he does come up with some dillies though. My msgs thursday were not nasty they were of concern to him. He knows i am there for him. i guess i got a little upset to say the least. I left msgs friday to tell him why did what i did and said but nothing. Im not sure why he is taking this personally i tried to apologize. What should i do Anything

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