PisceanHealer may you help me ?:)

  • Should i try or not :/.

    I wanna tell him i like him, but i don't even know if he knowes i exist, or is in love with someone. I don't wanna look like a stalker, but i want to know him. I don't want just let go, but don't wanna be rejected.

    So if i try talk to him, will he like me?

    i'm virgo,he is taurus

  • Hello Doree,

    Thank you for the question.

    I consulted the cards for you and this is what I got. The Page of Swords, representing you in this spread, shows me how captivated you are by this man. But the reversed 4 of Cups is telling me that you are missing out on opportunities that are right in front of you.

    You need to be bold (2 of Wands), put yourself out there. You need to open up and talk more with people without any preconceptions or misgivings and certainly without any fears. I don't feel this Taurus guy in the spread anywhere, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. What I do feel in this spread is that you have options. Someone else has noticed you and has secret feelings for you. Possibly an air sign or a fire sign, or both - two guys have noticed you!

    In fact I'm inclined to say that one of them, the air sign, is going to come forward and make it clear he is interested in you. But you can't sit back and wait for this to happen. You have to be bold and open up. Talk to people, initiate conversations and live in the moment. Don't worry about what others think or feel, just be yourself and allow the right people to be drawn into your life. And those that don't come into your life, release them - they have their own lives to live and your paths weren't meant to cross.

    One step at a time Doree. I think you'll know what I mean by that.

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank you so much on your answer. 🙂

    Yes, i'm really attracted to him. And i probably missing something, because lately(for months) i'm spending a lot of time alone.

    I don't have idea who that man could be.:O I hope he is going to do something.

    Speaking of this guy taurus, so probably if i don't do anything threre's no possibility for anything, and i'm very unsure about trying, because i don't know him really.

  • Doree,

    If you don't do anything, you won't get anything. Hope is like a horse, it has the strength and the power to carry you forward. Much further than we think is possible, but you still need to climb on to that horse's back.

    Right now you are surrounded by horses, but you're not getting onto any of them and so you're left wondering why nothing is happening. You can't expect the horses to pick you up and put you on their back. How can they? Why should they?

    I apologise as this next part is going to be somewhat blunt and difficult for you to hear. You are alone because you want to be alone. Sounds contradictory, but think about it carefully. What you're saying is, "I don't want to talk to him because...".

    Now forget everything after the word "because". What vibe do you think you are giving out? Can you see why people are leaving you alone?

    So go back and re-read what I told you in my previous post. Let go of those pre-conceptions you have because they are based entirely on your fears and are completely wrong. Climb on to one of those horses and above all else remember, one step at a time. And...

    God helps those that help themselves.

    Much love & light to you Doree,


  • You are completely right, I'm trapped in my own mind and stuck up here, and i'm not sure what to do. I mean i know i should do more positive things and go out more, and some problems with friends making me thinking stayed isolated so you want get hurt. I know i have to move on.

    I even wrote myself ;every action has reaction.:D

    Yeah, i probably look distant to everyone. 😞

    Speaking of this guy.I guess simple hello message won't kill me. Even though he seems self conceited and have lot of female friends, so i have big fear of rejection.

    If is not too much to ask, i would ask if he has a girlfriend, cos if he have someone it will kind awkward, and i don't want seem like a want to steal him .:o And if he dosen't have i will try.

    Thank you so much, have a wonderful day 🙂

  • No preconceptions Doree. You're not saying hello to get him to date you. You are saying hello because you want to make new friends and get to know people.

    One step at a time.

  • i know , i just assume that he is gonna think i like him that way, like why would some stranger sent him a message.

    Huh, i'm so awkward..

    I'm trying.:)

  • he kind of ignored me :/, will he change his mind or i should give up?

  • Don't take it to heart, but yeah move on.

    Wasn't as scary as you thought huh?

  • i'm still nervous and feeling weird. i wanted to send him a message but i got advice that is better just send him friend request so i did. and he didn't accept it. Now i reallybad want to talk with him, but i don't want to be annoying. 😕

    I wish i could knew what to do

  • Be mindful of your preconceptions Doree. The man you hold in your mind's eye is not the man you actually see.

  • That's probably true,. I always overidealize people i like. No wonder i always like ''wrong'' people.

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